[ANN] Launching the BUILDTEAM Token

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Hey there, @bulleth here with some big news from BuildTeam, the people behind Steemvoter, MinnowBooster and Steemsports:

We've just launched our own Bitshares token! Now there's a ton of other tokens and coins out there, so you may be asking yourself "what's so special about this one?" ... well, I'll break it down for you:

  • Existing Supply = 17 000
  • Maximum Supply Cap = 1 000 000
  • Maximum of 5 000 tokens issued each month
  • Holders can bid for a stake of BuildTeam's monthly profits
  • Tokens used in bidding recycled, subtracting from new issue

Okay, so there's only 17 000 of these tokens available right now and there will never be more than 1 000 000 minted (probably never reached - see below). Each month, a maximum of 5000 BUILDTEAM tokens will be distributed to BuildTeam staff as payment for their services.

At the end of each month, a discretionary portion of that month's profits from all BuildTeam projects will be set aside and distributed to the holders of BUILDTEAM tokens in a public bidding process. Tokens used in the bidding process will be recycled, reducing new supply issue.

Example - Bidding Process:

For simplicity's sake, let's say @coinhawk and I both have 100 BUILDTEAM tokens each and the profit-share pool for that month is 1000 Steem. @coinhawk places a bid of 60 tokens and I place a bid of 40 tokens. The profit pool is then distributed accordingly: @coinhawk receives a payment of 600 Steem (60%) and I receive a payment of 400 Steem (the remaining 40%).

Example - New Token Issue:

A) BuildTeam needs 5000 tokens to meet anticipated service payments in August. 4000 tokens were used in the last auction and will be recycled - only 1000 new tokens will be issued in August.

B) BuildTeam needs 5000 tokens to meet anticipated service payments in September. 5000 tokens were used in the last auction and will be recycled - no new tokens will be issued in September.

C) BuildTeam needs 5000 tokens to meeet anticipated service payments in October. 9000 tokens were used were in the last auction and will be recycled - no new tokens will be issued in October and no more than 1000 new tokens will be issued in November.

As you can can see from the above examples, it is very unlikely we would ever issue 5000 tokens in a single month or meet the 1 million total supply cap. In fact, in the event of significant bidding interest, existing supply could remain static, or even shrink temporarily ...

So what does all this mean for your average Steemian? After all, not everyone works for BuildTeam. Well, BUILDTEAM tokens are trading right now on the OpenLedger market; which means anyone with a Bitshares wallet can buy and sell BUILDTEAM tokens and even participate in the monthly profit-share auction!

By purchasing BUILDTEAM tokens on the open market, you can earn a piece of the monthly profit pie from MinnowBooster, SteemVoter and SteemSports (and anything else our dev team might cook up) ... those are some-a spicy meatballs!

Alright, let's recap: only 17 000 tokens exist right now, a maximum of 5000 new tokens minted each month (probably a lot less or even zero) and total supply limited to 1 000 000 coins (21x less than Bitcoin and probably never reached). Not only that, but unlike Bitcoin, BUILDTEAM tokens actually allow you to earn a share of profits from not one, but three Steem based businesses. Sure you could take a gamble on the future of the next big ICO, or you could just buy some BUILDTEAM tokens and get exposure to a company that is profitable here and now ...

BUILDTEAM tokens are available on the OpenLedger exchange right now!

If you need any help getting started with Bitshares, OpenLedger, or anything else BuildTeam related, just pop over to the MinnowBooster Discord chat and we'll be happy to help.

--------------------THE BUILDTEAM--------------------

"Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first." - Angela Ahrendts

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary.

Click on these links to view The BUILDTEAM Token BTS Market Price and the OPEN.STEEM Market Price.


By purchasing BUILDTEAM tokens on the open market, you can earn a piece of the monthly profit pie from MinnowBooster, SteemVoter and SteemSports (and anything else our dev team might cook up) ... those are some-a spicy meatballs!

What is the ROI on those projects?

We will in a few days announce the first pot and from then on you can calculate it. Don't want to give any figures I am not sure of, so no official ROI.

In fact, I do not believe they will be able to give you anything other than an educated guess (and as Business Major who focused in Operations Management; currently working for an altcoin company) it is frowned upon for a professional business to 'guestimate' your ROI.

I would be more happy if you guys did not give us any ROI, I use SRSS and Data Analytics too much to not be able to figure it out myself, or come close to it.

Shameless plug: Current NXT/Ardor Employee slowing down on work and looking to work part time for a new coin or ICO (this one is one I am most excited about, except my own ICO I plan on starting to write up mid november hehe, but this will not take much of my time either. I spend between 14-16 hours a day on the computer. Sometimes even longer.

