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Everyone is endowed with an uncommon ability, that if discovered and well tapped, the life of such a person will be better off. But the question I want to put before you all is;

What is my endowed ability?
What is so special and only to me?
How am I using this endowed ability to the fullest
How can my innate ability be used for effective performance

These and many more are the questions this post want to answer for your best understanding.

What is Ability

According to longman contemporary English Dictionary, Ability is described as something you are able to do, especially because you have a particular mental ot physical ability to do it. It also defines ability as the exceptional intelligence of an individual which most people ot machines do not have.
Going by this definition therefore, ability is that gift you have inside of you as a special gift/talent that is not common and hardly found in any other place. But ability would always be there, if not well tapped. This means ability can be 🌿plant planted but if not well nourished and if not well improved upon, it will be there lying fallow and at times, die inside the person. This means you must identify this ability of yours and nurture it so well for your individual advantage, most especially in your various offices. What is your own gift and that ability you have and how are you nurturing your own to germination and fulfilment?

How do you nurture your Personal ability to achieve Peak performance?

Have a Positive** Attitude
No matter how endowed you are and whatever you are and whatever level of your ability, if you do not have a positive attitude, such a gift will die natural death. This is because it is only positive attitude that can successfully transform the ability in you into fulfillment. Your positive attitude in terms of your character and your relationship to and with people will maximize your ability and gift. People will never relate with people with bad attitude. No bosd would be happy with a subordinate that has a bad character, neither will such a surbodinate be able to attract favour and help from his superiors. Before long, everyone will know you as someone with 👍good or 👎bad character, which will not be good for the glorification of your ability. By cultivating a relentless positive attitude, you can make yourself more productive, more approachable and more yielding.

Accept your Mistakes and work on them
As a human being we are all vulnerable to make mistakes and in a bit to learn from you must accept errors, yield to corrections, and work on your area of weaknesses. After all, everyone makes a mistake, and at the very least you can always learn from those mistakes. Also, in many lines of work, mistakes and errors are permitted. Accept your mistakes, work on them and your innatr ability will germinate well for your good.

Self Awareness
Though, becoming self-aware is a long process, but by knowing yourself, you will be much better placed to make the right decision about your job and personal life. This will therefore enhance your personal development at the highest levels. There are a lot of things you can do to promote self-awareness in yourself for example, by filling out personality tests or brainstorming. You must identity your area of weakness and strength and therefore do the needful.

Be creative
In improving your the personal ability, You must be very creative in your daily schedule of duty. As vibrant as your ability could be, you need to be creative for you to achieve peak performance. There are a lot of exercises and activities that can be employed to Foster a more creative mind-set, which can be vulnerable in a number, in daily activities at work. Be sensitive and understand your schedule of duty is linked or connected to creativity. When you embrace creativity, it brings peak performance out of your ability.

Time Management
To improve your personal ability for effective and peak performance, you must be a good manager of time. Planning is the only way out of time wasting. You must be a good planner, plan your time
very well, which will improve your punctuality and professionalism while making more time for the things that are really important to you. Time management is key in every area of a man's life, because within a twinkling of an eye, a lot of time is wasted and most times on things that are really not important.

Learn to be a Good listener
For you to improve on your personal ability for peak performance, you must learn to be a good listener. Being a good listener is one of the keys to successful career fulfilment. Many of us drift-off when others are talking and fail to give our full attention, at times many of us even talk over people when one of our thoughts bubble to the surface. By being a good listener, you can markedly improve the quality of your ability and thereby achieve peak performance.

Dress Well
Your dressing defines you. Your dressing gives us the picture of who you are; your dressing determines the extent of your ability. You must be aware that there is a definite art to dressing well, and if you can master it, it will help to create a much more positive first impression when you come across your superiors at work.
Once again, Your personal ability is your gift that is endowed to you, it is your own. But if you do not develop it and improve on it, it will not bring out very effective performance in you. And to get to the fruitful peak of your career, you must improve and develop your ability.
By @h-unit

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Improving personal ability, is exactly what self development is all about. Its the best thing one can do for one's self. The best self development one can do is spiritual development, followed by mental development, then physical development... all these working together build in us some really awesome abilities.
Thanks for your really interesting article

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