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The Wise Ways of Emotions - Emotion Integration Recap

in msp-waves •  5 months ago

Join me every week for Emotion Integration on mspwaves radio, where I discuss different topics around emotions and empathy, answering questions from our discord chat audience.

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Emotion Integration 4 May 2018 Episode Recap

In this show, we covered several topics including:

  • Why Love is not an emotion
  • How Panic and Anxiety might step in for Anger
  • The calm quiet of certain intense Panic situations (thanks @r0nd0n and @breeze!)
  • How Anger is essential for wise decisions (thanks @zipporah!)
  • The connection between emotions and wisdom
  • The difference between anger at someone else and anger at yourself (thanks @article61 - rebel dan!)

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An interesting series, Love is not an emotion, that sounds like something to listen to as if its not an emotion what is it?


Sorry for my delay in responding. In the work that I do, the Emotions are "action requiring neurological programs" which means that they arise in response to stimuli, but are meant to convey information to us, then (once we address the situation) move on.

Love, on the other hand, is not something that comes and goes so easily. Love is something much greater that pervades so much more of life and when it's true, is lasting through all manner of emotions. Does that make sense?


Ohh.. thats quite sweet. It is true that is lasts through all emotions as you can feel joy sadness and anger all while still loving that thing.


Absolutely! You got it!<3

Emotions are the mind's way of signalling our TEMPORARY responses to TEMPORARY external thoughts and events.

We cannot control the external environment, but we sure can control our responses to it by interpreting our emotions.

And it is very important to recognize the TEMPORARY nature of emotions.

One does not stay in that emotional state forever; therefore, it's not wise to identify with it by saying, "I AM (fill in the emotion).

I recommend this: "I AM FEELING (fill in the emotion)."


It reminds us of the transient nature of the experience.

Namaste, JaiChai

Great show and love the topics you have covered. I write on these a lot so your insight will help me do better in my upcoming ghost written e-books. Thanks a bunch!