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RE: Dimmu Borgir new album on May 4th

in #music5 years ago

I'm not used to most of the music terms. It was my Android phone that thought me about the genre, hope I'm not living in the dark age? Smile

rhubarb... I don't know what it mean, but that's the proof.... Smiling and rolling already.


good work buddy. You don't need to understand it ... haha

Hahahah. Got trick, I don't belong to the class of "nice post" people (that's the pride) smile , I've been campaigning against it in some of my older posts as well.
If you read you grow as a result of knowing something new.
I think I will apply this your trick when I grow in power on steemit.
I'm zero tolerance of laziness..... Smiling

Thanks and hug

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