Travel with Tara : ColorChallenge : #TuesdayOrange! Mesa Arch 2!

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Arches National Park in the US is my one of my favorite places!!
Surrounded by so many things that are literally ancient!!
The arch that you are seeing in the photo is the Mesa Arch.
It's one magnificent thing and I hope I will visit this place again.
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The picture is amazing.

Thank you :)

Amazing pictures! I love the colours. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you :)

Awesome pictures! Especially the first one ;)
I love travel photography, followed you ;)

Thank you :)

Very nice place @taraamin77 Good post ,upvote for you..

Thank you :)

Amazing pictures Tara! Seriously, that first picture is magical! :D Just like you ;)

Thank you so much <3

The strong orange colour of the reflected sun in the first photo is fantastic! I like the other 2 photos but if you had the same effect (the hidden sun) in the 2nd it would be really good to see.

Thank you :)

it's that place from my desktop wallpaper! :D

Amazing landscape and beautyful pics!
thanks for sharing

Thank you so much :)

The first one is my favourite.

Thank you so much! Mine too <3

That is a very Nice place to visit. A long hike if i Am not mistaking but a Nice place!

The hike is moderate I guess. But yes! A gorgeous place! :)

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