Minnow Investing: Dishwashing Side-Grind for Extra Capital

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Working as a dishwasher in a restaurant kitchen may seem like the lowliest job imaginable, but below the stigma there is a golden opportunity to make the job work for you, especially as a part-time venture to raise capital for crypto. Even in the worst kitchen, a dishwasher today can console himself with hopes of his extra labor turning into riches through a timely investment.

Dishwashing is a highly “stackable” job. It is very synergistic with other productive activities you can enjoy while working. It depends on the kitchen, but you can often get away with only providing minimal attention to loading the dishwasher and collecting dishes.


Extra attention can be spent listening to podcasts, and even reading during slow hours. Most restaurants will have slow periods, which can easily afford you several hours a day left up to your own devices. There are many other side-benefits to washing dishes to discuss… But it all depends on finding a good kitchen!

The quality of any dishwashing job will depend on the establishment and kitchen crew. Kitchens are close quarters and high-pressure environments- don’t jump into a part-time job where you’ll be yelled at or harassed. Not even crypto is worth that!

As a dishwasher, an ideal kitchen will be clearly organized with a non-slip mat under your station. The dish machine may be your sole companion for the whole shift, so it should hopefully be in good shape. Look for clean drains on the floor and at least some softer cleaning materials and gloves for your own hands. Go easy on the bleach!

Although the kitchen is a close-quarters work space, the dishwasher can often resemble a lone wolf in the pack. It depends on the nature of the duties. But often, the dishwasher’s tasks will be split between cleaning, sorting, and bussing the dishes. That’s what the dishwasher does, it’s your own thing, because everyone else does the food.

Another benefit as a dishwasher, however, is proximity to the food. Restaurants have great food, and dishwashers often have last pick at the night’s food. Even if food benefits aren’t directly stated in the contract, it’s inevitable that food will find it’s way to interested kitchen workers.

Most of the time food benefits are explicitly stated, however, and it’s very rare that they aren’t included with your pay. This often includes drinks! This can be a start to a beautiful social life, as there isn’t a better place to have one than with around good food and drinks and people you have suffered mutually towards the same cause of getting to said food and drink at the end of the suffering.

Another benefit is tip money! If this is a good part-time crypto-earning gig for you, invest your paycheck in your most confident projects, and use your tip money for a small-cap moonshot investment!

It’s very easy to log ten to twenty hours per week somewhere as a dishwasher. Earn money, extra tips, food, drinks, podcast time, and a social life, all on a flexible schedule. Find a restaurant you like and apply! And if you get tips on top of your wage remember to save some every week for your favorite low-cap winner.

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