Minnow Support Project- This week's winners build community! A new animated GIF to share!

"Give a minnow an upvote and they'll eat for a day. Give a minnow a resteem and they'll eat forever."
Ancient Steemit Proverb

Hello Minnows!
I recently hit 1,000 followers and broke into the top 125 authors on Steemit. It had a lot to do with @kaylinart and @fyrstikken resteeming one of my posts.
it got me thinking...

What if I could help my followers like @kaylinart and @fyrstikken helped me!?! It's pretty easy to do. All I have to do is resteem my followers! What if I could get them a reward too!?! And the Minnow Support Project was born!

What are the rules?

For every 100 upvotes I'll resteem a follower's post
To be able to get a resteem simply link your post (or a referral if you want) in the comments section. Make sure there are at least 3 days left on the post rewards because I'm not going to resteem until Thursday.
The first resteem is the post that gets the most upvotes.
The second resteem is the post I think is best based on a criteria of promoting Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.
Third and up are based on upvotes as well.
Getting upvoted by bots doesn't count.

What counts as a minnow?

If you have less than 500 followers and less than 5,000SP at the time you post then you're a minnow that's eligible for the resteem and the reward!

Who won last week’s contest?”

Find the contest here: https://steemit.com/minnowsupportproject/@aggroed/minnow-support-project-weekly-minnow-resteem-liquid-post-rewards-to-contest-winners

Two great stories about growing the community!

First Place comes from @timoshey on exploring Ibadan in Nigeria on Children's Day- https://steemit.com/story/@timoshey/my-children-s-day-experience-an-eye-opener

Second place goes to @swolesome thoughts on introducing new people to the steemit family https://steemit.com/steemdev/@swolesome/ned-has-spoken-promoting-steem-through-card-tournaments-and-basketball

I have a few extra resteems I'll do throughout the day!

Here are some notable resteems I'll do to help out as well!

Helping with some STEEMIT TIPS we have @nomad88 https://steemit.com/steemit/@nomad88/steemit-a-marathon-not-a-sprint
Thoughts on the market from @lighteye https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@lighteye/bitcoin-of-coins-and-bubbles

Detailing a sharp increase in autism in South Korea we have @tremendospercy- https://steemit.com/health/@tremendospercy/autism-rates-in-the-usa-are-frightening-however-south-korean-numbers-are-worse-where-is-the-outrage

I want to help @theprophet0

So, he's the youngest Steemer we have on the witness list. He's a minnow. He wants to go to STEEMFEST. I think he's a great candidate to support! So, I recently announced a $200 SBD gift to the travel fund. I'm going to ask that it goes to @theprophet0. He's putting out a crowd funding campaign so I'm including that here too. So, check him out and help him out.


Sweet Gifs!

This one comes from @liberty-minded

Please support my witness campaign. There are 8 dead witness accounts above mine. I promise to do a better job than them. Please support my witness campaign. You can click the link under my profile pic and enter my name below the list of 50.

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I really like the initiative (I would really liked to have gotten involved / benefitted from your support), but I think that this is a shame:

If you have less than 500 followers and less than 5,000SP

Just because people, such as myself, invested in STEEM (and powered up) it doesn't mean that we (us pseudo-dolphins) don't struggle on the platform...


Rules are meant to be broken. If you can submit something on Monday that promotes peace, abundance, and liberty I'm all ears.




You're telling me.

I just started Pixel Art Weekly, a weekly pixel art contest that runs from Mon to Friday, with Sat & Sun open to voting.
It may be to late to get in on this, in which case I'll try again next week. However, if it's not too late...this week, as of writing this, there is only a single contestant and she also happens to be a brand new member. It would be awesome to get some flow on this post to jack up her prize...it would be one amazing "Welcome to Steemit"
I hope you consider sharing....


Sorry....I found three different posts about this so I replied to each one.... Wasn't sure which one I was supposed to comment on.

Thanks a lot @aggroed for the reward. I appreciate what youre doing. I followed you and i've supported your witness campaign.
Keep doing good.


No problem! Great article! Please support the Minnow Support Project. Upvote, resteem, and share congrats with future winners!

I do not know if the meets your criteria of promoting Peace, Abundance, and Liberty but I thought is was worth sharing. Thanks for all your do for Steemit.


Next contest is Monday! hang on!


Thank you... I am still new at this.

Good luck! I've tried to get this happening, hope you have better luck than I did. Upvoted (as always)


Thanks Rich!

Thank you for offering this incredible offer, resteemed

Thank you man! I was just researching how many judges I'd need for my steem mtg tournament. You're the best.

Resteemed my friend, I think it is an awesome thing you are doing. Good luck on your run for witness


Thanks a ton ray!

Congrats to last week's winners! I like the ancient proverb. lol good stuff
Keep it up aggroed, us minnows appreciate what you are doing!

Thanks for the mention @aggroed! Some great work you're doing here with the Minnow project!

Resteem on!

Good idea! Thank you @aggroed!
Can I get your support?
Have a nice day!


Link your posts on monday's into the Minnow Support Project contest.

RESPECT (fist bump) @aggroed

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "minnowsupportproject" TAG (hashtag)


Thanks for the mention @aggroed. Keep Steeming!