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Emotion Integration 8 June 2018 Episode Recap

In this show, we covered several topics including:

  • the difference between ceremony, routine, ritual, and shrines
  • why you don't have to be religious to use ritual
  • the meaning of sacred
  • the healing effect of ritual
  • 5 guidelines of good ritual
    • set clear and specific intentions
    • have a clear beginning
    • set boundaries around the space/time
    • feed or tend your shrine
    • have a clear ending and celebration!

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Hey @uniwhisp,
I'm listening to this on the recording because I love this topic and I have enjoyed your shows before and didn't want to miss it. Total FOMO!

So many great musings here.
I love rituals.
I've been consciously using rituals for most of my life. With some specific rituals that I do on a quotidian basis, I've noticed the effect upon me when I stop doing them. It is a profound difference and never for the better.
One such ritual is the water ablutions. I actually posted about this a few months ago.
I think that it's important to recognise when a ritual has lost it's spirit and potency and take a break from it.
Doing things without any spirit/passion/mindfulness can do the reverse of what one wants the ritual to provide for them in their lives. (Oh you are just mentioning this right now! Ha! Great minds think alike)
Some rituals work only for a short period in your life, or you outgrow them, or they just had no affect at all, but returning to the rituals that work for me is so vital.
My life is definitely richer with rituals than without.

Everybody has rituals in their lives, but they are mostly unconscious that they are doing rituals, so many just dismiss rituals as religious or new age hocus pocus.

Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy


Thank you for listening and for your thoughtful comments, Nathan! I'm glad you enjoyed. I actually am experiencing a dearth of ritual in my life lately, and you're right - it's never a good thing! I'm going to have to go find those posts you mentioned and check them out... see you soon!

I know I have told you before but I love your shows. Your voice is always a comfort and I love the quiet and friendly environment you create. I made a post of sorrow... I have been in a silver grey mood lately. Would love your opinion as it is about my perception of that emotion.


Thank you for your kind words, @yidneth! They always mean a lot, coming from you. <3

i haven't seen one of your shows, hopefully I could take a peek when I have tons of time.


Yes, I would love if you could. Live or recording - I hope there is something of interest to you!