Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks!

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Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks

Every week, each of the MSP Community Curators choose 5 posts to curate using the new MSP-Curation Account!

They also choose their favorite to be featured in this weekly post as well as resteemed on the Minnow Support Account!

From our Music Curator, @isaria

Live in Lakes: Pursuit by Gaandharva
by @musiccircle

From our Art curator, @juliakponsford

Abstract Creative Process #2 by @openmindopen

From our Fiction/Poetry Curator, @sunravelme

pawsome and wonderpurr- two Poems -Day 23 of the steemitschool 100 day writing challenge by @d-pend
by @tygertyger

From our Science/Technology Curator, @jrswab

The blockchain truth about steem and DTube by @jefpatat

From our New Steemian Curator, @ma1neEvent

Heya Steemit! I'm joining you in the revolution! Sculpt Your Life! by @ceres.outpost

From our Finance/Crypto Curator, @scaredycatguide

Next exchange: for many reasons your new exchange! by @futuredigicoin

From our Philosophy/Psychology Curator, @clayboyn

The Collective Consciousness by @stevedn3

From our Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Curator, @creativesoul

Growing Impatiens for the Shade Garden by @sunscape

From our Sustainability Curator, @carpedimus

TWO amendments we use to feed our soil...and GROW STRONG PLANTS! ROCK DUST and WORM POO! by @rawutah

From our Life Curator, @rouguebot

Curation Rewards Explained|HOW to Vote-WHEN to Vote-When to STOP...SIMPLE & EASY Explanation.. by @elsiekjay

From our Photography Curator, @jfolkmann

Red umbrella in a pagoda of Burma by @jumartphoto

Thank you for supporting the Minnow Support Project!


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@minnowsupport Wow, the entries are so fantastic. I like all of them with special attention to the piece picked by
From our Fiction/Poetry Curator, @sunravelme
The reason is I have attended once such an Art design training and it was full and creative to produce such an art.

Very good post.

Very nice minnowsunite

Hello, can i apply to be helped? I am a minnow but would like to grow! I post all the time-high quality too! :)


Hi there. Join the discord please https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw . MSP is a discord based community that will help new / small Steemians. :)


Thanks I will check it out now :)

Nice selection.Well done MSP, your effort in developing the platform is very superb.

good job brader

best post my friend ..this is fantastic

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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Thank you so much @minnowsupport for your support.
I really appreciate.