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Friend I loved every point you described in this film and the message you got from it... I certainly agree with you on every point. By the way I did not know the real meaning of the word "Courage" and the word "Courage", you have now made it very clear to Me with the explanation.

I'll be honest with you, I've never seen this movie, I've never heard of it but I've never been able to see it, nor have I taken the time to look for it... But with this analysis you've done, and the real story behind it, I'm certainly going to look for it, I really need to see it. These men were a clear example of the value of loyalty and of qualities such as courage and courage.... They never hesitated and had their objective set, as warriors, as a team, as brothers of the same land...

As far as "Quality" goes, I liked your example.

"A friend of quality is more valuable than ten mediocre ones, because even if you add ten zeros, their total value will still be zero."

That's absolutely true. For this reason I am a person with few friends. I've always preferred to have few friendships, but to be sincere and loyal, to be supported, to be with me through thick and thin.

Thank you very much for the message you extracted and for passing it on to us @adsactly. Since you give yourself the option of leaving a film for this section, I'd like you to analyze "Hacksaw Ridge". It's based on the true story of U.S. Army soldier Desmond Doss. I think it's an incredible and perfect story.

Greetings my friend!!


The movie is certainly worth at least a watch, I have it saved on a special list and I rewatch it every now and then, at least once a year,that's how great I find it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the movie recommendation, I noted it down with the others, I'm building a list right now.

If the story behind the film is shocking.... I'll download it today and see it tomorrow.

Okay, thank you for writing down my recommendation. I'm sure you'll love that movie!!

if the story behind the film is shocking....

I hope you'll enjoy the movie, have fun. Hopefully, I'll have time to watch some movies this weekend, probably Saturday.

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