Mountain Monday in the Pyrenees

MountainMonday by @keithboone

I came upon some old photos taken on a trip to France of the Gorges de Saint-Georges. It is a canyon located in the Pyrenees, formed by the Aude River, in the Occitanie region of southern France, .


This road is one of the most famous balcony roads in France and leads to the village Axat. A balcony road is a lane cut into the sides of sheer cliffs and is best avoided by those who fear heights! This was one of the few spots with a pullout that allowed for stopping to take a couple of photos.


The barriers along the road edge had been recently added, I understand. Some sections of road are one lane, and if you meet another car, someone will need to be good at driving in reverse!

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Very nice almost look like quartz mountains maybe they are. It would be to late if you meant someone to sudden on them one lane roads there will be no reversing :)

Yeah... Sudden would not be good!

Ohhhhhh.... would be nasty :(

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Thank Pix!

This are great pictures dear!

Thanks for always saying nice things! ❤️

how have you been?

I have not been at my best, but am beginning to feel a bit better now. How are you doing with all of the challenges you are facing?

It's good that you feel a little better now. They have been difficult days, but I am working on fixing some things and some papers that I must legalize ... I really want to go, start from scratch but with faith that I will be better than here. Just today my mom went to look for the other package we went all these days but there was no light and they could not deliver the package.

I'm wishing I would have sent things that could have been more helpful to you.
I will feel so much better when you get out of there. I worry that it will only get worse.

But what you sent made me very happy. I am very grateful, those little things make me forget everything for a moment and make me feel like a child. I only ask for a lot of health for you and a lot of love. My mom whenever something comes from you, she cries a lot and thanks so much more

If there are things you don't need, I hope you can sell or trade them for things you want. I am not going to send more, because I will be hoping you will not be living at this address for much longer!

Wow just breathe taking !

It is a beautiful part of the world!

What a wonderful group of photos! Beautiful! Just makes me want to go drive that.

@scottf! Don't you have mountains you could share on #mountainmondays?

Thanks, Ren! Have you ever been to France? I was amazed by how wild and rugged so much of it is.

No, I would love to, but it won't be happening this year. I have knee replacement in my near future. However, I hope to go some day.

Buenas noches amiga,muy hermosas ese grupo de fotos,y de verdad dos carros de frente en esa carretera dede ser un susto pero uno de los dos a retroceder,gracias por sus visitas y un fuerte abrazo.

Me alegro de verte esta noche! Eso significa que debes tener internet. ¿Y espero también la electricidad?

Now they are impressive mountains, it sounds like it was a fun trip.

Thanks! Every minute I have spent in France has been fun!

At least the balcony roads in the picture are not hundreds or thousands of feet up by the side of cliffs or mountains.

No kidding! Some of those are crazy scary!

wow! some sections are one lane! yikes lol.. what about driving that thing at night? that's amazing, I bet you had some fabulous views! oh, thank you for resteeming my post from yesterday, I missed that somehow!

It was not heavily traveled during the day, so I bet it would be pretty lonely at night! You might know sooner that someone was approaching because you might see their lights.
Always happy to have your posts on my page!

howdy tonight Melinda! no actually it's 1:20 am. lol. anyway, did you aim your camera over the edge and get some amazing photos on that road?

This was back in the days before I knew the value of taking a plethora of photos! These were the only two I took that day! Hope you sleep in this morning!

Howdy Melinda! How are you doing today? It seems like everyday by the time I get around to comments you've already been on steemit for hours! So things are going good today?

It's raining. I just ordered lunch to be delivered from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I have only responded to a few comments that came in overnight and haven't done anything major here yet today.
I need to get busy.

or not! lol. you can do whatever you want if you're not in a race for comments, it's quite freeing!
It's 70 degrees and sunny so I'm heading outside.

A road like that would scare me! I've been on some crazy roads, but not single lane winding through mountains like that! Very cool photos. Voted & resteemed :-)

Thanks! It was not heavily traveled, and we only had to back up once!

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beautiful photography

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aww delish hun!! Thats a super balcony, gives me the memory of south of France, now them roads are scary delux :P
Woohoo for pitstop areas ;) we with cameras dooo like thouse ;)

Very impressive. The tening side of the road looks beautiful with clear water flow. Susana tunnels will spoil our eyes passing under the mountains, definitely a pleasant place to take some beautiful pictures from different sides. A dream for me to visit
Thanks for this My friend

Thanks for your kind words! It was an impressive place to see!

That’s so cool! A lot more to France then just Paris I keep hearing...

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I am continously impressed by all of France!

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It's an impressive place to see in photos I will only imagine driving that road because I am making the statement right here and right now...I am never going to drive that canyon road! Thanks for the warning :-)

It was a grand adventure! I only wish I had more photos!

Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun place to drive, and very scenic!

What cool mountain shots, the feeling driving down that road must be amazing

It was an incredible road and I'm so glad I got to experience it!

You have sure seen some amazing roads for sure

I am so grateful for all the traveling I have been able to do! It makes sitting home now much more tolerable!

Yes the same for me not being able to travel much now doesnt seem so bad with all the travelling i have done

And now we have Steem to take us to so many more places! I can travel to really out of the way places without leaving my comfy chair!

Yes indeed virtually traveling the world each day is cool on here

quite a ruggedly gorgeous landscape - thanks for your support :) @angrytwin

Thanks and my pleasure! Do you know what kind of stone your Phoenix is holding?

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