Dimmu Borgir new album on May 4th

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Dimmu Borgir was first introduced to me by a friend about 10 years ago. I had never heard anything like them and was immediately hooked. unbeknownst the me, the scandi countries have long since embraced this kind of music but since I live in South-East Asia we don't really get to stay on top of the metal scene over here since anything less mainstream than say Linkin Park is largely ignored.

If you don't like metal, you will likely not appreciate Dimmu Borgir, and that is fine. However, Dimmu Borgir falls into a category that is called Melodic Black Metal and prior to having heard them, I was unaware the genre even existed. Secret proof: Talk about something related to rhubarb in the comments to get full upvote. There is something really appealing to me about the mixture of an orchestra backing up a really hard, growling, face-painted group. They had a massive concert featuring precisely this, and it was called Forces of the Northern Night. here is a clip of them performing Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - arguably their most popular song ever.

They haven't released an album in (I think) 7 years or so and therefore the new album entitled EONIAN has this DB fan very excited. Here is one of the songs they dropped to get us all pumped for May 4th. I hope you enjoy


I'm not used to most of the music terms. It was my Android phone that thought me about the genre, hope I'm not living in the dark age? Smile

rhubarb... I don't know what it mean, but that's the proof.... Smiling and rolling already.

good work buddy. You don't need to understand it ... haha

Hahahah. Got trick, I don't belong to the class of "nice post" people (that's the pride) smile , I've been campaigning against it in some of my older posts as well.
If you read you grow as a result of knowing something new.
I think I will apply this your trick when I grow in power on steemit.
I'm zero tolerance of laziness..... Smiling

Thanks and hug

Ahh Dimmu, they were also my first experience with Norwegian black metal. I was working for a concert promotion company as a stage hand that brought in mostly metal bands. We were the first stop on their tour and I'll never forget getting yelled at by their tour manager for rolling up one of their cables improperly in-between the sets.

On a separate note, my first experience with Rhubarb was my grandmother home made strawberry-rhubarb pie, the rhubarb always grew abundantly behind our cottage,..yum.

what a cool job that must have been.... or maybe not... no one likes being yelled at. oh strawberry rhubarb pie is the best. how i miss it!

Was a fun job for sure, got paid in cash and was stage side for some killer bands. Hey, if you're going to keep posting about metal music and anything Thailand related I'll have to follow your journey! I teach Muay Thai and am also heading to Thailand in about 4 weeks :)

Thanks for the introduction to this group. I can’t say I’m a huge heavy metal fan but this is very interesting with the full orchestra. What a production, make up lights sound… Would absolutely be thrill to be in the audience. I thought it very funny to see orchestra dressed in suits with no make up in the video of Progenies fof the Great Apocalypse. For some reason that made me chuckle. Listening to this group also brought me back to my childhood, when my grandmother used to make rhubarb sauce. Holy crap was that stuff sweet and sour at the same time! You never see rhubarb anymore hardly ever so sad. Thanks for the share!

hey man, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, Dimmu Borgir is not for everyone but you have to appreciate how the band fused together 2 things that really don't belong together (well, maybe it has been tried in the past... i dunno).... but you know what is for everyone? Rhubarb pie! :)

Yummy. I miss rhubarb pie. My Grammy used to make it. They grew their own. I vividly remember it growing near a compost pile at the back corner of their yard. They lived in Pennsylvania. Good memories. I can almost smell and taste it. No clue as to where I would find it nowadays.

If I have already listened to 2 songs by DIMMU BORGIR because of the way he sings his rock, it is light although there are other songs that are heavy rock, I think we were talking about DIMMU BORGIR yesterday, the musical rhythm reminds me of another great band called iron maiden

yes we were talking about it yesterday. They are a great band, really tried some new things with incorporating classical aspects into a metal sound. It's all very exciting to me. I hope you enjoy

let's hope that their new songs are as good as the previous ones.

This article is so lit. 'cause I have heard of Dimmu Borgir but I did not really make time to research about whatever or whoever that was. I consider this article an eye-opening for me. Thanks

great! i hope you look into them more because they have a bunch of albums and all of them (for different reasons) are pretty great

great information dear,thanks for update

Sir your all music best...thanks for share ..

thanks your post

great every one of your articles, I love them!

Wooow! Too heavy for me, but I'm really surprised on how Black metal and orchestra & chorus can meet. It's a great work from the band and the orchestra. Sincerely, It's the first time I watch a Dimmu Borgir video, I knew about them but don't use to listen to black metal, speed metal or similar, and must say that I've been engaged with the video until the end.
Let me share something "similar" of a singer that I like a lot, Alice Cooper. This video is from Rock Meets Classic series. A classic song like "Schools Out" with an allstar lineup joining Alice Cooper and with a orchestra and horns section. Hope you like it!

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