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If you look at the movie 300, you will think that it’s all fiction, but truth be told it’s based on a true story, the “Battle of Thermopylae”. Even if there are many differences between reality and the movie, there are quite a lot of similarities too, the essence remaining the same. In reality, there were around 7000 Greek soldiers fighting against what some sources think was over one million Persians and what other sources believe was only 150k but the idea is that they were outnumbered.

The movie only shows the 300 Spartans fighting most of the time, and the truth is that after they surrendered, only 300 Spartans and a couple other hundred soldiers stood against the huge Persian army to save the others that retreated, fighting to death. To read more about the real battle, check out Wikipedia.

Regardless of how much of the movie is based on reality and how much is fiction, there are some fundamental lessons that I am going to emphasize in this article.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, that I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.


Most people when they think about the word bravery and what it means, they think they have to be adventurous, to do crazy stuff that puts them in total danger, stuff that no one else would dare to do. They think that being brave means to fight like one of the 300, a fight to the death for a cause you believe in and even if that is true, it’s only one fraction of the whole truth.

You can’t get the correct definition of this word even if you’re searching it in dictionaries; this is what says it means: “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” But that is not entirely true either.

Having courage means that you are pushing your boundaries, your limits as often as you can regardless of how hard it may seem sometimes. Bravery means that you are doing a particular action even if you are scared of doing it. You keep on pushing while shaking of fear in the dark until you make it. It doesn’t mean that you have to jump off a helicopter. Just doing something you kept on putting off out of fear is enough, like talking to that gal/guy.

Bravery just means taking action.


We often hear that quality is more important than quantity and people are saying this so often that it’s almost become a cliché, but it is as accurate as it can get. One of the most known scenes in the movie is the one where Leonidas approaches the Athenians with only 300 soldiers but still has more than them even if their men are in the number of thousands.

It doesn’t matter by how many people you are surrounded, it’s their quality that matters, and I think that’s one of the reasons why in our western society people have so many so-called friends but they still feel alone. One friend of quality is more valuable than ten mediocre ones because even if you add up ten zeros, their overall value will still be zero.

Some of the brightest minds on this planet consider that we are the sum of our closest friends and even if that theory may have some flaws in specific contexts, as a general rule of thumb, it is true. You have to pick your friends based on the traits you want to master in yourself because their behavior over the long run will significantly influence yours. Pick up a “Spartan” friend and lay off a “Persian” one.


Even in the face of death, after all, they have encountered thus far, the 300 Spartans stood by Leonidas and fought as free men for one last battle, leading up to what they call a glorious death. Even if they could’ve retreated, go back to their families and have a nice hot meal and a bath, they fought knowing they would die because leaving would have meant betraying their king and friend.

This trait goes hand in hand with the previous one because if your friends are of quality, they probably understand what loyalty means and would always stand by your side regardless of how tough the situation gets. Loyalty means merely that you don’t leave your loved ones behind when something goes down.

Lessons Learned

The truth is that nobody can succeed in this life by playing the lone wolf, regardless of how much you might resonate with that lifestyle. You need friends to support you in tough situations and maybe even help you get out of them so you’d better try to pick up some quality ones from the beginning because the chances are that once you bond with them, it’s going to be for a relatively long time.

Having the courage to move forward and take some risks now and then while quality people surround you will undoubtedly make your life better and easier and maybe even bring you the happiness you are looking for.

Make sure to tell me in the comment section what movie you would like to see featured in this series because I will check out most comments.

Written by: @GuyFawkes4-20

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Quality friends is hard to find nowadays, that's why quality friends are very precious to us. they the gift and there's no amount of money that can buy some.

Quality "anything" is hard to find. Friends, workers, products......everything has been cheapened.

Great choice of a movie @GuyFawkes4-20, and probably the best profile name on Steemit! :D

I knew before going to movies about this story. I did not expect it to be the same in the movie, but what I saw really amazed me. I was so hyped because of this movie that I wanted to be 6 year old boy and to be sent to the mountains to fight for my life. hahah Imagine being a boy in Sparta :D

You was on spot with this attributes that you mentioned. Those are very quality attributes a person should have. Spartans had a really tough time learning that, but if they could do it (be brave, ...) then I cannot see why people today can't do it. I know that the in these day of times, we are not trained to have a good values, but if we change our world into a better place, we could have those values with ease...

Thanks for sharing with us ''the thoughts behind the scene''. I enjoyed reading and remembering what real values are. Much love to you mister ''best name on Steemit'' haha

Your summary of the lessons is especially valuable and is something that I've been thinking about for some time. Nobody is truly a lone wolf, and if they were, their quality of life would be very harsh and lonely.

Admittedly it feels a little strange to connect this lesson to this movie; when I think of surrounding myself with quality friends, preparing for a battle to the death against almost impossible odds isn't quite what springs to mind but it emphasizes the loyalty and comraderie among the 300, who fought and died valiantly and gloriously. But quality friends don't necessarily come for free, just as they say you are the sum of your closest friends, the same is true for them; they are the sum of their friends which can include you. So we ourselves still have to be dedicated to self improvement, and if they are too there's a positive feedback cycle where everyone as a sum keeps growing.

Your note that bravery simply means taking action is too true; many of my regrets are precisely because I didn't have the courage to just step up and do or say something. In retrospect, if I had just acted at that time then I'd be the richer for it (in experience, if not actual cash).

I guess a movie I'd be interested in having get analyzed is Get Out. That was a mildly haunting movie with some nasty twists... Unless you also can review Netflix series, in which case how about Black Mirror (but it'd have to be an episode at a time)?

