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RE: Dimmu Borgir new album on May 4th

in #music6 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the introduction to this group. I can’t say I’m a huge heavy metal fan but this is very interesting with the full orchestra. What a production, make up lights sound… Would absolutely be thrill to be in the audience. I thought it very funny to see orchestra dressed in suits with no make up in the video of Progenies fof the Great Apocalypse. For some reason that made me chuckle. Listening to this group also brought me back to my childhood, when my grandmother used to make rhubarb sauce. Holy crap was that stuff sweet and sour at the same time! You never see rhubarb anymore hardly ever so sad. Thanks for the share!


hey man, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, Dimmu Borgir is not for everyone but you have to appreciate how the band fused together 2 things that really don't belong together (well, maybe it has been tried in the past... i dunno).... but you know what is for everyone? Rhubarb pie! :)

Yummy. I miss rhubarb pie. My Grammy used to make it. They grew their own. I vividly remember it growing near a compost pile at the back corner of their yard. They lived in Pennsylvania. Good memories. I can almost smell and taste it. No clue as to where I would find it nowadays.

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