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RE: Dimmu Borgir new album on May 4th

in #music6 years ago

Ahh Dimmu, they were also my first experience with Norwegian black metal. I was working for a concert promotion company as a stage hand that brought in mostly metal bands. We were the first stop on their tour and I'll never forget getting yelled at by their tour manager for rolling up one of their cables improperly in-between the sets.

On a separate note, my first experience with Rhubarb was my grandmother home made strawberry-rhubarb pie, the rhubarb always grew abundantly behind our cottage,..yum.


what a cool job that must have been.... or maybe not... no one likes being yelled at. oh strawberry rhubarb pie is the best. how i miss it!

Was a fun job for sure, got paid in cash and was stage side for some killer bands. Hey, if you're going to keep posting about metal music and anything Thailand related I'll have to follow your journey! I teach Muay Thai and am also heading to Thailand in about 4 weeks :)

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