Travel with Tara : Color Challenge : #ThursdayGreen : Life of a Leaf!

in #colorchallenge3 years ago (edited)

Fall is a beautiful season.
I was lucky I had a chance to travel to Oregon during fall.
The transition of the colors of the leaves is so beautiful.
I collected a few leaves of different colors and set them on a rock.
My entry for the Color Challenge by @kalemandra!

Thank you so much for reading! I post travel pics and some amateur art work. If you like my work, Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow! Steem on!


intuitive arrangement ... almost looks like the "pookkalam" from Kerala

Great post, nice photos and I love your photo! @taraamin77

Thank you so much :)

Nice photography. Thanks for sharing it.I am giving vote and follow you.
Please vote me.

Thank you :)

when autumn leaves start to fall

beautiful circle!

Lovely post Tara!

Thank you :)

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