Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks!

Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks

Every week, each of the MSP Community Curators choose 5 posts to curate using the @msp-curation account!

They also choose their favorite to be featured in this weekly post as well as resteemed on the @minnowsupport account!

Huge Thanks to @aggroed and @ausbitbank for recently increasing their delegation to @msp-curation!


From our Music Curator, @isaria

Nick Hans - Green Label Whiskey
by @nickhans

From our Fiction Curator, @gmuxx

My Aëlífa is Dead (a dread fairy tale)
by @arthur.grafo

From our Art curator, @juliakponsford

Destroying my Style by @tomschlaiss

From our Poetry Curator, @sunravelme

Dead Poem Society, Round 3, Contest and Community Building by @prydefoltz

From our Science/Technology Curator, @jrswab

My History: My First Two Computers
by @nedy

From our New Steemian Curator, @ma1neEvent

DJing The Life - The Warm Up
by @bitson

From our Philosophy/Psychology Curator, @clayboyn

You don't mean that, do you? - Comedy Open Mic Round 15 by @samueldouglas

From our Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Curator, @creativesoul

Ulog 010: I helped on the Second Day of Buying the Stuffs needed for the SMILE PROJECT-bringing smiles to STREET CHILDREN
by @morken

From our Sustainability Curator, @pennsif

Heal Your DNA:Secrets Our Ancestors Knew About Good Health by @mother2chicks

From our Photography Curator, @jfolkmann

Portrait. Gerda by @kudriavceva


Thank you for supporting the Minnow Support Project!



Love you guys.

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very good activity, successful greetings @minnowsupport 👍

Felicitaciones a los amigos que fueron selecvionados. ¡Que bendición!

Wow! they all looked very amazing. Beautiful pictures.

good, very good
I like you and follow you @minnowsupport
greetings from @razi04

Wow, these are great picks! 🖤

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Yet another amazing posts from the minnows striving with great ideas. Beautiful to see another appreciation post! I hope one day I’ll be able to have a post worthy to be featured here! hahaha

I like your support approach. Keep it up please. Your witnesses have my vote.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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I'm so happy to be featured here. Thank you @ ma1neEvent ! Starting this new steem journey is an awesome experience. Great community here! Thank you all for the support!

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