Community Management, Community Outreach, and general Advertising and Marketing are my primary abilities. -- And I learned quite a bit in college, studying cryptocurrency for over a year now has got me rather adept with such things...

@reggaemuffin I also want this to be a warm place ;)

hey man 14 to 16 hours a day on computer u should be telling us all about your NXT and Ardor work!

Sorry for the late reply; but this is freelance work and publicly available knowledge. I can get in contact with my contact in the company who hired me if you would like to know anything else about it. The first month working for them; those hours were spent learning about the product itself.

Not to mention, BuildTeam reached out to me and I freelanced with them for awhile; helping with their Marketing, although TBH primarily their Payroll which was a pressing issue when I was first brought on for the contract.

Currently freelancing for the CEO of another Altcoin company, doing the exact same thing -- freelancing Marketing & Community Outreach.

Except this guy is offering me a much higher percentage (in exchange for much more work; and working with him is a much different setting; whereas we decide 3 topics to speak of and plan day to talk on the phone/skype and spend 10 to 15 minutes on each topic. Me being the Marketer of his currently smallest venture affords me not much time with him, but he is very patient, lenient and very generous. Being that he has already purchased the code and hired the 2 developers working on this project - the ICO is the next step (my step)


I ask you, in what way does this not benefit me as a freelancer who is constantly ready for new work; although with my most recent work I have unable to do more than 1 contract at a time; an army of one heh.

That is why I am starting to hire writers and other junior marketing/writing staff. Writing is needed mostly, and it is Steem. A way to gain dividends into this ICO and post on Steem, along with free delegation bought for you along with your threads being boosted and promoted.

Actually @ackza it looks like you yourself have something going on yourself. If you are interested in using your abilities to join a cause of around 20 others; who I spend around $1500 a month managing; to make a profit here on Steemit.

You have my email; this will be deleted in 24 hours or less.

Get in contact with me, just send it to this name plus protonmail dot com if you are interested @ackza into taking your Steem experience to a whole new level..

The following account is a placeholder account is a placeholder.

Ja, ja, ja!!! But if it goes as high as Bitcoin... you are going to split the word: SHIT! Why I did not buy that COIN!!!

this is not a shit coin and yet you got 254 upvotes godamn

Great Idea ! And I Also Like The Extremely Low Supply But I learned A Lesson A Few Months Ago That The Technology Is The Main Factor For Demand And Therefore (Low Supply + High Demand) = Remarquable Increase In Price :)
Also Is There A Way To Buy These Tokens Now ? Where ?

Get yourself a bitshares wallet (we have a link in the post) and get some bitshares and buy the token :) We are here to help with and problems: https://discord.gg/EuKunFG

True Flip [ICO] - Already running a transparent blockchain lottery! Bomb! Bonus 20%! ICO will end in 2 days! Hurry! :)
The platform is already working and making a profit :)

This is a free social network) If my post in your opinion here is strongly not appropriate. Forgive me) You can lower his rating! :) And I'll have it in mind :)


Yes, very interesting. I think I must follow this.

Really follow him you definitely get success

Heck if both of you guys are following him I better follow all of you!

Then I will have to follow this up with a small giveaway ;) you three get a few BUILDTEAM if you comment with your bitshares user!

Well played... But just in case.. swelker101

I don't mind sending to you too :)

What haha I asked you on Discrod aint cool man!

zeartul-steemit is my OP if you feel generous : )

Thank you

WHOOOAAAAAAAAAAA, i really like the idea, just bought a tiny little amount of it at the crazy exponential rise of 3 BTS keep on going guys

I would love to join the movement and buy some but i am new to all this. my friend was trying to exolain about bitcoin but its confusing to buy all that stuff. Can you explain how i do this @buildteam.

How a beginner like me can get a lot of dollars like you this, how can it be? Is there any way that can explain to me, because i am confused to see your blog always make me do not believe that your dollar number is very high is there any tips or i should learn a trick, can you tell me, i want to learn much about steemit

Looks to be a great idea! Plan to be involved in this movement 🙌🏼

Nice! We are working hard. It's going to be great. I love that people outside of our development team can share in the success.

I like that last sentence! Put me down. Just tell me how I can be part of this group. To be a millionaire, it all starts with a dream, and working hard to achieve the dream. I wish you the best.

This is awesome. Thanks guys. Im gonna buy and hodl!

this is cool .. just bought some tokens :)

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