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Welcome to Today's Selection of Co-Curations from Our Community

Mental Illness & Music.. Are They Connected?

Author: @verhp11
Curator: @artemislives - I have been a devotee of Jaco Pastorius for close on 25 years. The sheer genius of his music contrasted with his "mental health problem" begs the question, "Is he mentally unstable and sick, or are we?" Usually I end up deciding WE are the ones with the problem. Peter frames the question well and invites us to consider our definition of "normal" and the out of the box thinking that is the basis for outstanding art and music.

Do You Appreciate Others To Be
Open With Their Emotions?

Author: @riverflows
Curator: @karinxxl - A super honest blog about how the writer was overwhelmed with a big deal of emotions that came up all of a sudden. As she remembers from back in the days not everybody is good in dealing with these, but she has strong people around here to debate with about how this happened. Bridging to the ongoing eruption of Mount Agung in her region seems like a super valid comparison.


Author: @kenistyles
Curator: @eftnow - I am very excited to read about this launch. Now we have the Ebay solution for anyone that would like to buy directly with their STEEM/SBD's. It will be great to see this project develop. This post gives the simple steps to get your products listed on the Steem Shop!

Finding Solitude: Early Morning
Walk with Me in Amed

Author: @riverflows
Curator: @iamjamie - This post spoke to me on so many levels. It was such a beautifully written piece that left me wanting to continue reading even when there was nothing left to read but more importantly it reminded me about the importance of solitude. Recharging our batteries and re-centering myself sometimes drops off my to do list as I am a full time mom and find myself busy most of the time like many other moms. But as described in this lovely piece after some solitude we return more free and more mentally prepared to take on whatever the world dishes out.

Hygge – Enjoying The Present:
Gratitude & Positivity Challenge

Author: @startreat
Curator: @iamjamie - Stars post was both beautiful and helpful in that she describes her day with her family and all that in entails and reminds us all to have gratitude for all the little moments. She also teaches us a danish word that is used to acknowledge a special moment. All in all this was a wonderful feel good piece that I absolutely loved!

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wow thank you very much !!

It was a great post Peter, and worthy of curation. Plus I LOVE Jaco Pastorius and have done for decades. Lovely to see you succeeding on steem and in the SMG. :) x

Wow thank you very much !! I'm finding my way with SMG,great people and great content !!

Thanks @iamjamie, big love to you for featuring my hygge article 💜💜💜

Gosh... I need to curate... thanks for the lovely reviews guys @karinxxl and @artemislives... . 💛 the efforts and teamwork and output of SMG xxx