Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?

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Would you like to read this post as I reflect on how motivation relates to success and share with you some of my successes and failures?

Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?

My previous post about happiness was well received, so I decided to write another self-development post today.

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Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?

There are many things that can be achieved with motivation because if you are not motivated, then you don't try enough and you kill success before even giving it a chance.

I have succeeded in all the things where I was highly motivated, even though I was not specifically skilled to start with.

Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?


For example, I was highly motivated to walk and exercise daily in order to lose some weight and stay in good health. I had never done that before, haven't practiced a sport for a long time and just started it eight months ago and never stopped. I succeeded in losing 8 kilograms and in creating a healthy habit for myself.

I also started juicing several months ago because I was highly motivated to change my diet to a healthier diet. Jerry Banfield's videos about his healthy smoothies encouraged me to try, and then I learned more about juicing vegetables and fruits. When I first tried, that was not very fun because the taste was awful, but I learned better combinations, bought myself a great juicer and have now juice for lunch every day.

I would not have been able to achieve success without being highly motivated and also without following people who are motivated themselves and passed that motivation onto me. Motivation does not come by itself and something needs to happen to trigger it. If my blood tests were good enough last year, I may have not been motivated enough. I saw that I could fix things by myself and it's what I did.

Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?


You may say, "Okey, but there are circumstances where you can have all the motivation in the world, but success does not come."

I agree with that because you may be in a country where not all is possible, you may not be able to succeed in all areas if this is not realistic. The thing is that having success without motivation is really impossible, in my opinion, except that if you inherit something and all the work is already done for you and you don't have to lift a finger.

When I look at all the things I have failed, there is a pattern. I was motivated at first, did the necessary learning and work to get started, and then I lost interest and all went down the drain.

I have built lots of websites, even apps, and I could have succeeded in different online businesses if I just had wanted to. The problem is that I exhausted myself on something, and then got discouraged, or just stopped loving doing it.

I am sure you can relate if you are blogging on Steemit and even if you are motivated, rewards are still small. The thing is that you have to be motivated long enough and run a marathon to see some progress and not run a sprint and be burnout after just a few months. The day you stop believing in Steem and lose your motivation, then you are done.

I may be succeeding in Steem, I don't know, I still have the motivation.

Are Success and Motivation Directly Related?


Reading self-development books or listening to audio books can help you keep your motivation if what you are trying to succeed in is really what you want. Every day I am listening to motivational and success recordings and this helps a lot to stay motivated and continue, even though success is still far away.

One thing I have not succeeded in doing this year is crypto day trading. I know that I can learn it and become an expert as I learned other things in the past, and I know that I can be successful, but I have really lost my motivation lately and without it, no success. Maybe it is something that I don't like enough to be motivated and do what it takes to grow in that direction?

Maybe what I need is just to be in a group with other crypto traders that will pass their motivation onto me as well as certain skills to me?

I may do that. I have to find the time.

Success and motivation seem to go hand in hand.

What are your thoughts and experience on this?

I hope that this is useful for you if you are looking at ways to stay motivated.

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