Would You Strike an Unlikely Partnership for a Good Cause?

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Once again I have grown aware of a potential financial opportunity.

While this is not common in its own right, what is downright 'rare' is that this path to a better personal financial situation involves striking a deal and partnership with an entity with which I'd, before now, not have spared a second thought towards entering into such a partnership.

So, why the dilemma?

Why not simply turn away from such an opportunity as I have done others in the past?

The thing is that, help me, I think that our interests, if not our motives, may for once align. It might serve as a vehicle to finally do some good in this World. Perhaps.

And, help me, I am genuinely mulling this possibility over.

I, of course, fear that, even if my deal is picked up, things will not go anywhere near as well as I envision - and that some unintended ill will come about.

Then again I am a little tired of not being a success.

So, I figure I'd bounce this dilemma off you people for feedback. ^_^

Would you readily shake hands with an entity whom you consider dodgy?

What would it take for you to consider such?


This post is pretty much a request for your opinions, wisdom and guidance so I 'really' look forward to seeing you all down in comments. I'm sure that I'll hear some really interesting perspectives. :c)

And, of course, if you feel inclined to resteem this to your followers, I'd appreciate their feedback too! ^_^


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Tricky question dude! multiple things I am thinking right now:

  • how fast can you get rid of the entity again?
  • are there any options involving NOT getting involved?
    -are the thoughts on what your guys do not agree on ever going to chance?
    -can you live with yourself when pulling through
    -is it actually worth it??

difficult! the bills also have to be payed ofcourse, hmmmmmm

Thank you kindly, both for your thoughtful comment and your upvote @karinxxl :c)

This is the kind of entity that isn't at all easy to get rid of - it gets rid of you. ^_^;;;

Yes there certainly are options involving not striking any deal - which doesn't prevent them from exploiting the message to their own ends and furthermore involves me remaining disempowered.

Being aware of my context, it would take some pretty heavy developments for me to regret engsging in such a partnership.

Is it worth it? I am not sure. Perhaps I could find the resources and empowerment from a different source - but I have been living for long enough to hold doubts.

Thanks again ^_^



You have the gift so what is your gut telling you?

Only you can really decide this ...

You used the word “dodgy” so To me you already know your answer.

Time so are tough I see people doing things they do in times of economic crisis.

Time is money.

Your friend,

@pathforger - It is a tricky situation. If I were to do so, I would first analyze the involvement of both of us in getting the task done.

  1. If the partnership requires his active involvement then I would rather be not. But if its a passive support where his involvement is not affecting your workflow much then I might go forward.

  2. There is another possibility where you are teaming up with someone who is quite opposite of you for the greater good, then that's just question of morality. Whether you want to stay as a hero or turn into an anti-hero. You might be labeled as a hypocrite

  3. The dilemma can be straightened out by simply weighing the options and asking a simple question. Will I be happy at the end? And was the profit worth the price you paid

PS: I might have confused you even more, Sorry if I did :-)

@inuke, thank you for the great comment, your logical outline, and your upvote too! :c)

In this particular case the reason why I would be tempted to reach out is that this entity simply has resources that I do not possess. Those resources would go a long way towards pushing forward a perspective upon the general public - and perhaps spark a discussion - and perhaps have some good come about that way. In exchange, the successful installation of this perspective could result in better sales for the entity concerned.

Hypocrisy is certainly something that does not appeal to me. As might be any potential unintended 'knock-on' domino-effect.

No, no I very much appreciate the feedback. Thanks again! :cP

Oh!!! Looks like you are in a tough spot. Whatever the decision is I hope you get there faster. Staying in this dilemma too long won't do any good either.
Good luck, Friend :-)

Thank you kindly :c)

Fortunately I am in the typical 'inventor-like' scenario where the entity concerned is likely not aware of my intentions. As such I have the luxury of dwelling upon it without corporate pressure putting a twist on things.