Yeah, I agree, the example may seem a bit strange, a bit radical but it's still valid even so. I think the thing with the sum of your friends os true so we should both influence them to get better and also improve ourselves on a daily basis.

I know what you mean, I've been through that many times before and just taking action could've provided me with a way better outcome.

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll look into them anytime soon.

Spartans! Today we will have supper in Hell!

During the inspection of this film, I got into the mysterious world of play of light and darkness. There is an intertwining of debauchery and military honor, as well as a frenzied intricacies. In the end, it is worth to understand that this film was made for men in the first place. There is nothing superfluous in the film. The viewer receives from him all that he imagined.

Very pleased with the film the abundance of details and the magnificence of the costumes. A completely unexpected discovery was for me the image of the Immortal Regiment! Such a regiment existed historically in fact. He consisted of warriors of a similar face, physique, hair, clothing and weapons (when one of them died, another took its place, which created the effect that the soldiers do not die at all.

In short, the film turned out gloomy, detailed, colorful. Excellent addition to the works of artists of the revival on the theme of antiquity and the myths of the ancient world.

Many of the movie's details are actually inspired from reality even if they are a bit different. The movie is truly amazing and anyone should give it at least a watch.

The best lesson I learnt from 300 motion picture is...

The divine beings aren't generally right, do what's best for yourself, most importantly else.King Leonidas realized that the Ephor weren't right when they prompted him to remain down onthe eve of fight...

Taking the wrong guidance can cut you off from roads that might be appropriate for you, regardless of whether it wasn't for the individual who gave it. Continuously do what is best for yourself, and never be reluctant to try....

there all in an indistinguishable position from you at one point in time. Keep in mind that!...

Upvote and resteemit done sir...

The truth is that nobody is right, we are humans and the possibility of error is very high, thus no one should try others blindly.

"I may be wrong but I'm never in doubt" if you act quickly, there's still time to change your plan.

Friend I loved every point you described in this film and the message you got from it... I certainly agree with you on every point. By the way I did not know the real meaning of the word "Courage" and the word "Courage", you have now made it very clear to Me with the explanation.

I'll be honest with you, I've never seen this movie, I've never heard of it but I've never been able to see it, nor have I taken the time to look for it... But with this analysis you've done, and the real story behind it, I'm certainly going to look for it, I really need to see it. These men were a clear example of the value of loyalty and of qualities such as courage and courage.... They never hesitated and had their objective set, as warriors, as a team, as brothers of the same land...

As far as "Quality" goes, I liked your example.

"A friend of quality is more valuable than ten mediocre ones, because even if you add ten zeros, their total value will still be zero."

That's absolutely true. For this reason I am a person with few friends. I've always preferred to have few friendships, but to be sincere and loyal, to be supported, to be with me through thick and thin.

Thank you very much for the message you extracted and for passing it on to us @adsactly. Since you give yourself the option of leaving a film for this section, I'd like you to analyze "Hacksaw Ridge". It's based on the true story of U.S. Army soldier Desmond Doss. I think it's an incredible and perfect story.

Greetings my friend!!

The movie is certainly worth at least a watch, I have it saved on a special list and I rewatch it every now and then, at least once a year,that's how great I find it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the movie recommendation, I noted it down with the others, I'm building a list right now.

If the story behind the film is shocking.... I'll download it today and see it tomorrow.

Okay, thank you for writing down my recommendation. I'm sure you'll love that movie!!

if the story behind the film is shocking....

I hope you'll enjoy the movie, have fun. Hopefully, I'll have time to watch some movies this weekend, probably Saturday.

A film that gives a view of life with the spirit of struggle that brings change, An honor @adsactly can watch and read the article
a time-bound struggle that can make a living motivation and a reality that must be passed to fight for identity, may speak the amount or strength that we have is not comparable with what is owned by others but this is not only it will be defeated by a lot.
A Spiritual imagination and the ability to create creative ideas can mean a lie that previously obstacles in our lives.
A courage to create a change is a tremendous force for adventure all over the world and will pass through the ocean of ignorance to risk the identity of winning it whose truth is self-confidence and daring to show that every human being has a thing to love for oneself, we will give birth to a courage to continue to fight the fear in our lives to dare to be a hero who acts on the ability that is owned.

Quality of life is able to change the view that is considered something that can not happen to be a certain reality where Leonidas approached the Athenians became a benchmark of the ability and the freedom to create a change and identity.

A real friend is for anyone who makes something that is able to change the negative fikir pattern to be a good thing for what we do both ourselves and others. We are willing to risk our identity.

Thank you @adsactly for giving us a very meaningful view in life about what makes us happy and we will be winners for everyone around us.

See you on the top

I think that 300 was a great film for a variety of reasons. The lessons of bravery, quality and loyalty are all strong messages that the film conveys for sure. There is also the idea that even the little people can stand up to bullies in the world. Our world is full of bullies and all too often they are able to do whatever they want because nobody will stand up to them. In this movie, the Spartans would not be bullied into servitude the way that so many nations had been. The stood together for what they believed was right and even in the face of death made it known that the bully was wrong. This bravery led to the inspiring of others to stand up and fight back. For a movie that has sometimes been criticized for being so graphic, there are a lot of great messages to take away from it.

Yeah, I agree with that but still you have to take into account that the Spartans were real warriors and that's why such a small number was able to make a difference. It is graphic for sure but its lessons are still fundamental.

It's great when movies can exemplify positive traits.

Interesting .. Looks great
Nice post
Thank you for sharing your experience with us..‏

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