Believe in Our-self......

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This is a story of two boy, who lives in a village. One is of 6 years and other is of 10 years. They are best friends. They stay together, eat together, play together. One day they both went far from village. And one among them, the big one whose ages is 10 years, he fall in well and started to shout very loudly because he don't know how to swim.


Now the second small boy of 6 year he saw around him and he found no-one to help him. And then he saw a bucket with a rope tied. He throw that bucket in well without delaying and told his friend to hold it. His friend hold that bucket tightly and he started to pull with his full energy. He pulled pulled pulled. He used his full energy, small boy of 6 year and 10 year boy was holding that bucket. Small boy pulled and make his friend out from well.

Big boy came out from well. They both hugging each other and they are happy. But they were worried also that they will go to village and when they will say to their parents they will bet them sought at them. But when they went back to village and told this all they are not ready to believe that how a 6 year boy can pull a 10 year boy from well. They were right because small boy don't have strength to pull a small bucket with full water.


But one man in a village, he believes that small boy is saying true. That man was old in village very old. People very saying that if he is saying then it must be true. They asked him how can this small boy can do this. He smiled and told that question is not that who this small bay have done this. How he got energy to full his friend out ? Only one answer only one, when he did this there was nobody to tell him that he can't do this at that time at that place, Nobody. He himself was not so.


So friends start believing in our-self and there is nothing that one can't do in this world.

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