Minnow Investing: Easy Money in Apps

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People are throwing money at us through apps, fellow minnows!

Given the huge gains possible in a crypto bull market, any small profit made in the present bear market can be used to be hugely profitable in the future. This can be a good time to re-evaluate any small earning opportunities, such as phone apps, with at least modest returns for your time.

There are a huge number of phone and tablet apps available, and there are very few that are actually worthwhile. This article will cover the few that have actually earned me reliable money.


Spar- The first worthwhile app, Spar, also has a bonus of keeping me accountable for being in shape and taking care of myself. Spar is a competitive habit app where users compete for small bets for activities like daily journaling, working out, and other activities you might do daily anyway. You can win any amount in a challenge, I once won $50 for building a habit of daily meditating. Overall I have averaged 40 cents per check-in on Spar, which is well worth the time for doing things I would do anyway. I’ve seen some users that average over a dollar per check-in! For now, this app is for Apple users only.

Ready game – Every 2 days a new game is posted to ReadyGame, and the players that post scores within the top 20% win a share of a reward. This is a brand new app, and there is talk of the payout structure changing to a tiered system for higher rewards. Practice rounds can be used until you’re ready to take your one chance for a high score. This game is a nice distractor while waiting for something- I will practice for a few days during breaks between work sessions, and then take my shot at the top 20%, and so far I’m faring well! Payouts have ranged from $2.50 per game to over $5.

Payver - This app is gold if you drive for work. A I love finding apps that can stack with other money-making activities, so two or more streams of income are possible to work at once. Payver is simply a recording of the view forward from your car as you’re driving. Mount your phone to your dash, record your drive, and upload the video to receive cash. Roads that you haven’t driven on before are worth more than roads you’ve already uploaded.

Presearch – This app pays out in a cryptocurrency called PRE, which is currently valued at 5 cents in U.S. dollars. It’s a search engine with a choice to filter your search through the Google engine as well as many others, like DuckDuckGo. Each search nets you .25 PRE, which can be sold on the market. By simply changing my search engine page from Google’s search to Presearch.org, I’ve managed to rack up $35 in PRE, and I’m using the same search algorithm either way. I might as well get paid!

Perksy – take surveys for under 2 minutes each. Once your survey is complete you will receive notifications for the next. Each survey is worth between 30 cents to a dollar. It may not be much now, but invest right and these surveys could be worth much more!

Drop – While this app has only netted me $20 over 3 months, I didn’t have to do a single thing to earn it other than download the app and enter an address to receive funds. Drop earns you cash back on purchases at particular stores, and many are large chain stores you might likely visit often.
Spent – This is another totally passive cash back app, just like Drop. Spent covers stores that Drop doesn’t so sign up for both for double coverage. The earnings will start trickling in, and you just have to be ready to cash out when you feel the crypto bull market approaching!

These seven apps have paid me real money, and I barely had to do anything extra to earn it! Even better, the money I earn through them will hopefully be very timely to add as a bonus to my slowly growing stack of cryptocurrency.

Keep swimming minnows!

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