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STEEM IS BEAUTIFUL because of Steemians like you. It is YOU, my dear steemians that make our steem society what it is. Please, resteem the post so others may get involved supporting our new members. The reason I put my time and effort creating these daily posts is to make a difference for the new members on Steemit and hope this will influence others to do the same. Reaching out to minnows is a Win/Win effort. When we show kindness to others we are uplifted.
In advance > Thank you for clicking on each minnow's url or @ name and Upvote > Follow > Resteem > Comment on their posts. Let them know what you are doing. Most will return the good will. It is YOU, my dear steemians that makes our steem society what it is.





Alexander Hamilton, aka @alexleehamilton joined June 2017
from Caracas, Venezuela . Alexander is ► a Skydiver
►Photographer ► Venezuela Teacher ► Photography
►Active protester in Venezuela ► Private College Counselor






Mateusz, aka @caenorhabditis Joined June 2017 from Poland.
He's ► a Genetics student ► Getting a Bachelor's Degree
►Likes Science ►Biology ►Genetics ►Funny
►Enjoys Music and ► Watching TV






Anna Bernhard, @anna.bernhard joined June 2017
from Stockholm, Sweden
►24 years old ►Photography ► travel ►art lover
►Personal fitness instructor






aka, @transformu joined June 2017
lives in Florida, USA but originally from Trinidad
►Entrepreneur ► Fitpro ►Networkmarketer ►Affilate






Cihangir, nickname CK aka Cryptobase.io aka @freakyfriday
joined June 2017 from The Netherlands
►Photography ►Food Fun ►Cryptocurrency ►Blockchain
►Loves Philosophy ►Reads Science ► Talks About Multiverse
►Quantum Physics ►Spirituality ►Passionate About Traveling
►Enjoys Meditating►Fitness ►Healthy Lifestyle with Adventures



THANK YOU, again, for all your support and making steemit so successful.
If you missed these beautiful minnows please visit and give them your two cents (or more.)



I have to confess that is makes me feel very happy to know that there are people in this community from which we can learn from, not only content but also values.

It has been very motivating to begin to use steemit and get to know people from all over the world. We are all citizens of the world and with platforms like steemit we are improving and breaking bounderies.

Thank you so very much for featuring me on your blog and post!

Your words are both powerful and inspirational. Thank you for all you do on steemit. I see you will be a good example and important influence on Steemit. Many thanks for supporting the new members on this list with you. We do make a difference in how beautiful steem is.

@steemisbeautiful my buddy, steem is beautiful because of good folks like you doing a good job here. I am so glad that you featured me last 2 and half weeks when I joined. Now see am improving daily with 600+ followers and reputation growing.
Welcome my new buddies : @freakyfriday , @transformu (great) , @anna.bernhard (wow) , @caenorhabditis and @alexleehamilton. Steem is great because you will be rewarded if you put in efforst. Success to you guys and stay in touch.

Thank you dear charles. You are so faithful to make steem beautiful. I wish 7 times blessings in all you do.

Amen my buddy, amen and you too.

Posting is very interesting and motivate everyone. That is one of the reasons why I joined in steemit. Since I joined in steemit I have started to write rather smoothly. A job I left behind since college. Besides that I also have started trying to take photos although the results are still disappointing. Maybe i will try to be creative to make simple animation. I hope support from abda. Best regard

That is excellent and I know there will be more past interests > talents and passions you'll be sharing and excelling in.
I am working on another list and will feature you along with 4 others, Nadil. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visiting the new members on the list.

You always highlight the good stuff 👍
There are so many new blogs everyday , good to have a service like that.

We all do what we can. I thank you for visiting and supporting the new members. I means so much to me.

Thank you for sharing these people @steemisbeautiful. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you so much, @enjar You are always so faithful in supporting new members. This doesn't get overlooked. "Steem Is Beautiful" loves leaders of influence on steemit.

Third place ^_^ !! Love it !! Thank you !! Upvoted !!

Hello new friend.
There are no 3rd place or 2nd, 4th or 5th. There are only 1st. We are all equal and it's only #3 because that is how I found you. It's all very random. So, that makes you #1 with all the rest. We all have value with different gifts, passions and interests and that's is why steem is beautiful. Stay creative and remember to support your fellow minnows new members by visiting and supporting them. Let them know what you are doing so they will support you in return.
We succeed in supporting the largest numbers on steemit. We are those numbers Minnows United

Oky @steemisbeautiful ! I understood ! Thank you !! :* I will suport everyone i can ! Im newbie here i need to leard :D ! And of course i will let you know everything :* !

🙌🏻cheers to all the great posts out there and the time and effort all the creators put into their work!⭐️

Cheers, indeed. Don't you love the gift economy?

Who doesn't! ☺️

Thank you for including me in this post! I hope I will contribute to the community.
I'll try to post about Genetics, serial killers and some movies/TV series I like, so feel free to follow and comment. Have a nice day everyone :)

You are most welcome and thank you for visiting and supporting the new members on this with you. That's what it's all about and what makes minnows new members successful on steemit.
All your interests sound interesting. There is a following in the sciences.
Yes I am following you, already. Stay creative and support your fellow steemers.

Clicked on the links, and you are so welcome, ill get some money and donate... its not like its a lot so why not :D

That is what makes steem so beautiful.
Appreciate your time and all you do on steemit.

Drum roll ... ba dum tss ! Another great post. Thank you for taking the time to put this together @steemisbeautiful ! Keep it up :)

Trumpets, please... ba dum tss! Another great supporter of minnows. I am grateful for your time in commenting and visiting each new member on the list. This is how we all keep steem beautiful > Our actions of love and support towards one another, especially our new members minnows>

I am happy you upvoted and I'm even happier that you visited and supported the new members on the list. Thank you.

introducing these amazing people to the community, awesome

Yes it is all inspiring. I am honored to do so and am very blessed.
Thank you for supporting these new members. We all make a difference in making steem beautiful.

YOU make Steem beautiful :)

I see you in the reflection of your words

Mahalo :)