ADSactly Music Initiative #07

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ADSactly Music Initiative #07

Hello you amazing Steemians and musos, it has definitely been a rather quiet week on the music front. So this week we decided to be a little more proactive, and go out and find some great music on the platform that we felt definitely deserves some support from the community. One of the really easy ways to do it is just to search through the #music tag on Steemit, you will be surprised at some of the truly wonderful content out there.


We got together and decided we wanted to do something in the music space, as there are so many budding, talented musicians on the Steemit platform. We noticed that, although there were a lot of people posting, it felt like some of the contributors could use a little helping hand. I mean, who wouldn't want a little helping hand, right?
So where could WE add value? We could use our own in-house production people to help develop music for fellow Steemians looking for that little extra audio assistance.

We'll be running an initiative whereby Steemians can post their links below, and if the criteria are met (please read the criteria), we'll dig in with them and help mix their track, or add some instruments that they feel are missing from their song, or some little production techniques. If there isn't actually a post that our producer can work with, we might even just decide to give one of the entrants a bit of upvote love.

As time goes by and we put together enough collaborated content, we will then upload this content to digital stores (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) and release a compilation album.
The other avenue where we would like to add value is to sync the music to commercials to try and develop some additional passive income for the artists.
Where will this go?
....Only time will tell!

Now that we've actually done one round of this initiative, I think it can give you guys and gals a better idea of what we're trying to achieve here.

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How does it work?

  • Comment below with your Steemit post, DSound link or Soundcloud link (or another platform that you would prefer to use). Must be within 7 days of this post.
  • Upvote this post
  • Join the ADSactly Discord Community
  • Please try make sure you have independent audio files that we could actually work with in production
  • @ADSactly picks a winner (Please check back in the comments for this)
  • The winner receives a consultation over discord to discuss the direction moving forward on the track.
  • Our in-house producer does the work, sends it back to the winner, and they upload it to DSound with a guaranteed upvote from @ADSactly
  • We'll report back with the results in the following post so you, our followers, can keep track.

Disclaimer: Sometimes it might the case that out of all the entries, there isn't a post that can be worked with effectively; whether its due to a winner not getting back to us, or there being insufficient or inferior audio separates to work with. In this case we'll pick a song or track to show some love to.

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About the Producer

Our guy behind the wheel is @heypapalegend, a music producer with a PDM in jazz studies and a BMusHons with distinction. He has performed in a variety of music acts in genres such as punk rock, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, electro, pop, jazz, and more. @heypapalegend is co-owner of internationally award-winning HeyPapaLegend Studios ( which have facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg and has been in operation for roughly 10 years. Trust us, you're in good hands.

Check out our company website here

As well as some of the work we have done here

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Our Previous Winner

We’ve decided that we would like to give some upvote love to @breakoutthecrazy

I was invited by @pennsif to chat on his radio show Here Comes The News which aired on MSP Waves Radio last Thursday, about the current situation in my country. The person he interviewed right after me was Chris, one half of @breakoutthecrazy and he was chatting about the launch of their new EP Pause Rewind. This is just an amazing song and loads of work went into this, including this music video you can find below. Unfortunately the post is past the 7 day voting window, but please go follow @breakoutthecrazy as well as leaving them a comment on their post here. We will therefore be rewarding them an upvote on the first new post they make, so please drop that post in our Adsactly_Music_Initiative channel in our discord server here.

Special thanks goes out to all the folks who help make Steemit a great platform by sharing their music with all of us, it's takes hard work and the music industry is a hard nut to crack. Thanks to those who dropped us a link to your music track in our discord we did check them out.

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Now what are you waiting for? Go and get that music post and link them in the comments...Don't forget to check up in the "How It Works" section to make sure you submit within the parameters. Lets have some fun with music!

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The ADSactly Music Initiative is by led by Ross Dabone & Mork Rock

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ADSactly

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Thank You

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Wow this really interesting. I can't believe you're doing this. Mehnnn kudos to you @adsactly. May God bless and strengthen you and your team, so you'll be able to carry out your aim and objectives to the fullest in Jesus name!!

Here is my link
Listen to Lil Keszi_Joy_ft_Dskillz by agbasi kenechukwu #np on #SoundCloud

We just saw this. THANK YOU! You're love and recognition of our hard work is much appreciated. Soon we will begin a weekly live stream. We hope you can catch it once we begin. Big hug!

Here is my tune called Forest Pump.
I would love to get it heard :D

100% my song Listen to Stay Steady Mackin' by Elder-Son #np on #SoundCloud also there is a tag called #boombox where i resteem music for free with my alternative accounts

What a great thing you're doing! I don't have any tracks that are ready for what you're doing here yet...but maybe soon.

Great opportunity for all music stars. I HAVE written well over 30 tracks of gospel songs,i really need to be moved to a greater height. Listen to a track from me, ON EAGLES'S WINGS.002.jpg

nice video

Excellent! supporting music artist from here.

And the opportunities you are offering surely means heaven to them.

Good luck to all!

Sounds like a great initiative, here is a short piece I recently put together - take a listen if you get time ✌️


Great opportunity, very good initiative

Regards @adsactly

I do recommend you to use choon platform to start to upload music and earn notes coins

Here it is:

The best futuristic way to earn notes coins from your music playings.

Also musicoins is perfect:

There are no better ways to earn out from your music, not even the platforms you've mentioned in your blog.


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