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Hey folks, @Techblogger here with another exciting article about @MinnowBooster. A lot of people are still confused as to what MinnowBooster is and how it can help them. In this article I'd like to try to clear up that misunderstanding and give people an accurate picture of MinnowBooster and a few ways it can help you.

An Introduction to MinnowBooster and the MinnowBooster Tactics Series

So, what is MinnowBooster? Is it a bot? Is it a market where you can lease or delegate Steem Power? A tool that you can use to buy or sell upvotes? A service that you can use to get your comments upvoted? A community? The answer to all of these questions is yes, it is all of those things.

MinnowBooster, contrary to what many people believe, is not just a paid upvoting service. It is an entire economy and it can significantly benefit you financially and enable you to grow your Steem blockchain account. It is also a great tool for promoting your content on Steemit and other blogging frontends.

The lead developer for the project is a guy that goes by the name of @reggaemuffin. If you aren't familiar with him, go ahead and check out his Steem blog page. He has contributed in many ways to making the Steem ecosystem thrive so if you like what you see, consider voting for him as witness!

Many may not know this but the @MinnowBooster project is a subsidiary service powered by BuildTeam. If you aren't familiar with BuildTeam it can be described as a revolutionary blockchain technology company focused on creating leading edge sidechain services and custom applications. BuildTeam primarily focuses on enhancing the Steem social network ecosystem in addition to other blockchain environments.

Just to summarise the MinnowBooster ecosystem can perform the following functions:

It can also be used to upvote comments and hold additional SBD reserves.

A Message to Users...

We hope this brief explanation of MinnowBooster has helped you understand more about the services it provides. We'd like to invite you to use our service or learn more about it by joining our discord room! Thanks for your help in making the Steem ecosystem one of the best blockchain communities in the world!

Check out this video to get a better idea of what we've just tried to explain!

Why choose @Minnowbooster?

Minnowbooster strives to provide a truly investor-class model for Steem investors who are either not good at curating content or do not have the time or inclination to do so and would prefer to earn a "Masternode like" competitive APR return on investment with daily payouts, and simultaneously empowering the community and stimulating the attention economy of the Steem blockchain.

Thank you again for your continued support as we work on providing the most socially beneficial toolset on Steem.

Our team will continue to move forward to equip you with the services you need to succeed on Steem!

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you?!

Buy upvoteSBDEarn an instant return
Lease SP from marketSTEEMIncrease your vote strength and curation rewards
Delegate SP to marketSTEEM POWEREarn daily STEEM dividends
Invest STEEM in MinnowBoosterSTEEMEarn daily SBD dividends
Delegate SP to MinnowBoosterSTEEM POWEREarn daily SBD dividends
Sell your vote to MinnowBoosterVOTING POWEREarn SBD share of sells


Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
ProfitAlways Guaranteed!Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.
Minimum Lease Purchase1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please write us a comment :)

Please remember, that while we are a business and work for a profit, that we share 90% of our income with the various investors in our services. There is no other booster available which shares it's rewards with such a diverse set of people on the Steem BlockChain.

Thank you for your continued support.

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

And last but not least, here's our cute little footer made by the most epic @ryivhnn! Yes, there are cute little minnows floating around!

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

Visit our flashy new website minnowbooster.net!

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


I wonder why my massively popular article on understanding MinnowBooster does not deserve a mention in MinnowBooster posts. Please use it as a resource in your posts. It will be of great help to your users.

@techblogger @reggaemuffin @cryptomancer @thecryptodrive, please consider.

Good idea, voting you to the top :)

Sorry for my question but i have sent by mistake 1.5sbd to minnowbooster's saving, is there any chance that i can be refunded or upvoted

please contact us on our support channels not on unrelated comments. I will probably miss your request if you comment it here…

Okey, thanks

Thank you so much!!!

Jah love @reggaemuffin this is @calebotamus reminding you to breathe deeply and focus on the goodness in life

Bot is really very cool I used it for days and really did not find it like any other bot
Bot must be unique at the level of Steem site

I like MinnowBooster service.Thanks MinnowBooster.

There is a large demand for SP,is there any solutions?

Always good to reduce the mystery about who are behind a project.
Weird to see minnowbooster is not one of the top upvoters of this post, yet.
Interesting why trevonjb is among the top upvoters on this post.
What are the connections to teamsteem (another top upvoter on this post) and to curie? which seems to have been considerably undelegated lately.
Also good to see the limits on delegation prices.
Why is it so hard to keep your VP at above 97.8%?

And what does it mean "Can Be Enabled" on "Upvote Comments"?

Well Minnowbooster didn't vote cause we are saving the VP for our users
As for the connections they are our supporters like you
Well MinnowBooster is not Bidding Bot plus it's a always profit upvoting bot therefore we have a huge user base and so our VP is hard to be maintained for which we had introduced the Sell your Upvote feature

It means that you comments can be automatically be upvoted through minnowbooster balance

This comment has received a 19.96 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @stimialiti. Steem on my friend!

