Minnow Investing: Defeat Restlessness and Make Smart Buys

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It’s still the season to buy, but the bull could be just around the corner…

One reason I find myself making bad purchases is out of plain restlessness. The crypto market is fast and exciting, and not being grounded in your timing can take the feet out from under your profits.

The anticipation of a coming boom also aids in a higher degree of restlessness. For instance, it might be difficult to not see a small bump as the begging of a huge boom. Patience is a pure and true virtue, and in the crypto market it will lead to gains more reliably than anything else. Restlessness is the enemy of patience. Here are some ways to defeat restlessness:

  1. Physical activity- get out and burn off some energy. This is the surest way to make yourself calm and clear-headed if you’re unsure of a crypto purchase. Come back from a walk and look at the chart one more time before buying in, if you do.

  2. Eat something with flavor- have some strong cheese or something with spice. Seriously, this helps. Distract yourself with something pleasing and interesting for just a moment, and then come back to making your decision to buy. Self-torture with sour candies is a quick and effective method.

  3. Go somewhere new- this might not be a quick fix, but it will be one of the strongest weapons against restlessness. A new experience and fresh surroundings will change you and your perspective, and rather than ruminating on a crypto purchase it can help you see it from a new angle.

  4. Practice a hobby. Taking the next steps in something you like other than crypto can advance your perspective in the same way traveling or doing something new can.

  5. Have a night out- have you ever felt after a good long and possibly inappropriate conversation that you have been renewed or given some sort of new lease on things? Dancing can do this also:

Work the nervous energy out, and buy smart, minnows!

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