Minnow Investing: Transcription as a Side-Grind for More Capital

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While transcribing might take the initial skill of being able to type at a certain speed, most people can already do this because they aready use computers every day. Transcribing can be a very flexible job that can earn you a little or a lot of extra crypto money depending on what sort of job you want, and how much you want to work.

Transcribing jobs are split into several categories. The first is verbatim, and the second is meaning for meaning. Verbatim jobs require the transcriptionist to record every utterance as it’s spoken, and meaning for meaning transcribers listen for chunks of meaning to transcribe.

Remote transcription jobs are typically verbatim work. These jobs involve listening to an audio file and working through it at your own speed. This type of work will mostly pay by the audio-hour, so if you’re able to type very fast you can make this a job well worth your time. Transcriptionists sometimes use a foot pedal to control audio feedback, which greatly increases their rate of work. Perhaps the greatest benefit of these jobs is they rarely have a minimum work requirement!

Meaning for meaning transcribing is typically for procedural offices such as political offices or courtrooms, and also these jobs can be disability services such as transcribing for those that are hard of hearing. This means this type of work is typically in person and the pay rate is by the hour and can be a very decent wage.

This may be the ultimate part-time job for earning extra crypto capital, as it’s very convenient to pour a glass of wine at home and transcribe an audio hour or two after your regular job. Or, go for the big bucks and transcribe in person!

Make the most of YOUR time, minnows, and not your employer’s!

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