Above average bids may get additional upvotes from our trail members!

Get Upvotes, Join Our Trail, or Delegate Some SP

I have decided to start selling my upvotes to ya'll, Im gonna try for a week and see how it goes

Thanks for sharing with us :)

Thanks for the explanation @minnowbooster team. As a constant user of one of the best and profitable upvote bot in the platform I 'm really thankful for you guys. Though there are times that I can't buy larger vote due to how popular MB is. Though I did encounter a problem the yesterday. When I bought a vote directly from my MB account, I encountered an error where the bot just take my sbd but didn't upvote my post. I tried a few more times after that, three times in total with same result. Though the amount involved is small I still hope that this issue can be resolved. Thanks again and more success to you guys.

If you didn't get refunded, can you please contact me on Discord? Thanks

Thank you for the reply @furious-one. I have DM you in discord. I hope you guys can fix this. Thanks again.

Fixed, i hope!

okay you really have your promo info on lock
please help me find-my way @minnowbooster

People say "Bitcoin to the moon!".. But the real hero in my opinion is @reggaemuffin, the amazing developer to make our lives here on steemit better. The smooth features that are getting implemented are amazing. Of course the whole team of minnowbooster is working on it, but the technical part is pretty hard an time consuming. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to make Steemit a better place!

Meh, I think it will be a long time before that happens. The thing nobody likes to talk about with digital currencies is... well, to put it simply, no one is spending them as currency for the moment. Everyone is hoarding them. They're not being used as an exchange medium very much.
Now with that said, they are definitely here to stay, and they're going to be one of (key words: one of) the things any investor needs to add to their bag of assets if they want to stay competitive, just like stocks, bonds, and commodity assets.
Ask this question about digital currency replacing standard currency about fifty years in the future and it may result in a very different conversation, but for now... well,
"hodl on just a minute here."

One reason is that every usage is taxed

Hi Dear #Minnowbooster i want to buy delegation power

I have sent 0.20 SBD to minowbooster for this post

Still i have not get any refund or upvote
plz check this issue and Refund or upvote on my post

This comment has received a 0.31 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @rahuldesai.

Contact us on our Discord Channel, link of it can be found in the post

thanks for this amazing project and service

Its like me a fraud i transfer 0.010 $ but recieve only 0.001$.plz take care mean transfer small account

well it seems we returned you the change and had also upvoted your post which you had linked in the memo

People say "Bitcoin to the moon!" .. But the real hero in my opinion is @reggaemuffin, the amazing developer to make our lives here on steemit better. The smooth features that are getting implemented amazing Of course the whole team of minnowbooster is working on it, but the technical part is pretty hard an time consuming. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to make Steemit a better place!FB_IMG_1518787495869.jpg

Awwwww thank you soo much

wow great info ......thanks for sharing

minnowbooster is providing amazing service where you can invest without the fear of losing your investment..

great info thanks for information.

I was a new user steemit have a lot to learn at @minnowbooster. Can I join here. Hopefully my post to the front of your interest. Thanks brother

This is a really good explanation. I am new to Steemit, And myself find this platform a bit confusing. I keep poking around like I know what I am doing..lol I need to look into this program ASAP.. Following and resteemig

Minnowbooster so helping....i have seen so much help you rendered to newbie....i hope you visit my blog too..

Give the good work... May God rewards you abundantly.


Thanks so much for this information

Nice article.

Waiting for the time my SP is high enough so I can delegate some steem power to minnowbooster to earn some of that sweet passive income. :)

That is going to be very awesome

great postings, enlightenment for us esteem users.

Thanks heaps for more info. I am going to try to use to my advantage.ronaldmcdonaldpraying.jpg

Now @minnowbooster don't give instant bigger vote, so sad!

Nice post
thank you minnowbooster

Thanks for giving this clearer explanation! I now understand @minnowbooster more than before.

So correct me if I’m wrong somebody...the way to get your bot delegations back into your wallet you have to insert the amount you delegated after a minus sign and 7 days later the sp will be back?

well simply visit this link https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/undelegate-vesting-shares?delegatee=minnowbooster

and you can easily undelegate the SP which will be returned to your steem account within 7 days

minnowbooster is so much helping bot thank you

Thanks @reggaemuffin I needed this. I'm new so I'm naturally having a hard time figuring which end of a bot or any bot to look at. Reading and studying this article again.

awesome & breathtaking!

first I thank you very much, for what you convey in this post, long enough I await a message like this, because I really can not understand, how where I can develop through this steem, but today at least I am relieved , after reading your message, even though I can not yet fully comprehend it, and I will not stop to continue learning about this steem, and I am sure with your help I will be able to look at the future, and I always wait for the important news from you, again thank you,

Thank you for your support :)

Congratulations @minnowbooster, this post is the second most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 51 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $3975.35. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.


