Minnow of The Week Contest #1 Searching for Undervalued Minnows!

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I know how hard it can be to get your blogs discovered when you are new on Steemit. Content discovery is currently one of our biggest issues and because of the insane amount of posts uploaded daily, finding quality authors can be very hard.

That's why I decided to make this contest dedicated to all the hard working minnows out there who are producing quality content but are struggling to get the recognition they deserve.

I think everyone deserves a chance to get their content out there and if you are a minnow that's really putting in the work and making some sweet posts that aren't giving you any payouts, then you are the perfect candidate for this challenge.


Make a post about your Steemit journey, introduce yourself, tell your story ( what is your goal on steemit, what values are you bringing to the community, why you deserve to win)
Include a link to your best post
Title your post Minnow of The Week + (Your desired title)
Use #minnowoftheweek tag so I can find you
Resteem this post and tell your friends to get more minnows joining


SP < 1000
Only 1 entry per account
No spam or begging for votes
Plagiarism is unacceptable and will be punished hard

IMPORTANT: If you got any questions about the contest or steemit in general, please don't hesitate to contact me on discord or SteemitChat name is same as here and I'm always here to help. Looking forward to chatting with you :)


Although you are a minnow until you get 10 Million MV, IMO a minnow is someone with SP less than 1000. Anything more than that and you can't join the challenge, sorry.


  • In a week when this post pays out the contest is over and I'll pick 1-3 winners, depending on the number of total entries.
  • Each winner get's unlimited upvotes for the entire week and a resteem

NOTE: If you win and try to abuse my good will by shitposting three times a day only to get my upvote, you will be removed from the upvote list and maybe even flagged out of existence. I can't stand someone trying to take advantage of my kindness, so please don't!

I'm really looking forward to meeting all under the radar minnows that are valuable members of the community but can't get their posts seen by the bigger fish in the sea. Best of luck to everyone!

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Oh, great opportunity here you make for us, this is great achievement by you, will carry on your platform as performing @runicar

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I would like to take part but already reaching the upper limit :) I would like to recommend @instagoodfood I introduced him to the platform because I think he has great potencial.

You can still join if you are less than 1000 SP, tell your friend to join :)

It is tempting. I am on the platform since August and felt undervalued :) Recently I was noticed by curie so before your post ends, I will be over your limit what is great news for me :) I could not be happier. I worked very hard for this. I will speak to my friend and ask him to join your contest. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope you will stumble on my artwork some day too.

I'm in for this! I'm constantly seeing plenty of shit-posters around receiving a lot of up-votes just because they belong to a certain group of circle jerks!

I find it counter-intuitive to what the platform was supposed to be at the time of inception.

It's been three months ago--but every time I look back I always feel my #introduceyourself so undervalued.

What a great project! Keep up the good work.

I'm really grateful to you for giving us the opprtunity to do this. Gaining recognition is very hard here, and that is what you are offering on a platter of gold...
Let me go and make a wonderful post..

Nice contest...as a minnow i depend on contests for some sbd, so be sure to expect my entry.

I got 2 more contests you can enter, check them out :)

Thank you @runicar for these opportunity to put up these contest and for me to be able to tell my story, off to make my post

Np, man. Looking forward to reading your story!

Waooo nice one am on it.

Thanks @runicar
Getting my content discovered and upvoted has been my greatest challenge here on steemit. Most times it even discourages me. But i will pick confidence from this point hoping to break through using this opportunity. Thanks once again

Have been looking forward for these.i am off to make the post!

Wow... I see things as an opportunity to show the best I can do so far.... Thank you @runicar for this contest

If a good percentage of the dolphins and whales can follow this and care a little about the minnows that are putting in good contents and the minnows caring about the planktons, the community would have been way better

I am definitely taking up this challenge...am on it!

Well done.

That's exactly what I'm hoping to achieve. Glad to have you onboard!

Thanks for this great contest @runicar
May God bless you immediately for this opportunity.

I can not understand, you leave a link to the post with my presentation here?

Nope, just use #minnowoftheweek tag for your post and I will find it

Thanks, I'll try to participate

Awesome initiation.It's really painful to be a minnow, but never give up! Sorry I can't participate:(
All the best everybody!

I'm off to make the post!🤓

Great, looking forward for your entry!

Do you accept international (German) plankton / minnows ? Very good idea !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you can write in English I don't see a reason why you couldn't join. Can't accept German as I don't understand it and can't evaluate quality.

Helo runic, thanks for this great opportunity you have given to us minnows to thrive in the turbulent waters of steemit. This act of kindness will not be forgotten in a hurry and on behalf of other minnows I say THANK YOU

challenge accepted @runicar.

Awesome! Will take time to participate. I love the platform, to make original content, but because I don't have a lot of time to socialize with other stemains a lot and my hard work is often not noticed. Thank you for this opportunity.

