Travel with Tara : BW Photo Contest : Vegas : Miniature Statue of Liberty!

in #monochromemonday3 years ago (edited)

This photo was taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It's a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty!
Here's my entry for Monochrome Monday by @old-guy-photos!

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awwwwwww you were in las vegas and the same photo i also captured when i was there so much nice to see this miniature of statue of Liberty but the real feelings i feel when i see the real one but the way you captured it it seems like real , great to see you in nivada and you must see hovver dam also that i9s also the wonder i think which is made by the great people of America on colorado river , you must go there and i think you have already visited the dam ,, hope so, by the way great to see you there keep going on different places and take care of yourself and also check your luck to go some casino and play some time , see you again with some other miniature which are so much in numbers in las vegas like eifel tower pyramids and so many others , steemon dear have a happy time.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :) I will explore more.

yeah sure you will enjoy more n more thats what i want , see you soon dear hope you are fine there

beautiful photography I must admit, you know your way round a camera, great post. @taraamin77

Thank you :)

Very nice photography. What camera did you use? @taraamin77

Thank you :) I used an Iphone 6 plus.

You clicked an awesome photo. Good art of photography.

Thank you :)

Nice shot Tara :)

Thank you :)

@taraamin77 - Nice shot! remind me of my Vegas trip.

Thank you so much :)

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