Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | Coin Listings Overview April

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There are many Sports Betting Blockchain projects in development. To keep track of what is going on in the space I try to make a monthly roundup of the listings, price action and news updates.

News Overview

Similar to most months, most Betting blockchain projects are moving forward without showing huge amounts of progress or major news.


Betting against the house on the main net has stopped after March Madness as the team has shifted their focus on the HTML5 wallet which should be way more user-friendly. There was a great article on Medium (Link) with some interesting data on the betting activity on the platform so far and also an interview with the CEO (Link). My confidence in their team is slowly growing again as they are clearly still building their platform and the communication seems a lot better now.

They managed to increase the overall betting volume on their platform steadily as more events were being offered as the chart above (source) shows. I'm looking forward to the HTML wallet and what they will bring next.


We started to use the Bet verification on Blitzpredict for the SBC League and many have joined since. Last month there were only 5 of us who are also active on Scorum which by now has grown to 18 already! I'm hoping our activity with the SBC League can somehow bridge both platforms increasing the number of users on both.

I'm still very much liking what they are doing even though I don't see many reasons for the XBP token to have a big use case right now. They also seem to have integrated their betting exchange on their website where it's now possible to bet in Ethereum using the Augur platform. I still haven't tried it myself and am sticking just to their predictions platform for now.

Anyone who wants to verify their bets and earn some crypto along the way by blogging about it can join in the SBC League. Check this post on how to enter


I have not been too optimistic on Scorum the last couple of months (See previous reports in links below) and it is no real surprise to see that this coin is continued being dumped. I have been making these monthly reports for a year now. SCR was not listed on Coinmarketcap back in April 2018, but it was tradable already and had a price of 0.75$ meaning it dropped over 96% of its value. It would be a steal right now but there is no reason whatsoever to believe this project will succeed the way it is run right now with the devs working on a centralized Sports Book while their existing platform is basically dying. I hope I'm wrong in this tough. I do plan on making a longer post on the price decline and what I believe are some of the major problems of this platform along with things that can be done to possibly solve them one of these weeks.

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)


Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
031(+7)AugurREP227M20.68$ (+35.6%)6.1M
202(+15)WagerrWGR17.8M0.097577$ (+17.1%)62k
209 (-11)GnosisGNO16.4M14.83$ (-1.52%)71k
418(-90)Decent.BetDBET5.77M0.0306$ (-27.1%)11k
485(-25)PeerplaysPPY4.4M0.942$ (+4%)345k
776(+44)StoxSTX1.29M0.024657$ (+58%)35k
866(-99)ScorumSCR836k0.028556$ (-24.7%)14k
972(-49)BethereumBETHER431k0.00147$ (-12.5%)45k
976(+47)BlitzpredictXBP429k0.001166$ (+74.3%)32k
1312(-393)BetterbettingBETR599k0.00331$ (+20%)26$
1949(-13)MarginlessMRS?k0.001467$ (+67.9%)37k
2055(-43)GamblicaGMBC?k0.00087$ (-12.7%)55$

Unlisted Projects

MyedgeMETOdds Compare
PredictEVPEVSteem for
Sportcrypt-Smart Contract
Proof Of TossPOSSports Betting
GrazGRZSports Betting"
Xwin CryptobetXWINSports Betting &
Crypto Sportz-Smart Contract
GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit
Let.BetLBTBetting, Poker &
Goal BonanzaGOALCorrect Score

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Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some more promising project I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !

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