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STEEM IS BEAUTIFUL because of Steemians like you. It is YOU, my dear steemians that make our steem society what it is. Please, resteem this post so others may get involved supporting our new members. The reason I put my time and effort creating these daily posts is to make a difference for the new members on Steemit and hope this will influence others to do the same. Reaching out to minnows is a Win/Win effort. When we show kindness to others we are uplifted.

In advance > Thank you for clicking on each minnow's url or @ name and Upvote > Follow > Resteem > Comment on their posts. Let them know what you are doing. Most will return the good will. It is YOU, my dear steemians that makes our steem society what it is.





Michael, aka @mikej Joined June 2017 from Michigan, USA.






David, aka @Daydreams4rock Joined June 2017 from Middle Earth. Artist > Philosopher > Prospector > Musician > Garden Designer > Social Commentator


"LIVE well, YOU deserve it NOW."





Mila Demort, aka @milanademort Joined June 2017
from Los Angeles, California, USA.
Traveler, fashionista, crypto enthusiast


" Before I eat I always try to consume ginger lemon shots.."





@walkingkeys Joined June 2017
from Virginia, USA. New to Crypto,
long-time Marketer, Writer, Comedian > and
Small Business Owner. Creative Mastermind,
Prepper and Problem Solver.

Help WalkingKeys help the homeless
Your votes can feed the poor https://steemit.com/steemit/@walkingkeys/steemit-i-could-use-some-help-feeding-the-homeless


*" I'm an eternal optimist that is always looking for ways to help the people around me





Dimarss&Kseniya Blog, aka @dimarss
Joined April 2017 from Ukraine


"I am sure that living - is an art!"


THANK YOU, again, for all your support and making steemit so successful.If you missed these beautiful minnows please visit and give them your two cents (or more.)



This is such a great idea for us newbies. Rock on! Upvoted and followed.

I want to thank you for this project. It truly helps all of the steemit community. Thank you for featuring my wife @breshepard as well. We were so excited when we saw it.

It's true that you are the ones that make steem beautiful. Thank you for supporting minnows on their new adventure here.
I want to congratulate you and Bre on your new arrival coming in October. These are exciting times.

Thank you very much for the kind regards.

Create a "introduceyourself" and I will feature you.

I will certainly do that tonight! You rock!

Thank you for featuring me. This is really cool!

Thank you for all you do to support your fellow minnows. Your engagement makes all this work worth it. Yes, it is you that makes steem beautiful.

Resteem, have a beautiful day!

You too... enjar.

Great project indeed which is helpful for new members like me, this is why steem is beautiful: people like you

Hello Charles, my faithful friend. Many thanks for all your time visiting these minnows. You, surely do make Steem beautiful.

Thanks a lot, however you are my inspiration and you surely make steem great and beautiful!!! lets stay in touch

Hey there, @steemisbeautiful! Do you use the steemitchat? I have a favor I would like to ask, if you don't mind.

What can I do for you I will do. I'm not on chat.

Well, I'm planning on starting three contests, each related to each other, but somewhat different.

The photography contest is a photography contest with a twist.

Since you know of a lot of different users with different abilities, I was wondering if you knew of anyone that might be interested in participating in a photography contest with a twist, a writing contest, and an art contest.

I was also wondering if you'd be interested in participating in these contests yourself.

I'll be posting them up...I'm not sure when. I'm trying to make a banner for the contests but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. So...yeah.

There also are trails on your topic photo-trail and writing-trail
Also the topic and tags are good to find steemers and also use these tags when you do your posts. I will tell some of my friends to follow you who might be interest in your contests. Best to you.

My suggestion is to check on the tags and topics under photography. When you do Look for the photography Trail. I am fairly new to the Trail Curation

Thank you so much for the shoutout! I followed each one. I really appreciate you doing this. You Rock! Steemit is beautiful!

thnx very much for featuring me and i will follow and upvote the others featured too

Thank you so much @steemisbeautiful

Your post made us a delightful&beautiful day!
I'm glad that we all make Steem more beautiful!