Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4 Submissions & Cover Contest (Make a Volume 4 Cover and win 25 Steem)

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The Steemit Artists Music Compilation is a collection of multi genre original song mp3's from artists on the Steemit platform.     

Sound Legion Collaborative Artist Music house has already successfully packaged 3 full digital Volumes of original music from talented Steemians, and we are currently accepting tracks for Volume 4.  

Submit a Song to Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 4


  • Send 1 Original High Quality Mp3 to
  • Include Artist Name, Steemit User Name, Track Name
  • Send 1 Video Link and 1 Photo * Not Required

Submissions End Saturday Feb. 24th at midnight PST

20 - 25 Original tracks will be selected to be included in the Volume 4 Compilation.    The album compilation will be digitally packaged and hosted on  for free download links directly in steemit posts.   

4 Official posts will be made for Volume 4 with 100% SBD from each payout going to artists on the compilation + 1 Spotlight artist each week who will receive 25 Steem.   

1 compilation video will be created by Sound Legion featuring 20-30 seconds of each track along side stock footage.  

Volume 4 Cover Contest!!!! Win 25 Steem

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4 needs a cover.   

Volume 1 Cover was created by Steemian @hardikv 

Volume 2 Cover was created by Steemian @antoniokarteli

Volume 3 Cover was created by Steemian @nicholevargas

Create a Volume 4 Cover and create an original steemit post submission, including the link in the comments below.    Use first tag [soundlegion]   

Include the texts

  • Sound Legion Presents
  • Steemit Artists Music Compilation
  • Volume 4

Include 1 Sound Legion logo and Steemit Logo

Submissions End Saturday Feb. 24th at midnight PST

Winner will be announced in the first Volume 4 official compilation post.   

Volume 4 Steemit Artist Music Compilation will go live with first official post on Wednesday Feb. 28th

Submit your song today!!!  Get your music featured!!!  Create and Submit a Volume 4 Cover & Win 25 Steem.  

Check out Previous Volumes of the Steemit Artist Music Compilation

Volume 1

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Volume 2

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Volume 3

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We look forward to your submissions!  

Shavon Bonnie Legion

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I tried out a couple designs. Still deciding which track to submit... Cool contest!


nice work

Ok here it is! Re-submission
More entries inside the post. Do check 🙌🏽

Here's my entry for the cover contest,

There's 2 more designs that I've made.

Here comes my entry, let me know what do you think about this?

Here's my submission for the Volume 4 album cover

CD Cover.jpg

If my submission is chosen, I'm very happy to make any changes that are needed.

Thanks for the cool competition @soundlegion... hope I win ;)


really awesome my friend thank you for working up a cover for us. This is cool


Thank you for commenting @soundlegion. Great that you are doing these albums for the Steemit artists

Just trying to figure out which song I want to submit!! 😁 So glad you're doing this again!

@soundlegion Thanks for this opportunity to share my music once more!
I've just emailed you my track 'Time'
A home recording I did a while back... Everything you hear on my tracks is just me, myself and I... As well as all production and button pushing!

I really appreciate your continued support!
Kindest as always

Hello miss Shavon. Can i send a track cover? or only must be original ?


only originals for the steemit artists music compilations so far. I may do a covers volume at some point though. :) would love to have a track from you


I understand. Thank you. 😄

Hey @soundlegion,
submitted a track. Hope you got it.
Here are a few cover designs I tried. Let me know what you think! 😁✨

What a wonderful music 😍

An exception library of wonderful music available to all. Thanks @soundlegion.

Cool! I will send a song!!!

This makes so much sense but just to be clear can I do the cover even though it isnt for me?


yeah anyone def. if you would like to submit a cover go ahead and work one up and create a post. Steemit ARtists Music compilation volume 4 cover contest. use first tag soundlegion and drop a link in the comments here

wonderful music thanks for sharing

Any genre?


all genres ! not gonna get into the specific genres for awhile as its been chaos trying that. so for now will keep the volumes open genre. This may change in the future but volume 4 will def be multi genre. def gotta get a submission in from you :) big love

Super cool!

Just submitted! Thank you for creating these great opportunities for artists on Steemit! It's a lot of work, much appreciated 🙏

Thanks for the opportunity I've just submitted my music and details. Steemin' on... H Tha SoulJah...!/v/hthasouljah/w65xtmno

Awesome video I like your post

Seems like a rather interesting approach.

This is a huge help to artists, I will be sending in a track very shortly, I'll even try and get a graphic together to submit. Thanks for the opportunity!

This is awesome @soundlegion. I love when you do these Steemit Music Compilations. They're so much fun.

Your gonna be awesome mate <3 :*

hot a video

Again again again wonderful sounds thanks sharing

Great post I would love to send a track over 👍

Wow. This is a huge project. Music heals; anyone who encourages music is great.

Well done Bonnie. If only I was into music professionally.

A good genre song is not boring

wonderfull music thanks for sharing its not boring Awesome keep it up

Nice iniciative, I have a question, do I have to make a post or just send the song to the mail.

Take care with the use of steemit logo, it´s copyrighted, thats the reason why most people use the Steem logo instead :)


you can make a post if you want some artists do, but to submit you need to send mp3 in email submission to :) look forward to your entry


I need to look into stuff more with using the steemit logo thanks for bringing that to my attention.


Yes I just discover that the last week in a creative commons group discussion. Check this.

“Steem,” “ Steemit,” the Steemit logo and any other product or service names, logos or slogans that may appear on Steemit are trademarks of Steemit and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without our prior written permission. You may not use any metatags or other “ hidden text” utilizing “Steemit” or any other name, trademark or product or service name of Steemit without our prior written permission.
Full link:

wow nice music video

Nice videos...would have loved to enter but I don't know anyone's song on steemit I could upload.

Fabulous one!!

have emailed my submission @soundlegion - a song that I wrote the lyrics for and recorded with my sister @edenmichelle

Wow. This is a huge project. Good post i resteemed this !


Can you submit a track that’s already been uploaded to Dsound? Or does it have to be exclusive?


you can def submit a track thats already on dsound. It does not have to be exclusive. :)