I feel your pain. It's really hard to get noticed here. That's why I decided to do this :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ready with the post :D Did not expect to take me the whole day, but was fun creating it :)

Awesome! Did you post it? Because I can't find it.

Yes, I did. here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Very nice and considerate work! You are the best :) I will try attend this activity.

I'm in on this, definitely participating

very useful and what you publish is very good for my personal knowledge, hopefully always keep motivation bro

I really appreciate what you are doing for the community of minnows. Great contest!

Thank you for the recognition and support. Btw I've seen you aren't a minnow but you do some pretty awesome travel posts. I got something perfect for you. Steemit World Map Challenge #2 Everyone wins! It's an initiative to encourage people to contribute their posts to SteemitWorldMap I would appreciate it if you take a look and maybe even contribute your posts to the map :)

What an honour to participate in this contest. Love this project! <3

What an encouragement to discover such contest through my friend's, @gabchik, post! I will ponder the best way to tell my story.

P.S. Thank you again for your comment on my sunrise/telephone pole picture. I looked up geoengineering and had no idea. I did know a little about chemtrails but didn't have the entire of the story. So now I agree...those clouds in my picture are indeed "fucked up."

The world is a fucked up place when you discover to what lengths the leading forces are willing to go for their personal profits. Glad you actually read up on it! Looking forward for your entry!


I look forward to seeing all the great entries, just seeing the responses is a win for me. Here is my entry https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@isteemithard/minnow-of-the-week-i-steemit-hard-steemit-contestant-winner

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Finding Peace Where YOU Are. @bobdurfee

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm a huge fan of your work @runicar. Keep up the good work.
Here is my entry to the contest.

Hi @runicar this is my entry for Minnow of The week contest #1 I found Changes in my lifehttps://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@delpha/minnow-of-the-week-1-i-found-changes-in-my-life-878588a17ef65. Thanks god bless

Here is my somewhat crazy self and my entry: Me in a Nutshell :)


This is a great opportunity to tell my own story about this great platform and the benefits I have derive from it. This my own entry https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@stefancure/minnow-of-the-week-the-talk-of-my-journey-on-steemit

Thank you @runicar for helping the minnows and providing us with this opportunity. Although I saw this post 4 days back, I was waiting for my 50th day on Steemit to participate in this :)
Here's my entry:

I do hope people will enjoy reading it. Thanks @runicar again :)

I am very much new on this platform & I really want new knowledge like this.

Much obliged for this awesome challenge.
Upvoted and resteemed sir

Nice post
thanks for sharing

Please @runicar how can i contact you on discord .. I really need your assistance

Do you have an account on discord?

Yea i do but I really don't know how to use the app

Ya gercekten bu platformda sizin gibiler iyiki var.. keske sayiniz cok daha fazla olsa... Bizim gibi bu platformu yeni kesfedenlere cok cok iyi ayricalik taniyosunuz..insallah bende sizin sayenizde ve kendi emegimle taninir hale gelicem İYiKİ VARSINIZ...

Sorry but I can't read this, you need to write in English if you want us to have a conversation :)

Nice idea - I'm still trying to understand what factors influence how prominent peoples' posts become.

thank you @runicar for putting up these contest and giving me the chance an opportunity to tell my story thanks.

Great thats the spirit we all have a unique story to tell, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a post to make it simple to do just scroll down to 5 on this post Here
Also here is a contest I have going on https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/new-steemit-contest-best-steemit-post-this-week-week-1

off i go to make my post.

This is a very ingenious idea!

Thanks for supporting us little folk. I'll be looking forward toward reading peoples entries.

Now, this one is very interesting
I'm really glad that you really care about this community by throwing a contest to help minnows grow.
Great content and very nice work @runicar

There doesn't seem to be a resteem icon so I don't know how else to resteem this post....

thnk you for this opportunity :) I will do my best. :)

I have made a very limited number of posts here in steemit, and I am still studying their protocols and system here but I find this contest very interesting. Thank you for this quality-blog-making opportunity @runicar.

Here is my entry to the contest https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@urielactub/minnow-of-the-week-the-open . thank you for this

Great am on it

Hello runicar..thank you for having our interest in mind..most of us newbies are really struggling to get our content out to readers..i have enteted the compettion..thank you for this wonderful. Opputunity

Thank you for giving us a voice. My entry in a bit

Thanks for the opportunity boss.

Thanks much for this opportunity.. I appreciate you much

This is a great opportunity for minnows like me am off to make my post

It's a nice way to help minnows :D
Could you see my last post? @runicar
I want people see my artwork but it's too difficult to get notice here haha. Thanks for all your help 😁

I am in for this. Here I come for the contest. It's an amazing opportunity for a newbie like me to get notice on this platform. Thanks for this amazing gesture.

