Some Pictures and a Video of Our New Place in Caguas, Puerto Rico

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These guys are my heroes:

This is how crazy things were once we got to Puerto Rico. These guys were able to fit 13 checked bags, 10 carryons, two car seats, and five people in a single minivan saving me from needing a separate taxi. They got nice tips for sure.‬ :)

Here are some quick blurry, hurried shots from my phone while we were heading out from the Nashville airport on December 4th (you can see photos from the hotel we stayed in the night before in a previous post).

After a week in an AirBnB (made extra difficult because I lost my voice for three days due to being sick and tweak my back so I was basically stuck in bed), we finally moved in to our new place in Caguas, Puerto Rico!

Here are some photos from when we first showed up and signed the lease.

There's a nice big side yard for the kids. We'll probably end up getting another trampoline like we had in Nashville.

I really like the back deck with a grill and serving area. Most of the houses we looked at had these really sweet back deck patios.

Once we moved in, well, we had no furniture. My daughters are sharing a queen air mattress (as are Corinne and I) and my son is on a twin air mattress. With no office desk or chairs yet, here's what my workstation looks like:

Things were a bit crazy as the freezer/refrigerator broke and there are still a lot of things left to be done on the house we're renting (they allowed us to move in a little earlier than they had planned). With no furniture at all and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the move, things were a bit discouraging at first. We're just now feeling more secure and getting our groove going. We even got to visit the community pool yesterday! You can see that in the video at the end of this post which includes some short videos from my phone.

Today was a productive day as we purchased beds for everyone, a couch, coffee table, end table, and three desks for the kids. We also got an office desk for me last week. The beds, office chair, and couch will be delivered over the next couple weeks, but we were able pick up the coffee table:

It's pretty cool because it flips up and can work as a normal table or eating surface also:

Here's the video I mentioned which starts with our flight out of Nashville, includes me walking to stretch my back (though still having lost my voice), and showing up at our new place.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the craziness of moving a family of five to an island. :)

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Congratulations and good luck with your brave, principled move. I hope it all works out as you hope.
House looks nice. I wish you and your lovely family all the best with this move.

Thank you! Yeah, it's been a bit bumpy for sure, but we're finally getting settled. You can see, for example, my office setup here.

Glad you made it there alright! Well done for getting all of your possessions in one minivan. Did you give a good tip in crypto? 😜

Everyone seems to be smiling and happy despite the first few nights of going back to basics and sleeping in a house with no furniture, but all that matters is what makes it a home and that is who's inside ❤️

Wishing you all the best with the first few weeks of adjustment. It might seem like a 'holiday period' now for some, so hopefully it's an easy transition for the 'we are here for good' acknowledgement. ☺️

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Thanks for the encouragement. :)

If similar to my move, the great experience the kids will get as they contribute to the formation of the house is great! My daughter enjoyed having a say a what the colors of her bedroom would be as well as how fluffy the furniture should be. Wow! Crazy that the months have gone by when you first mentioned the thought of moving! Congrats on the achievement and continue to wish you the best!

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Thanks so much. Yeah, I wish the kids were always smiling at happy but every parent knows that's certainly not the case. They weren't too happy about shopping for couch yesterday. They'll survive though. :)

You're my hero Luke! I'm so excited for you guys. That's a really big move for anyone, let alone a family of 5!

The place looks really cool. Love the yard and the pool. Once you get settled in I'm sure you'll feel more relaxed. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm still traveling in Thailand, about to go to Vietnam on the 1st of Jan. When I finally do get back and you get more established I would love to come visit you guys there.

Good luck and stay positive.

Much love,

I really do hope you come visit! By next year, we should be set, though it seems like an eternity away at this point.

Are you going to Anarchapulco? I'm booked with a flight as well. Looking forward to it.

I'm going to miss Anarchapulco this year. Will be going to Vietnam for a couple months starting the 1st of the year. I'm sure you'll have fun. Give us a full report when you get back.

This looks, at least from the outside like a beautiful home.

Probably will be a beatiful home from the inside as well when all the unpacking is done

The kitchen looks nice I like those open kitchens a lot

Yeah, it really is nice. I think it's too big, which is funny to say. I don't want to buy stuff just to fill the large rooms. :)

that's a beautiful home :) your kids look happy so i think it's a good start.
i'm waiting for your next post now. life in puerto rico is super interesting.

I'll be posting a lot more about PR for sure. :)

Good luck in your new home.
I admire your courage.

Thanks. It certainly takes some courage and there have been some moments where @corinnestokes and I think, "Are we crazy?"

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Wait until you get a load of those prices at walmart, everything is markup 25% from nashville.

What’s the monthly rent like in USD? More or less than in the states?

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