What is HYIP Investement?

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Hi my dear readers.

I came across a forum, a few days ago and among the section of the forum, there was a category called "HYIP Reviews". So, I decided to start by reading the little guide in the HYIP section but the more I read the more I find it intriguing, So I decided to test this method and share my progress with my reader, but also all the steemian community.

Before continuing, let me explain what HYIP means.
HYIP Stands for High-Yield Investment Program

But on the forum. It clearly states that all those kind of program uses the ponzi schema.
Watch below video to understand what's a Ponzi scheme and thats why you should never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

I know what you're thinking, that it's wrong to get rich on the misfortunes of others. Because these sites, usually make their money promising huge returns.

I have invested, to start on one of these websites 0.00581410BTC [$ 43 USD]. I would be supposed to remake my money in 20 days and a profit of 9% each day.

Every day I will post a photo to update you on the progress of my mining.

If you understood the risk and want to invest in those type of Project leave a comment below.

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