Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation // Check Out These 5 Great Musicians!

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Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation

As part of the Minnow Support Community Curation initiative, each week I curate 5 music posts using the MSP-Music account as well as the MSP-Curation Account!

I tend to search for the musical gems which have gone largely unnoticed by the community so I can help reward these talented musicians for their efforts.

I take several factors into consideration when choosing these posts.
If it is an original song, I consider composition over performance.
If it's a cover, then I focus on the performance.
Performance considerations include technique, stage presence, as well as the emotional expression of the music.

This week I've selected the following talented musicians who will also receive SBD from this post:
@nickhans, @hallmann, @drewley, @shookriya, and @eathekaos.

5 Great Music Gems!

Nick Hans - Green Label Whiskey by @nickhans

7 bram oblężonego Miasta - muzyczny hołd dla Z. Herberta by @hallmann

“Possible for Me” (Original Song 🎶)
by @drewley

Steemit Openmic Week 87- Acoustic Version of "Shook," an Original Tune.
by @shookriya

"Walls" #OriginalMusic | Trap/Witch House | DTube Exclusive by @eathekaos

I hope you can take the time to listen to these talented Steemians and give them some upvote/resteem love!

Please consider delegating to the @msp-music account. You will not only be helping the members of our creative community, but you will also receive automatic upvotes on your posts as well!

When you delegate to Msp-music you will receive automatic upvotes from the @msp-music account.
If you delegate more than 100 SP you will receive automatic upvotes from the Msp-lovebot account as well!

The delegation/upvote percentages are as follows:

51-100 SP is a 10% vote

101-250 SP is a 15% vote

251-500 SP is a 20% vote

501-1000 SP is a 30% vote

1000-2500 SP is a 35% vote

2500-5000 SP is a 40% vote

Anything higher than 5000 SP is a 50% vote

The Msp-Music account currently has 8,383 SP.

The Msp-Lovebot account currently has 15,156 SP.

Click Here to delegate!

Come join us in the Minnow Support Project Palnet Discord! It's a great way to make friends, have fun, and gain followers!

Minnow Support Palnet Discord


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This is a great thing.. helping out the music guys...

really awesome music. i love music. thanks for @isaria

Hola mi gente bella! Espero le guste mi publicación.

Saludos a todos mis hermanos de steemit! Éxitos para todos.

I think this post very helpful

Thank you for featuring me here :) This is great. I resteemed and will definitely be checking back in the future to find more great music.

Felicidades a todos los compañeros que fueron seleccionados la semana pasada. Saludos . Por aqui les dejo mi participación de esta semana espero les guste.