Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | Coin Listings Overview April

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I have covered a lot of the Blockchain Projects that aim to "Revolutionise the Sports Betting Industry" but haven't been fully up to date with which ones are allready listed and tradable on some of the exchanges. Today I took some time to make a complete as possible list of the current state of the market and put it into a couple tables including all the token names. (I inted to do this on a monthly basis from now on)

Fully Listed Coins

RankProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol

Unranked tradable Coins

ProjectTokenPrice24h Vol

Available Exchanges & Charts

Augur Exchanges

Bittrex | Upbit | Kraken | Poloniex | Ethfinex | Liqui | LATOKEN | HitBTC | IDEX | ...

Gnosis Exchanges

Bittrex | Upbit | Kraken | LATOKEN | Poloniex | Liqui | HitBTC | ...

Wagerr Exchanges

Waves | Yobit | Crex24 | Tidex

Peerplays Exchanges

RuDEX | Livecoin | Bitshares

Stox Exchanges

HitBTC | Liqui | | OOOBTC | Bancor Network | Kucoin | Qryptos | CoinExchange | ...

Decent Bet Exchanges

Cryptopia | HitBTC | YoBit

Betterbetting Exchanges

Hitbtc | IDEX | ForkDelta

Goal Bonanza

Livecoin | Mercatox | ForkDelta | ForkDelta | IDEX


Openledger DEX

Ongoing ICO Sales

Proof of TossTOSS

Ended ICO Sales (Not Tradable Yet)

Xwin CryptobetXWIN
Let BetLBT

Upcoming ICO Sales


I still have to take a closer look at some of the newer projects and will make posts about them in the next couple weeks. Please let me know if I made any big mistakes or if you know of any other projects that I overlooked...

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is there any that you've invested in that you really see the potential? Hard of course when theres so many.

I don't see any of these projects 'take over the world' for now but do strongly believe there will one day be something as big as Betfair on a blockchain. I only got 2 small investments myself right now.

Wagerr at around 0.10$
(Didn't know better back when I bought it, I do like the idea but the team has not really proven themselves, they should be one of the first to have an actual working product before the World Cup Starts-
Betterbetting at around 0.06$
(One of the few projects that seem to understand the asian betting markets and what more professional players look for. They also have an eye on switching to EOS if needed. Very low cap and high risk / high reward coin though)

I've got a Wagerr node running so i hope it'll do well. The recent email about them having something up and running before the World Cup was good considering there haven't been any updates from the team recently.

Hope to check out some of these other projects. Looking for an ordinary sports book with a cheaper funding token than bitcoin.