Mountain Monday

A great new challenge by @keithboone

You can enter a photo, poem, story, or anything you have relating to mountains! You can drop your link in the comments here- Mountain Monday

Since there are no mountains near to where I live, I always have to travel to see them. These are mountain photos from a past trip to Colorado. I believe these were taken near Estes Park.


And a more zoomed in view...


I love mountain photos! Do you have any to share?

Shadow Photo Contest- Round 40- ART Shadows

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demasiado maravillosas esas fotografias,me gusto e impactó mucho la segunda,feliz noche

Flat out gorgeous! Wow... thanks so much for participating in Mountain Monday! resteemed :)

My pleasure! It's the perfect way to celebrate a Monday! Thanks for the resteem!

Nice pictures @melinda010100. I'm sure I have some mountain pictures. I should get in on this tag

Thanks! I'd love to see your Mountain photos!

Lovely photos, my dear Melinda. I simply love them. It seems this is a very high peak. I would love to explore it one day. 🙂

It is not high, but rather the river valley is comparatively deep. On the road you go along on level ground and then drop down into the river valley, cross the bridge, and then climb back up the hill to level ground again. There are plenty of places around to go exploring though! The Ice Age Trail follows along the river through here and it is a trail that when it's totally all connected will be 1200 miles long.

Wow, it is amazing. It seems a nice place with great landscapes.
We have an interesting place in Romania (up to the North where I live). A small creek is cutting the mountain in half. On top of the hills, the weather is gorgeous and during Summer you may experience high temperature. However, deep in the creek's valley you will find snow and you surely need gloves and warm clothing. The place is called The Devil's Mill.
I will try to get there next year and take some photos. The route is quite difficult so it will be a challenge for my physical condition. I'd better head to gym. 😂

Devils Mill sounds gorgeous and my comment is completely irrelevant. I was talking about something completely different than this photo. Wow, I can't believe I messed that one up quite this badly. This peak is very high. It is near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and there are lots and lots of hiking opportunities there. I know people who have gone hiking in that region and have had trouble with altitude sickness because it is so high.

Oh, this is completely different. 🙂
Usually I don't have issues with heights but never climbed at such an altitude. Things might be very different over there.
No worries, Melinda. It happens to all of us. Once I replied to a friend with the comment intended for a challenge. 😂

I was describing the other post I did on Monday about the cemetery. The reply above yours was talking about that, so it was on my mind and I didn't go look to see where you had posted your comment! Again, I'm sorry.

The limited amount of oxygen in the air at the higher altitudes can cause difficulties for people who aren't used to it. It has never bothered me, but then I have probably never done any particularly strenuous activities at that altitude!

Great mountain shots. Melinda. Love the 2nd one where the light gives emphasis to the jagged edges of the rock.

Thanks! It was early morning light as the sun was coming up. I remember being so cold, but could not stop taking pictures!

You have amazing pictures of your travels. This mountains look amazing, great pictures

Thank you! It is such a beautiful world! You'll see!

Beautiful pic & peak ! =))
I will definitely consider this challenge of signore @keithboone ! I'm kinda mountain's garden after all ;-)

You should have the best mountain photos of any of us!

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