Have You Ever Moved to a New Home... by Plane?

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Tomorrow morning my family I and will get up around 4:30am to load up all this stuff into our rental van and hotel shuttle:


It's going to be pretty crazy.

@corinnestokes made a list of the last minute things we had to finish up today and put it up on the fridge (I find it funny because she's been working for months for this move, covering every little detail, and it finally comes down to this).


We're moving to Puerto Rico (US territory, uses US currency), so that currency exchange note is about a bunch of currencies I've had lying around that I didn't want to bother taking with us (you can see some of those currencies in this video). Unfortunately, banks won't exchange for you unless you have more than $300 per currency and even then, they won't take coins. Silly banks and governments with their pieces of paper with pictures of dead people on them. Heheh.

We're staying at a hotel tonight as our Nashville home we've lived in for over 12 years is now completely empty. We borrowed some camping gear (air mattresses and sleeping bags) from some neighbors last night. Today we finalized the packing, sent another bunch of boxes off through USPS, and did a last bit of purging as we gave more stuff away and sold whatever left we could.

I loaded up the rental van (we shipped our main car off last week, and I already sold my car) today and unloaded it at the hotel.


I had a hunch it would take long than expected to unload, so I timed it.


Yeah, much longer than expected. Three trips worth and that's not even all of it. Tomorrow is going to be really, really interesting. With Corinne and I working together, I hope we can get it done qickly.

For our final meal in Nashville, we hit up a family favorite our kids love, the Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffett.


We're ready for an adventure, though the kids (ages 9, 7, and 5) ore pretty sad about leaving their friends. I think it's hitting my oldest, Devon, the worst. We had some tough conversations tonight about how we'll meet new friends, but he said he doesn't want to do that because he's worried he'll start to forget about his friends here in Nashville. I'm hoping the warm weather, the pool, and the ocean will cheer him up. Maybe that and some Discord/Roblox/Fortnite with his friends once we get settled.

Many people have told us how excited they are for our move and how they too wish they could do something like this. Often I hear it's just too scary or they are too comfortable with what they already know. I think many of us long for adventure and success, but we're held back by fear and uncertainty.

Ultimately, we'll get what we choose and put in front of ourselves. We can play it "safe" all the time and live a mediocre life until we die or we can see life as an opportunity for adventure and make the most of it. Sometimes playing it "safe" is actually dangerous. It means you get bored, complacent, lackadaisical, or even worse, depressed.

Don't live like that. Life is too short.

Fear and uncertainty remind you what it feels like to be alive. Trying something and winning only works because you're willing to try and fail also.

Thanks to all my family, friends, and acquaintances who have been so encouraging during this time. It's a after 10:30pm right now, Corinne and I are still getting over a little head cold, and tomorrow morning will be here soon. I'll try to post again once we get settled in our AinBnB in Caguas, Puerto Rico. We have an opportunity for a rental in the exact neighborhood we're interested in, so hopefully that will all work out as well. Corinne's actually at the hotel business center getting the rental agreement filled out and signed right now. :)

Wish us luck.

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Have You Ever Moved to a New Home... by Plane?

Yes, I have, with 4 kids, 16, 14, 13 and 10.
From France to British Columbia.

Best of luck to you @lukestokes, Sounds like a great Adventure.

Although I will say that I know people like my Mother who has played it "safe" for 50 years in the same house. Never traveled much except to the beach during Summer and Europe one time in 2000.

But she is 84 and shuttles her older friends ( they're all actually younger lol) to doctors appts,luncheons, movies. parties,church, love kitchen etc..etc.. and she has been taking full time care of her grandson the last 12 years.

Some might say boring. But to her it's a Life of enrichment. She could get up and go anywhere she desired but she truly loves what she has been doing the last 50 years or so. I would say when she dies it will be a Life FAR from Mediocrity...in her Mind and every Life she has touched...which are literally thousands of people

I guess it resonated to me when you said do not be r fearful to go to unknown places as you will miss out on Life. I think that in itself is totally subjective to each person in this World.

Anyway, sorry do not mean to sound cynical. I truly wish you the best in a place that is supposed to be gorgeous :)

Best of luck and save travels. I recently moved down to Austin by plane to work at Steemit HQ but that doesn't compare to moving the whole family. I'm excited for your Steemit updates on the new adventure in Puerto Rico!

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Wow, all the best for the move! I'm amazed you had time to do a Steem post.

I agree with you that without an element of adventure we are most likely to become destined for a life that's lost its flavour.

I do feel for your boy though, leaving his current friends. But the internet is a great thing for keeping relationships alive.

Good luck!

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Good luck brotha and be safe!

Luke I wish you and yours the best during this move and transition. May your new setting and locale bring you the best.

Good luck on the move!! Hopefully the kids will settle in quick. I'll be down in March. You and family should come meet us at Luquillo beach when we are there. I'll try and message you when we get closer to the trip.

You guys are making a cool move. Yes for kids its different, but on the other hand..kids are the most flexibel creatures around. Making sure to bail though in storm season ;)))

Good luck today!! greetings from a former caribbean girl

Safe journey Luke and family! I know all too much about moving to different countries as I did it from a young age too. I adjusted to that lifestyle and luckily the moving coincided with changing from junior to middle and middle to high school. Made new friends, but also kept in touch with old ones when I could. Unfortunately, my brother found it harder and you can see the effects today in his personality. He is great, but can be a bit moody and reserved. During our final move as a family, that is when he would shut himself away and played computer games as that was better than making new friends in his own opinion. Years have passed, but some scars remain. Hopefully, your 9 year old will change his mind when he settles, but keep a close eye. Wish you all the best! 😊

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Damn, moving to another country! That must be a lot of work. I shrug with the idea of relocation!

@lukestokes, Hope and wish that this Movement will be pleasant for you and your family and also wish that, the new place will going to bring more amazing times for all of you.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

it's very tiring;hopefully you and your family will be fine

Wow, such big a live change involving the whole family!
I wish that everything will go smooth and safe for you all and that you will enjoy your new location.

Not yet.
Stay safe in your new apartment Luke
All the best

A new chapter is always intimidating for sure. When I moved to Puerto Rico, I was young as well and knew no Spanish either so I was nervous and sad of leaving my friends behind. However, I got to appreciate the great experiences and new friends I would make in Puerto Rico. Interestingly, ot was the Holiday season that made me be convinced that it was a great move. We, in Puerto Rico, celebrate the Holiday for almost a month! It is filled with spanish type caroling called Parrandas and is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. All without having to wear coats too like you said! I wish you guys the best and would love to be of any help despite me not being there (I do get there very often)!

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good luck :)

Congrats for your family

Best of Luck Luke and Fam. Brave move. You get my "Travel Pro" stamp of approval...haha. Safe travels and don't forget to enjoy the ride!

"We can play it "safe" all the time and live a mediocre life until we die or we can see life as an opportunity for adventure and make the most of it."

i love what you're saying here. i wish you luck on your journey. and if you don't mind pls share your life in puerto rico because i'm super interested. especially after how peter schiff described it in joerogan podcast :)

I've moved so many times and the result is always the same: it's some kind of traumatic. So many details to remember and review. At the end of the day, something always gets forgotten. Now about the problem of your kids leaving their friends well there will be new ones ahead. Besides, with social media they will be able to keep in touch with their buddies. Who knows what's ahead new experiences, new life. I hope you all overcome it simply and peacefully...

No moving to a new home by plane for me thanks. I moved 10 kilometres away from where I was living and it was a nightmare lol.

I wish you the best of luck though!

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