Av always been looking for such a platform, wow! Finally found one. Sitting down for almost 2hrs composing a single post and get nothing from it. I think with this platform, my story will be read. Thanks @runicar for this. My entry in a bit

Apprecaiate the opportunity and am keying in

just sewing this contest now thanks foe this let me run and make my entey

God bless your thoughts @runicar! I've been looking forward to something of this nature. Thank you ma. I'll be back with my story....

The journey has been quite different for each of us, thanks for giving us a chance to share our different stories

Great for the newbies although I'm one but I'll pass this week's contest... Congrats in advance to the winners

What a good way to let the good come out, enough of seeking out upvote bots, and a welcome development to men of your [email protected], that still let us that the principal core of steemit values is value content creation, I for a person is grateful for the unique opportunity. My fingers are up for the type task

Im in, what must "introduce my self" theme ? Or we can join with our journey ?
Like travel/journey story ?

Write a bit about yourself and what you are doing here on steemit, why you would be a good candidate and why you deserve to win.

Be creative :)

Thanks for the opportunity @runicar am in.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

nice. I agree, its really hard to find some audience. Ive been here for months but still low. But still patient.

Been waiting for another contest @runicar. Thank you. Will definitely join. thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for this awesome gesture @runicar.
I'll make sure my post is released soonest and I do hope I make the cut.

Thank you @runicar for such opportunity. You are gold.

Here is my entry:

Thanks @runicar for this amazimg initiative.
heres the link to my entry

Just submitted my first contest entry with you @runicar! thank you for making this apart of your platform. Have a great week everyone!

This is a good opportunity for us newbies in here... thank you for the help, will try to participate in this contest... kudos!!!🤗☺️

Wow, this is nice and encouraging @runicar , am all in, expect my post soon. Thanks for the opportunity.

Extremely decent and accommodating work.You are the best. I will attempt go to this movement.

Wow, huge response. I guess I will have to try extra hard for a decent chance.

It is very commendable thing that you are doing to give minnows like us exposure. I could use the votes but I wanted to pay it forward instead and have made an entry to nominate someone. I hope that it is still valid.

Minnow of The Week # 1 | Who is @valerie15 and why should you care?

Thank you very much for this opportunity. Here’s my entry.
Followed, upvoted, and resteemed

This is a really great contest, @runicar! Thank you for this😊I had a minor episode of feeling undervalued today. This sure lifted my spirits! Thank you!

Thank you for this opportunity. Now we can be heard too. My entry is loading already. Smile

Now thats a great way of thinking ! Am new and I do not htink I coild enter this , alot of people have been here longer than me and need to be discovered ! But this is the way of thinking steemit and I am thrilled to here !

On to the challenge!

Hi @runicar, another great challenge that benefits steemians. Thanks so much, will try to send my best post for this challenge. Especially my sincerest appreciations for the opportunities given as we red fishes are working hard to get to the next level and being noticed here. Have resteemed and upvoted. Wishing you a pleasant day.

Great opportunity though i'm sure, i don't have a shot to win. Haha! Oh well! More chances for everyone!

Great oppertunity

Thanks for the support!! I think begginers have the short end of the stick, but eventually they find their way, then become rockstars, then they deny us small people an upvote lol!!
Any way, this is a good contest to get you known, good luck to all!!
I can;t say I would participante until I'm confident of what I have to offer and it is not a "shitpost"to the community.

Omg,This is a very nice and welcomed initiative.

I hope to win, More grease to ur elbow @runicar

Will definitely tell my friends about this @ednamatopoiea @emilevil @xinema @polymerfive

Well, they haven't actually started, but this is a good way to make them start. And oh, I can join too, right? :)

@grumpycat recently pointed out one user who posted about random things and get $1000 in sbd because of self-voting and bots. It was really unfair for people that ACTUALLY produce quality content. Thanks for the opportunity! :D

Esto es genial, no desaprovechare esta valiosa oportunidad, gracias

English please

This contest is great, it's a very good opportunity I'm not going to lose, thank you.

This is a great way to help out more people on this network. I admit i was VERY intimidated when I first shown #Steemit. TBH its not as user friendly as some other apps. But then again those other apps have a lot of crap on them anyway. Once my gf saw the payouts and culture of it, lets just say i was "gently persuaded" into posting at least once a day.

Steemit FORCES you to be an evolving writer. If this were around in high school i probably would have been a novelist by now.

Now I'm the person looking to get more of my friends and bloggers on here! With the minnow contest its great to see we ALL have support!


This is a great opportunity and encouragement as well.
I'm up for it.


This is indeed kind of you @runicar, this is gonna be helpful to so many minnows with very good post . Well I’m a newbie don’t think I’m qualified for the contest or am I ????

Anyone with SP less than 1000 can join.

Oh ok thanks

this is a rare opportunity for me. I think it will be a great miss if I don't participate in this contest.

I hope its not too late to join, am going to make this post right away,thank you @runicar for this opportunity.

Wow, you know, I've met so many kind and generous and good people here on steemit, who truly care about others
But i have to say that
You're an angel
tthank you . Big love ❤