OmG really it's good

wow informative post @minnowbooster
upvote and #resteem done

You are missing out! Lately you have had 1000 people that can sell votes for $0.01 (like me). You need to incentivize people that can sell votes at higher levels.

My recommendation is to build a structure that pays a higher percentage for people selling votes at higher levels. I don't have a complete grasp on the economics of Minnowbooster, but I do know that when you have 1000 people that will sell a vote at $0.01 level and none that will sell at $0.1 or $1.0, you're missing something.

How about looking at a tiered system that rewards people that can sell at higher levels more the thousand of us that can't?

Hmmm thats interesting I'm forwarding it to the devs and lets see what happens :)

I wonder why my massively popular article on understanding MinnowBooster does not deserve a mention in MinnowBooster posts. Please use it as a resource in your posts. It will be of great help to your users.

@techblogger @reggaemuffin @ cryptomancer @ thecryptodrive, please consider.saya need your help ..

Hello @minnowbooster I think a good help network, if it is based on all the information given here, as I am new I keep reading to instruct me. I wait for you in my blog with your support!

nice and it is informative post.thanks for shareing..follow you..please upvote mee

By mistake send 18.5 sbd to your saving can u please refund me or upvote me to this link


Please sir have a look on this sir

you can withdraw it to your balance by logging in with your account on minnowbooster.net

Time to start investing more time in steem and join up with minnowbooster

Yes , it's never to late in crypto :)

I did try to lease sp for 4steem of 150 yet nobody fill up, with 3x ateemp, maybe not anymore

The DLM for SP is very competitive at the moment. Try increasing your offer if you'd like to have a better chance at getting your lease filled!

wonderful & awesome!

My every sbd is getting refunded . I don't know why

you need to keep trying different amounts at different times currently the stock is limited

Could you explain something to me? If I lease some SP for a dedicate peroid of time (lets say for 4 weeks), I pay for it as it requested, can the delegator change his mind during the agreed period and undelegate the voting power (after one week)?
If yes, it's a serious problem, I think. It's a kind of violation of a 'contract' and you're responsible for that as a service provider....

Your STEEM would be refunded accordingly so you dont have to worry about it

I love the services of minnowbooster.

i made a tutorial on how to get upvote from minnowbooster
to make easier to new members.
why you can't introduce any referral system?

Wow thats a great suggestion , I'm forwarding this to the Devs and will them know about it :)

hlw i am send you sbd but you nothing back to me

please contact us in our discord channel , link to our channel can be found in the post

upvote mee

nice follow me

hlw i send you sbd but you nothing back to me why

please contact us in our discord channel , link to our channel can be found in the post

I got a small problem with minnowbooster draining my voting power by voting more than 30 accounts at once, my steempower has been in 50 for over a week now, i want to let it rise first to maximise on my curations.
The de authorize button is non fuctional or not permittable.
Can you find me a way to deactive it's rights to voting using my account for a while?
I need this voting power higher before i authorize it again.
Your answer will be appreciated thanks.

You can toggle the settings in MinnowBooster website where you can stop the service when your VP reaches at a certain limit and then you can set a limit to start the service when again your VP is recharged to a certain limit

minnowbooster 's servece is so helpful.every one should flow it.

Hello I deposit 0.5 sbd for comment vote but I have not receive vote why? Screenshot_20180227_141142.png

You need to enable it green means ON and red means OFF

I Transfered 0.306 SBD for the post https://steemit.com/travel/@muzassir/do-you-know, to steembloggers, But you didnt Upvoted me and Now you are not refunding the money, Can you please send the sum of 0.306 SBD

hey first of all you sent the SBD to steembloggers and not us @minnowbooster
secondly that is a very old post, MinnowBooster upvotes posts under 5 days of publication

Great post.

Thanks for the explanation @minnowbooster. As a constant user of your service, I can only say that I am quite satisfied with it. MB is definitely one of the most profitable upvote bot in the platform. Thanks again and I wish you guys more success.

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

I this is a great idea by @raggaemuffin,because minnowbooster,is just the beginning of the fantastic ideas to come, I also want to be a promoter of this platform, so that people will know more about it, resteemed and upvoted

Thanks for your support

It’s been 7 days since i stop delegating and i still haven’t received my steem power back...What’s going on?

it takes exactly 7 days from the time you have undelegated

Hello, I want to learn more about the subject but from what I've seen I like it a lot and I definitely want to try it to grow, see ya.

i just delegated 1 steem power to you what can expect to be paid?

min is 20 SP to atleast get a payout

Just a suggestion, I think the music is too loud compared to the voice in that video.

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