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What Makes Steem Beautiful? Steem is beautiful because of YOU!
The world is catching the "Steem Virus". Our planet is discovering the diamond in the rough.

It is YOU, my dear steemians that make our steem society what it is. Please, resteem this post so others may get involved supporting our new members. My reason I put my time and effort creating these daily posts is to make a difference for the new members on Steemit and hope this would influence others to do the same. Reaching out to minnows is a Win/Win effort. When we show kindness to others we are uplifted.

In advance > Thank you for clicking on each minnow's url or @ name and Upvote > Follow > Resteem > Comment on their posts. Let them know what you are doing. Most will return the good will. It is YOU, my dear steemians that makes our steem society what it is.





Matthew, aka @warkak joined June 2017 from Florida, USA
He's a family man who love, love, LOVES to fish any chance he can get.
Matthew considers himself a realist and will tell it like it is.






Bre, aka @breshepard, Joined June 2017 and
a soon to be mom in October 2017.
Congratulations Bre!


"L i f e _ i s _ B e t t e r _ w i t h _ S T E E M E R _ F r i e n d s"





Yvan Ciz, aka @ciz joined May 2017 from Belgium. He's a curious guy who loves to learn about life, new technologies, dance, acting, self-development and workout to name a few.


"I love living and it's highly contagious !
Follow me to discover My World"





Frank Iranshubije, aka @azh from Rwanda To Belgium. "Life is adventure..So grab it now!..We live in life where things go soo..FAST!!!..Sometimes is so scaring but we can do our best to do more,create and go to the next level catch the train of project life!!!!."


"I want to be the man on the line of this time and without regret"





@amarie joined June 2017 from Kentucky, USA.
She's a writer of stories, songs, poetry, papers and blogs about life stuff.


L o v i n g __ t h e __ S t e e m __ L i f e


THANK YOU, again, for all your support and making steemit so successful.
If you missed these beautiful minnows please visit and give them your two cents (or more.)



Youre right. At first a couple of my posts were things i found on the internet and wanted to share. The more i started using Steamit though (only a few days) i realized my personal experiences and opinions on things are what is important, instead of just copy pasta

What kind of projects it it? I want to know more about the details! It looks great! Minnows need support and love from the Steemit community and hope that all of us can make Steemit more beautiful.

This is my first week on Steemit and I am just finding this. Awesome thing you are doing. I just followed each of the people listed in this blog and you as well. I appreciate what you are doing and I am so happy I found this site. Steemit is beautiful.

Welcome and this is wonderful that you are so perceptive of what steemit is all about. I will check your posts. I've done and you are on the next feature list.

Wow! Thank you. I really appreciate it.

@steemisbeautiful if you put me on the feature list, and I would deeply appreciate it, this is the post that I would like to share. I am trying to use Steemit to help me feed local homeless. Any help would be great!


@steemisbeautiful Thank you very much for featuring me! I will continue to help make #steemit great and help others to do so as well. Upvoting and resteeming and visiting the blogs of my fellow minnows! I was already following steemisbeautiful. I love it here. :)

You're welcome, @amarie That is wonderful news about all your efforts supporting minnows. Thank you for your efforts to continue to make steem beautiful. The wonderful thing about what you do is that it's contagious. Bless you.

Follow & Up!

THANK YOU for following up visiting the minnows. You are awesome.

Thank you too for you kind worck!

This is such a cool thing you are doing! Thanks for featuring me! 😄

We all can make a difference for the minnows. All the minnows need is to support one another to succeed. Thank you Bre. Looking forward to your new arrival. Congrats!

Stay Steemisbeautiful!

Beautiful. ..

I just started Steem and I am addicted. I haven't done to many of my own posts. But, the comment sections are amazing. Keep up the inspiration!

Great bunch of new members every day!, this is rising great!

i love the esteemit community!!:O

@kenhudoy joined June 2017...He is from Nigeria and already steeming hot.
Upvoted and following...follow me too for more encouragement...tks

Welcome @kenhuday. Glad you could be with us. Check this out for a great steemit guide: https://www.steemithelp.net

welcome @steemisbeautiful

thanks for the guide...

do check my blog as i sent my first intro post along with a nice joke
will appreciate if you check out the contents if ok and your advice will be appreciated...

Its beautiful because of what follows after the upvote button

I've worked on many sites before steemit like bubblews and many more but 1st time in my life i am not doing copy-paste at all...
i mean i can if i want just i have to put the source in the end but still its fun to be original on steem.. cheers to that and a big thumbs up from my side :)

So awesome. So happy to be here. I just joined today. Best thing I did so far this year, after buying Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Awesome thank you, I am new to steemit (several minutes lol) and it will be nice to create content that is interesting rather than copy/paste

Your beautiful by what you do thank you so much

Yes, magnifique de faire partie du VOYAGE!!!!!!...MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!.."Long live to the S.T.E.E.M.I.T world and community"..peace take care.

Good post , thank you

Interesting post..I like that....