It's a very nice thing, Then I am sure you enjoy forging paths :-)

Hello my friend @pathforger
Now - it is hard to say exactly 'who' it is that you may link up with to achieve this mutual goal, but it sounds to me that you already know the answer.
Whoever this person or persons are, they sound dodgy. You on the other hand, do not have negative ulterior motives. It doesn't matter if there is a financial gain (even a large one). No one could possibly take away your integrity unless you let them.
So, don't sell your soul to the devil! Beyond that - I don't know what advice to give because I don't know who you are referring to.
Beyond that: snuggle up on the couch, put a smile on your face and whistle a Monty Python tune (you know the one I'm thinking of!!)
Stay Well!

@mysecondself, thank you for the very thoughtful comment and upvote. :c)

I kept the precise identity of the potential partner rather intentionally opaque so that any person can think about their personal situation - what they would love to achieve and muse over whether there is a questionable entity that might prove the best bet at bringing such about. ^_^

Yes it 'could' be the devil if that floats a person's boat. I'm thinking of an entity a little more down-to-Earth, that I've mused about in the past in such a way as to have supporters of me (those who exist :cP) saying "what is he thinking?!". ;c)

My ulterior motives could potentially be fame/infamy and financial gain if I plan my approach right and this 'entity' also sees the mutually beneficial nature of the "partnership". My integrity? Depends on how things turn out.

Several tunes come to mind... :cP

May you be and remain well also!

Hard question to tackle. But for me it would come down to how much it is against my values (or rather against the partnership entity's values) and if I would be ready to compromise with them. How much would the partnership benefit? Would it have a profound impact on my financial situation. How bad do I need extra money?

If the partnership is something that I could end at any moment I might do it just for the sake of embracing my shadow even if I hated the idea. (Hopefully the financial gains were substantial in this case.) But if the partnership affected what I would be able to write then it would probably be a no go.

Thank you kindly for both the upvote and your valuable response @celestal. :c)

This is a situation where one thinks that one can unlock a door which may prove beneficial to persons - and also may be profitably exploited by the entity in question.

Do I 'need' the entity in question? So-so.

With its assistance I'd not only have a lot more reach but could also likely negotiate a cosy reward for myself. Do I "need" it? Others need it more than I but with money I'd be able to put other projects into motion years-to-decades in idling. I am tired of being disempowered.

Does it 'need' me? Initially 'perhaps' but then not really. Still, without my initial input it is not likely that they would chance upon a solution themselves and if they tried it would take time - and time is money.

Due to the nature of the 'project' concerned I think that the wisest relationship would be an up-front pay-off plus support with the logistics of its running.

Of course, it is likely that my direct role in the 'project' would no longer be essential upon its setup - and any involvement might be upon a consultation basis, if that. Of course the entity will take that project places that won't be within my control and I might not be comfortable with the shifts concerned.

Thank you again for a great comment. :c)

Well, since we are given no information as to the nature of the opportunity you have been given it's kind of hard. So I'll keep general. It appears you've probably already said yes or no to this opportunity since your post is 18 days old. Perhaps these two ideas may help: 1st. What is your gut instinct? I know you want to be successful and financially free but put that aside for the moment. What is your gut instinct? Go with that. 2nd. Is the opportunity in alignment with who you are? Does it's energy match yours, or does it require you to change to match it? If it is not a match, then it's not a match and it won't work. Blessings. Hope it works out for you.

I know the feeling. Just evaluate the risks, think of the worst case scenario and see if its still worth it. Ofc this depends on how desperate you are and how high the risks are. I personally think that there is always another way, we just need to be smart or brave enough to take it. Plus, learn to trust your gut feelings. If you have a bad feeling about something and you are thinking that the odds of a certain partnership success are low, just try to find something else and keep the current bad partnership as a last solution that you will probably never take, simply because chances might be it is a bad deal. I dont know if this will help anyhow but this is how i try to make my choices. And if you have a good friend that you can trust or you have a life partner, ask them about that too. It is always good to have an opinion from outside. Have a great day and good luck! The path to success is not easy but its worth it.

s##t, i commented from my streaming account and didnt want to mix the stuff up. Oh well, i guess it will be double the work to check the replies from now on. :D

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