Sport Betting Blockchain | June 2018 News & Price Movements

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I have covered a lot of the Blockchain Projects that aim to "Revolutionise the Sports Betting Industry". This is my Monthly Listings Overview I make that includes some of the news, rankings, price movements, ...

News Overview

Not that much groundbreaking news around the Sports Betting Blockchain projects last month. Augur which is one of the oldest ICO's in the crypto space geared up to go live which made the price increase despite the bear market. (I still have to take a much closer look into this project after finding their beta platform rather confusing many months ago). Wagerr continue their ways with bad communication and lack of an actual product, many of the tokens also don't seems to be tradable now because of the main net token swap. Scorum launched their steemit like blogging website and I have been testing it out along with many other SBC Members. (My overall Impression will follow later). Betterbetting released an android app to bet on the world cup but I have been unable to test it out since I'm using IOS. Blitzpredict also have their website online where you can record your prediction on the blockchain and even sell them. Right now they just seem to copy the Pinnacle odds and there is no sign yet of the sports book aggregator they plan to make. (Peerplays) launced a play money test website I downloaded it to check it out and it very much borrowed the look of betfair.

Overall sentiment was vey bearish and many of the projects lost a big part of their market cap similar to the entire crypto space.

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)

Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
033⬆ (+11)AugurREP399M37.16$ (+1.4%)6.6M
155= (+0)GnosisGNO52M46.78$ (-33%)381k
265⬇ (-9)WagerrWGR24M0.132$ (-26%)10k
342⬇ (-89)Decent.BetDBET16M0.125$ (-46%)33k
362⬇ (-12)PeerplaysPPY15M3.33$ (-33%)334$
475⬇ (-121)StoxSTX8.5M0.201$ (-51%)1.4k
533(new)BetterbettingBETR6.2M0.402$ (-38%)446$
804⬇ (-43)BlitzpredictXBP1.4M0.004$ (-38%)200k
-(new)ScorumSCR??0.220$ (-)161$

Unlisted Projects

There are a lot of projects that are currently too small be listed on coinmarketcap

MyedgeMETOdds Compare
PredictEVPEVSteem for
GamblicaGMBCSports Betting -
Sportcrypt-Smart Contract
Proof Of TossPOSSports Betting
MarginlessMRSSports Betting
GrazGRZSports Betting
Xwin CryptobetXWINSports Betting &
Crypto Sportz-Smart Contract
GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit
Let.BetLBTBetting, Poker &
Goal BonanzaGOALCorrect Score

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I still have to take a closer look at some of the newer projects and will try to find some time to write about them in the next couple weeks. Please let me know if I made any big mistakes or missed some major news (I don't follow each of the projects that closely).


keep giving us list of cool projects thanks 😊

What do you think of Scorum?
Can you tell something about how it is? Do you like it? The rewards? Etc.

I'm actually testing it out right now and will likely write about my user experience somewhere next month. So far it has overall been positive. I was unsure if it was going to be worth my time but being an early adopter without investing anything seems to be worth the gamble so far. With the Steemit Betting Community we have a group of guys there who support each other (the perfect circle jerk upvoting each other). This gives huge benefits early on with something like this. I do still question if there will be enough people willing to pay money for their tokens and am looking out for the betting exchange they will launch.

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