Sports Betting Blockchain | February 2019 Price Movements & News Updates

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There are many Sports Betting Blockchain projects in development. To keep track of what is going on in the space I try to make a monthly roundup of the listings, price action and news updates.

News Overview

Most of the blockchain Sports Betting Projects are moving forward but everything continues to go slowly and overall adoption remains quite limited. Similar to the entire crypto market, prices are still very much linked to what Bitcoin is doing.


This project seems to have been listed on Coinmarketcap. I reviewed this about 11 months ago (See Review). I'm not sure what to think of it right now but I will track it from now on in my monthly table and see how it progresses. Right now it's not something I'm that interested in based on my view when I had a look at it 11 months ago.


I have been wanting to look deeper into this project for a while but keep procrastinating it. Today I finally downloaded their windows app (Link). I will test it all out next month and give an update on my experience in next months market overview. I have never been drawn to Augur of any of the 'Prediction Market' projects as a Sports Bettor and my expectations are rather low. First user experience with the app is also very confusing with a lot of data that needs to be processed first after connecting to the Ethereum network. It is by far the biggest project in terms of market cap that relates to sports betting.


I have not been using Wagerr anymore lately because their platform is just really bad when it comes down to being user-friendly. I bought a new pc The period for the token swap between the Waves platform and their main net expired on February 16th and everyone who did not convert their tokens pretty much lost them. They are also working on a lightweight HTML 5.0 interface to place bets which would hopefully make the entire platform more accessible.


Where do I start on this betscorum for this month. They have by far the best betting platform from a technical point of view with a huge potential to actually get adopted even with the markets right now not being favorable. Yet everything seems to be done right now to throw away the first mover advantage and chase the actual sports bettors who were using the betscorum away (See Volume Report). I stick to my current view that they really have a lot of skill when it comes down to building and coding but simply lack when it comes down to marketing and overall vision. To me, they are also clearly not sports bettors themselves and don't yet realize how good of a product they have made. It's such a shame and my confidence right now in this project is at an all-time low. I have not fully given up on it yet and have a couple of ideas that could be done to revive betscorum after everyone left and overall betting volumes dropped like crazy. (I plan to pitch one in tomorrows post)

Bookie Pro (Peerplays)


As a Sports Bettor, I'm a fan of this project even though I have not invested in it yet. I have been using their platform to verify predictions and will continue to do so. They seem to be able to attract real sports bettors and the devs give updates on a regular basis. Their own betting exchange and sportsbook aggregator is not ready yet and they are not yet at the stage where any marketing is needed. I will continue to closely follow this project. Anyone who wants to start tracking their own bets on the Ethereum blockchain can do so by making an account on and send an email to [email protected] asking to get added to the list of tipsters.

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)

Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
038(+18)AugurREP142M12.99$ (+10.8%)2.7M
191 (-13)GnosisGNO14.8M13.41$ (+14%)21k
196(+4)WagerrWGR14M0.063$ (+25.2%)4k
377(-64)Decent.BetDBET5.35M0.032$ (-11.3%)8k
484(-24)PeerplaysPPY3.2M0.699$ (+2.3%)294k
620(-31)ScorumSCR1.8M0.061$ (+11.6%)36k
797(-48)StoxSTX820k0.0158$ (+5.9%)26k
880(+44)BetterbettingBETR553k0.0031$ (+7.6%)26k
972(-119)BethereumBETHER311k0.00098$ (-34.7%)70k
979(-67)BlitzpredictXBP303k0.00082$ (-3.17%)26k
1845(New)MarginlessMRS?k0.001777$ (-)95kk
1938(-)GamblicaGMBC?k0.0010$ (+41%)4k

Unlisted Projects

MyedgeMETOdds Compare
PredictEVPEVSteem for
Sportcrypt-Smart Contract
Proof Of TossPOSSports Betting
GrazGRZSports Betting"
Xwin CryptobetXWINSports Betting &
Crypto Sportz-Smart Contract
GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit
Let.BetLBTBetting, Poker &
Goal BonanzaGOALCorrect Score

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Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some more promising project I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !

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