Minnow Investing: Driving as a Side-Grind for More Capital

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Even though self-driving vehicles may undercut any long-term plans to make driving a stable career, the industry at large will have openings through at least the next crypto boom. It only takes a few months to earn even the most advanced certifications, and driving jobs are as independent as they come!

Driving jobs come in all types and sizes, which is why they will likely be around for awhile even though automated vehicles are on the way. Trucking, taxiing, delivery, and field visits are all jobs that allow extra freedoms and privacy during your work hours. You have your own closed-door office, with a window view, and you can listen to whatever you want!


If a solo road-trip doesn’t appeal to you, however, then this job will be a challenge. Day after day of driving, even as a part-time job, will wear on the nerves.

Driving has become very independent and easily accessible though! Download an app like Uber or Flex and start making money when you want. Fit delivery trips between your errands. Pull over and make timely sales if your shitcoins suddenly turn to gold.

If you believe the crypto wave is coming, make your vehicle work for you! There are many ways to make your own driving job. Offer to bring simple flower arrangements to restaurants every week. Be a mystery shopper through a group of companies. Sign on as a servicing agent to inspect properties. All of these are simple positions and only require a car to start!

My own car is a piece of junk. It’s a 1998 Honda Accord, but the engine still fires every time. For me, this is still a valuable asset if I’m able to run it into the ground. I might earn $1,000 from selling it, but I can earn a lot more by putting it to work.

Use what you have minnows! A working vehicle is a very valuable asset no matter the shape its in. Use it to make a side-gig that works for you.

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Thanks very much! More side-gigs on the way. I'm focusing on jobs that you can "stack," as in you can pursue other money-making activities simultaneously while earning during the gig being discussed. Thanks for reading!

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