DJing The Life - The Warm Up

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For a long time, I had intended to write a book about the things I experienced. I preferred to take care of my great passion and the main activity of financial support for me: DJing

Perhaps I have not understood everything about what is steem, SBD, blockchain, Bitcoin or Discord, but I think I understand one thing that motivates me: this article and those that will follow, will remain here as long as there will be modern world.

I do not need to write a book, I can write instead all characters that want to express my thoughts and they will remain unaltered here! Moreover, I can hope that someone out there can read them if they want and can freely express their opinion about them! These things seem amazing and this is why I am so motivated to start ...

In this series of posts I will have the pleasure to express publicly, in writing, thoughts gathered in the past years about life, people, the world we live in and about myself, enjoying a new personal discovery which began a passion for me: blockchain.

It is the first time I write for the public, I have not done that before. But I knew all along that at some point in life I will leave something written somewhere what I think and now I'm sorry I did not start earlier to do that. I had never had a blog or vlog, social media networks that I have used so far does not seem to me to be a good environment for writing, but here this platform has managed to convince me to start. Perhaps this community of people with original ideas so open-minde managed to push me toward the beginning.

I recently discovered what Aristotle said about beginnings: "The Beginning Seems to be more than half of the whole." When I first looked at this statement based on my life before, I concluded that almost always seems so. You take a step and start the way and then you just have to observe the route to the finish. But the most difficult is to start!
Now I started! There is no turning back! The road will open in front of me and I will not stop until only when I am satisfied with the destination where I will get.

"DJing the Life" will be my series of posts in which I will analyze life and the world we live in stories inserting stories and personal opinions. I can not figure out how you will get this mix, or remix of thoughts and ideas expressed by a person who never wrote at a professional level, but I hope to find among you some readers that will understand my thoughts. Most likely will be the people active in the arts and related to entertainment and musical life, but this I will definitely find out by following your feedback.

In today's post, to reach the main topic I will introduce in the mix three very important words to me: passion, love and music. There are three words around which we can discuss many hobbies but professions also. I choose, obviously, today to talk a little about the DJ profession.

What is a DJ?

It is hard to give an exact definition and I do not think it is necessary but broadly, the DJ is the one transmitting prerecorded to an audience.
We have a vague definition but which I think is enough for now. Although I do know that in a future post I will go into more detail and better clarify this issue, that's because there are so many types of DJ that those who want to know more about this will be will be satisfied. Today is enough to agree that all DJ's of any type they may be, share a love for music. But how you get to be a DJ?
From passion!

In our society, there are many unconventional profession. The DJ profession is one of them.
The pleasure to work actively with music just for entertaining a specific audience is a unique pleasure that only certain people will feel it in this life. Those are the DJs!
Now you can think that your job is the same special isn`t that right? Certainly is interesting especially if you like it, and you're an extremely happy person if you get to practice the profession you love. Most people do not get in their lives to do so! Being misled by the family or by their background ends up being something else than they would like or simply never get to find the job that they would be suitable for real, because they let themselves stolen by a fake game that went in unwillingly, and never again try to uncover their true vocation.

Another category of people discover their talent or develop some passion for what they like but get to put that passion into the background in their lives, at a level of the hobby because they have not the courage to take a change. How many times have you heard talented people or passionate by particular area but say it is too late for them to become professionals in that field?

When you become a professional DJ?

If you like a certain job you get to assume it. Getto says: "I'm a doctor", "I'm an architect" or "I'm a dressmaker". That moment when it happens to feel inside you that the job is one that you like and you are satisfied with your results in that area, when you see that people really appreciate your work and not think about than what you can improve in that job, then you are a professional. If in some fields you have to justify your job using diplomas obtained through examinations in the field, in which it implies the existence of an artistic act, the diploma is not always required. The public is the only one who decides if your artistic act is valuable or not. As far as I'm concerned I got to get diploma certifying the qualification in DJing, long after I felt already that I am a professional, I considered that my diploma was just a personal pride.

Mental assuming of a profession will lead you to a higher level, that of lifelong learning in that area. This step is probably the most important, and those who get to make it will live their lives more beautiful, likely practising at a professional level that job ..

I am going to tell you how I got to be a DJ and to reveal more secrets of this wonderful profession. This will happen next in this series.
Until then I invite all producers of original music who want me to introduce their creations in STEEMIX (my series of live original music mixes on DSound) to contact me on Discord.

I will not conclude without thanking my partner @Laviniatherapist for helping with the professional translation of this article from Romanian into English.

Waiting for your messages and I invite you to watch other topics related to music, DJ gear, lights and events that you can find on my profile.

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Hey man :) Great you have already heard about @dsound - It might be great for you! Resteeming you for some exposure, maybe this helps you out a little!

Thank you very much!

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Hi from SOLA and welcome on Steemit. I like the Aristotle's thought! Beginnings are the one that point us in new direction and you can't put a date on them. With that I mean that the beginning can take longer than a week or few months. You choose the right platform to share your stories. But firstly write them for yourself, it doesn't matter if you haven't written before. If you like the article and feel proud of it that is what matters. I look forward to the next post 😉

Thank you for the kind words @wnfdiary

Welcome, it's always nice to have even more music related people here!

Great to see a fellow DJ joining the community! I also have that same NS6 mixer lol was cool to see you using it too!

I would like to feature your introduction post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind!

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I think I've seen someone else with the Numark NS6 around but I don't remember exactly the user...The next controller for me will be the new Pioneer DDJ SX3 :)
I'm happy you want to feature me. Go for it!
See you around.

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You are great as a DJ.

Thank you!