Sport Betting Blockchain | August 2018 News & Price Movements

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This is a Monthly Overview I make on the Sports Betting Blockchain Projects that are under development tracking some of the news, listings and price movements.

News Overview

The bears continues to rule the crypto markets and most pices have come down a lot since the last time I made this list see here. No new projects have been listed on exchanges for as far as I can see. Both Wagerr and Scorum seem to have outperformed the market while Betterbetting got absolutely burried losing 80% of it's value. Wagerr have been more active on their twitter and seem to claim that they are "nearly ready". Scorum has now also been added to Coinmarketcap and continues it's development. I can't find a direct reason why Betterbetting lost 80% of it's value, but the project still seems to be active and alive. No major game changing news came in last month in general when it comes down to all these projects.

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)

Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
040(-7)AugurREP194M37.16$ (-53%)14M
130 (+25)GnosisGNO35M46.78$ (-32%)146k
206(+59)WagerrWGR20M0.132$ (-17%)33k
309(+33)Decent.BetDBET11M0.125$ (-30%)121k
451(-89)PeerplaysPPY6M1.38$ (-58%)47k
528(-53)StoxSTX4.3M0.088$ (-56%)1.4k
785(-252)BetterbettingBETR1.2M0.0077$ (-81%)1.9k
877(-74)BlitzpredictXBP700kM0.002$ (-50%)71k
-(-)ScorumSCR??0.176$ (-20%)1.3k

Unlisted Projects

There are a lot of projects that are currently too small be listed on coinmarketcap, most of these likely won't make it in the longer run.

MyedgeMETOdds Compare
PredictEVPEVSteem for
GamblicaGMBCSports Betting -"
Sportcrypt-Smart Contract
Proof Of TossPOSSports Betting
MarginlessMRSSports Betting"
GrazGRZSports Betting"
Xwin CryptobetXWINSports Betting &
Crypto Sportz-Smart Contract
GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit
Let.BetLBTBetting, Poker &
Goal BonanzaGOALCorrect Score

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With the start of the new betting season, I have been rather busy and these Crypto betting projects are a bit off my radar. I am mainly looking forward for Wagerr, and Scorum to release their betting platforms to try them out.

Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some new promesing project I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !

Hey @costanza, thanks for mentioning PredictEV in your post! We just announced that our public testnet is live, in case you’d like to check it out.

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