What Better Way to Support Minnows 🐟 than to Curate them?! @MSP-Curation a Minnow Support Project Initiative!

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Supporting Manual Curation Every Day!

One way to support the minnows that The Minnow Support Project has is through multiple curators who select five minnows every day of the week to highlight them. In this way, MSP can promote content creators in Steem and, in fact, reward them for doing a good job. These curators have different categories in which they focus and different days in which they curate.

Curations occur with the @MSP-Curation account and it comes with a follow up vote from our main account @minnowsupport and in the case of Isaria also uses @MSP-Music in some of her curations, each curator chooses 5 posts a week to vote and one of those posts chosen by each curator is also resteemed by the main account of MSP @MinnowSupport that has more than 20,000 followers which helps to increase its exposure to a larger audience, all this in addition to being included in the corresponding curation compilation post that each curator makes weekly.

You can follow our curation trail and help us support amazing content from minnows! here is a Tutorial on How To Do It

Our Curators!

On Sundays



Pennsif's Sustainability Curation Digest for MSP

Pennsif is not only a wonderful DJ at MSPWaves he also has a wonderful charity project called @ADollaraDay and does the curation that has to do with sustainability every Sunday, if you know about a post that have to do with the topic that need a little love let him know in the comments!

On Mondays



Weekly Curation from MSP 🐟 for the Hispanic Community // Curación Semanal de MSP 🐟 para la Comunidad Hispana!

Victoria's is our spanish speaker moderator so it made sence she curates the commun ity she knows best! on mondays she picks 5 post from undervaluted authors in spanish.


Isa Music

Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation

Isaria makes the list 3 times cause she loves to curate! she is also one of our moderators at PALNet and on mondays she does the music curation.

On Tuesdays



Makinstuff's Weekly Maker Curations

Makinstuff is one of our MSPWaves Dj's and he dedicates his curations to find some great maker/diy content.

On Wednesdays



ScaredyCatGuide's Weekly Money & Crypto Curation

Scaredycatguide is too one of our MSPWaves Dj's and he does his curations finding awesome content on the Money and Cryptocurrency tags.



Space Stace Curation

What do Stacey Jean curates? well that is a surprise every week, she chooses various themes at random!!.

On Thursdays



Clayboyn's Curation Corner

Clay is another one of our awesome moderators who happens to be an MSPWaves Dj as well he focus his curations on philosophy and psychology.



Working Title (MSP Creative Writing Curation)

Karen does have a talent to find some of the most amazing writers on steem for her curations.

On Fridays


ocean of art

Ocean of Art! Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists

Julia is not only one talented artist herself she is also one of our beloved moderators and she makes her job to find the most beautiful art ever single week for her curations.


Isa Helpie/minnow

Helpie / Minnow Support Cat Curation Extravaganza!

Isa's 2nd entry on the curators list comes hand and hand with @helpie and a bunch of cats, she is a cat lady herself so it only makes sense she lets her cats do her curations, they do have awesome curations abilities!

On Saturdays


New Steemians

Curating New Steemian Introductions for MSP

Doing probably one of the most important curations we have is Ma1ne, he is also a moderator in our team and he focus his curations on making new steemians feel welcome on the blockchain!


Isa Music & Art

Msp Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat!

And finally, Isa again (she really like curating) and this time she has a contest to add to her curations, in this she also uses The Msp Music & Art account to manually curate artistic posts and it also gives automatic upvotes to those who delegate to it. in order for you to get a chance to get curate by her on this day you need to follow her and her cat rules and submit your link on the comments of her post, submissions must be original creative works: music, art, poetry, fiction, photography, etc.

Thank you for reading, The Moderator Team of Minnow Support Project!

Picture Credit: Banners for the curators (Victoria, Julia, Markin Karen and Stace) were made by @zaxan!

Minnow Support Project, if you are not yet on the community what are you waiting for?? CLICK below!!!

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Thank you for your support for minnows

A big shout out to all of the @minnowsupport and @msp-curation curators!

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