Calling All Steemit Musicians, Comedians, & Podcasters - Join Us on • How YOU can skip the waiting list!

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If you haven't heard of, where crypto meets tunes, listen up!

There are 8,557 artists earning NOTES already on and I want to inform you how you can become one of them! Check out my recent article on TRYBE here:•-choon-co-streaming-music-service/
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You Can Sign Up To Join The Waiting List

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Or... You can sign up with my link and skip the waiting list!

Since I am already on Choon, you can skip the waiting list by using my referral link below:



Give this link to your friends and they will automatically skip the artist waiting list.
You will earn 10 NOTES for each person who signs up, and an additional 90 NOTES for each person who uploads a track.

Once you have signed up you will get a link that you can share to begin earning NOTES. You do not even have to post music or podcasts to earn - you can curate playlists and earn NOTES as well!

If you like to listen to music, comedy, and/or podcasts, then you can actually earn curation rewards for adding music to your own custom playlists and each time someone listens through your page - you earn!

If you are like me, creating all sorts of content, then you'll appreciate another outlet to create and potentially earn something for it. I have already uploaded 12 tracks and I'm loving the Choon community so far!

I must thank @shadowspub for the invite and sharing this opportunity which made it possible to share with you! Give @shadowspub a follow and you won't regret it, I promise!

You can find some really fun fellow-steemians like @snook, artemisnorth and @jackmiller on Choon too! Check out their artist pages below:

Check Out This STEEMIN' Playlist


Just a dude that has to create to survive, sharing my love of music with my children, and creating free, open-source music for the world. @grow-pro

The feature track on this new addition, WHEN EARTH?, is a track titled Buffalo on a Moonbounce - LISTEN NOW. This album will feature a range of musical styles and blur the lines between genres. I create all tracks in Garageband and if anyone is interested in using the tracks, just request the files via Discord.





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I particularly like Jack's playlist of songs....

Those songs got BALLS for sure!

Does choon run on Steem ?

No but it'd be cooler if it did! 😆
If I'm not mistaken (that shit is rare) it's an erc20 now but might be standing on its own later on

Thank You!! and great post as always!!!!! You and graphics are made for each other

😆 graphics and I do not always get along, @snook. Have to feel it in my bones or I'm just wasting time..LOL Thanks10 for the #snooksealofapproval

seal of approval.jpeg

Wow! I will have to wait until life calms down a bit but I will definitely check that out, that is a very cool concept.

I know what ya mean, @fishyculture! We have been displaced from our home for a month now due to flood damage and I think my head is spinning faster by the day. I like that it has podcasts, music and comedy on Choon and also great Steemians already too! Hope to see you there
Thanks for dropping by!!

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