SUBMIT TODAY!! Original Music - 🎼Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 & Graphic Design Cover Contest. SBD PRIZES 🤩🏆

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                                                                                                           *Design by @michellejones  

Are you a music artist who has an active steemit account?  Do you  have original recorded music you would like to share?   Get involved in  an exploding music community on an erupting new social media platform  that pays YOU to post.  Earning you cryptocurrency rewards.   The time to earn and get  notice for your music and hard work is here.    Join Sound Legion @soundlegion on and submit one of your original songs.    The Steemit Artists Music Compilation is a collection of multi  genre original song mp3's from artists on the Steemit platform.       Sound Legion Collaborative Artist Music house has already  successfully  packaged 4 full free digital Volumes of original music from  talented  Steemians, and we are currently accepting tracks for Volume 5. Spots Reserved for @brimax @darrenclaxton   

Submit a Song to Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 5

RULES    All Genre's and styles of original music welcome

  • Create a submissions post Title S.A.M.C. Volume 5 Submission - Artists Name & Track Name.  Include a Dsound, Soundcloud or Youtube or Dtube link to the track you would like to submit.   Also include an artist Photo. 
  • use the #soundlegion tag 
  • Send High Quality MP3 with link to submissions post to [email protected] 

Submissions End Saturday June 16th at midnight PST

Official track list for Volume 5 Announced July 22. 25-50 Original tracks will be selected to be included in the Duel Side A Side B Multi Genre Volume 5 Compilation.    The album compilation will be digitally packaged and  hosted on  for free download links directly  in steemit posts.    4 Official posts will be made for Volume 5 with  100% SBD from each  payout going to artists on the compilation + 1  Spotlight artist each  week who will receive 20 SBD.    1 compilation  video will be created by Sound Legion featuring 20-30 seconds of each  track along side stock footage.      

Volume 5 Cover Contest!!!! Win 25 SBD

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 needs a cover.  

Volume 1 Cover was created by Steemian @hardikv

Volume 2 Cover was created by Steemian @antoniokarteli

Volume 3 Cover was created by Steemian @nicholevargas

Volume 4 Cover Created by @hardikv

Create a Volume 5 Cover and create an original steemit post   submission, including the link in the comments below.    Use first tag   [soundlegion]    Include the texts  

  • Sound Legion Presents
  • Steemit Artists Music Compilation
  • Volume 5

Include This Sound Legion logo created by @voodoolizard

Submissions End Saturday June 16th at midnight PST

Cover Contest Winner will be announced in the first Volume 5 official compilation  post.    Volume 5 Steemit Artist Music Compilation will go live with  first official post on Friday June 22nd Submit your song today!!!  Get your music featured!!!  Create and Submit a Volume 5 Cover & Win 25 SBD.     

Check out Previous Volumes of the Steemit Artist Music Compilation

Volume 1 

* Be sure to follow and support your favorite artists

Looking forward to your submissions!   

Sound Legion is a multi genre collaborative artists music house Shavon Bonnie Legion, California Multi Genre Singer Songwriter @soundlegionSven Qrittix Driesen, Netherlands Producer & Sound Engineer @qrittix Majik, UK lyricist @clydemajiklegion

Include your submission links in the comments below

*Create a submissions post and send mp3 - Volume 5 track list and cover winner announced June 22.  Cut off date June 16th.    


Definitely have some things in the works that I'll be looking to submit!! Always glad to see this initiative going strong!

glorious news my friend!! I look forward to getting a track in from you for this volume..big love

I have a question or two. For a contest challenge I wrote a song. people liked it, I found @edprivat, and he recorded it. (Fantastic job of putting my lyrics to music). Then @charisma777, made a video for it. (very fun video in my opinion and a fantastic job on it). All I did was write the words. So since that is all I did, can I still make a post and submit it for consideration? ed has stated that it is my song and I have the rights to it, but I don't want to waste anyone's valuable time, if it would not meet the requirements.

you absolutely can that would be a great piece to have on the compilation

Thank you, I will get something worked up tomorrow. I appreciate it.

For my first time I think it fit quite nicely! I am looking forward to what you come up with next😄

Okay, I think I have my post - - IFC Song - - done, email will be coming shortly.

Thank you so much for considering it.

One question, if I added another set of images to the post would that still be accepted

absolutely as many as you like

really great post and videos are also beautiful

Here is my submission. A little tardy to the party but life is crazy sometimes :)