You Can Create your Own Happiness!

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Would you like to read this post about creating your own happiness because this might be useful for you if you have been a bit down lately and help you to be happy again?

You Can Create your Own Happiness!

If you are reading my posts on Steemit, you can see a lot of tutorial posts, Steem posts and travel posts, but I haven't written so many motivational and self-development posts.

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You Can Create your Own Happiness!

We believe that happiness is something that happens due to different circumstances in life. We might think that we are happy because we have a nice car, a nice house and a nice job, or that we are not happy until we get this things.

In fact, in my opinion, happiness is not related to the things you have because even people having everything can be unhappy, and people having absolutely nothing can be happy.

Happiness is more a state of mind where you have the choice to be happy or not. When you get up in the morning, you have the choice to decide to be happy or unhappy for the day, whatever your circumstances.

You Can Create your Own Happiness!


Happiness does not depend on how much money you will make or how much work you will achieve on that day, but how your state of mind will be in that day.

It can be difficult at times to be happy because anxiety, depression, bad thoughts can set in, but we have to try our best to be happy with what we have.

Even in the worst moments, you can create a bit of happiness in your days and your life.

You can create your own happiness just like you are creating your own unhappiness. We, humans, tend to create unhappiness more easily, you just have to watch the news, and then this can just cloud your day.

You do not need to do anything or have something special to create happiness for yourself, but just decide to be happy.

You can pick "unhappiness" or you can pick "happiness" and that's a choice you have every morning.

You Can Create your Own Happiness!


You can start your day making the choice to feel happy. You can think of an event when you were happy and feel that happiness again in yourself. You can experience what it feels like to be happy again and look forward to feeling more of the same.

If you have been unhappy and depressed for some time, you can recall joyful memories that will make you smile. You will remember how you felt and you will feel it again just now.

This is why I like to walk two kilometers and do my 30-minute exercises in the morning because it is a time when I can recalibrate my state of mind if I got up a bit unhappy.

I can recall happy events, say a few affirmations, try to ask myself why I feel this way, and usually my state of mind can switch to a happy state before it ruins the day.

You may have another way to deal with this like sitting quietly or meditating.

Doing this activity will help the current challenging situation causing your unhappiness be experienced in a more positive way and show you the path to happiness.

It is also a good idea to seek for something that may make you smile like a funny video on YouTube, or a funny story, something that can make you smile or laugh.

You Can Create your Own Happiness!


This will help you release some endorphins that have analgesic effects and can induce a feeling of well-being. When we are unhappy, we somehow feel that it is wrong to get a good laugh, and usually just choose to show a sad face to confirm that we are indeed unhappy.

I often watch funny videos on YouTube like "Candide camera," when I need a boost in my happiness and this works pretty well. Even if you do not feel like watching something funny, I can guarantee that this will do more good than harm.

Finally, we are sad, we often feel sorry for ourselves:

"Oh, poor me!"

There is always something positive in every situation.

For example, June has been a terrible month for me financially, and I used all the tricks that I am suggesting in this post to stay happy. The first week of July started pretty well, with several new opportunities and I don't know if I can honor them all.

You may have lost your job, see it as an opportunity to find something better, and if you stay happy, something good will happen. No employer wants to hire a sad person.

You may have to replace your old car that has broken down, see it as an opportunity to travel in a newer and safer car.

You may have ended a relationship, see it as an opportunity to create an even better relationship with someone else.

There is always something positive in something negative.

It's like the Ying and Yang.

Both have to exist.

You Can Create your Own Happiness!


There is always something that can make you happy, the fresh breeze in the morning, a beautiful flower, a polite neighbor, a loving pet, all these can contribute to make your unhappiness go away.

I hope that this is useful for you if you are looking at ways to become a happier person.

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Michel Gerard


I partly agree with you. It's not so easy. To study abroad was my dream. I have been tried hart and soul but didn't succeed yet. Now I am trying to find happiness in Steemit. Only time will say how can I find happiness from it. You give good advice to make us happy. These will definitely help us to find happiness. Thanks for your valuable advice.

Thank you @sayemsonai for your feedback and I wish you success in your pursuit of happiness.

I think it's a good idea to write about happiness and motivation. It seems to be an eternally popular topic on the internet. Also there are many books on the topic that are based on scientific research you can check out if you haven't. One of my favorite is "The how of happiness" by Sonja Lyubomirsky (affiliate link if you're interested Thanks for your post!

Thank you very much @zhuwa for your comment and suggesting a book that I put in my wish list. I am a bit behind for the books I want to read.

Awesome post - I followed you because it's clearly visible that you're here to spread value. I hope you don't mind me sharing 2 valuable posts of mine here, they both complete your post and beyond.



  • If I did wrong sharing these here, please let me know and I'll remove them!

Congrats again for sharing such valuable content!

Thank you @truth-and-wisdom for your comment and sharing your posts. As long as it is related to the topic of my post, i don't mind the links.

great post ever.
enjoyed it.

Thank you @mahadihasanzim for commenting.

Great post @gmichelbkk
Keep it up
I hope your future post will be in trending post soon!

I am glad you like the post @syedquasim. Thank you very much for your feedback.

@gmichelbkk very nice post, we should always be happy

Thank you for commenting @ritikdokania23 and be happy!

Great post. You should definitely do more like this. You seem to have a similar mindset to mine and a really resonated with this.

Thank you very much @anarcist69 for your feedback and I will write more like this.

Great post. You should definitely do more like this. You seem to have a similar mindset to mine and a really resonated with this.

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