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Hey there, @techblogger here with an important announcement about policy changes in regard to abuse cases with @minnowbooster. We would like to restate our committment to making Steem the best blockchain ever created and our sincere desire to assist the Steem community in every way possible. So, with that in mind we would like to formally announce that we will be closing loopholes that have allowed some users to abuse our system, upvoting posts that are either plagiarised or too short to be considered valuable contributions.

As of today we will be taking new measures to eliminate inappropriate use of our service. Abusers be warned, a new policy is being put in place and if you continue to upvote content that violates our TOS, we will be removing your upvote and declining a refund payout.

What constitutes abuse of @minnowbooster?

  • Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content and purchasing MB upvotes for all of them.

  • Upvoting posts with MB that are written in a copy / paste style.

  • [Edit] Using a MB vote for very short or repetitive content. Length is subjective, but 150 words is a good safe guideline, however original art, photography, video and animations will be exempt from the 150 word guideline.

  • Please use discretion in upvoting posts, using a small MB upvote for short content may be okay under some circumstances but think about the content you are upvoting and decide based on the criteria we have laid out.

What is @minnowbooster's new policy in dealing with abuse?

Users who violate our TOS regarding upvotes will face the following consequences:

1.) Your post will be unvoted by Minnowbooster
2.) You will not receive a refund for the original upvote.

It is our hope that this new policy will eliminate abuse of @minnowbooster and create a more fair and logical enviornment for Steem community members to thrive and prosper. Together we will continue to make Steem a viable alternative to other social networking sites and a world-class blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Thanks for your understanding and support. We also welcome any helpul feedback to assist us in defining our abuse parameters or just to generally improve our service. Tips and reports of abuse content are welcome to be submitted in our abuse channel on our Discord Server

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Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

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We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please write us a comment :)

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Finally! This is great. I might consider re-delegating power to MB again, now that it's more likely to help promote GOOD content, not just game the system. Those who claim that content under 150 words can't be surrounded with 150 words of text are welcome to contact me on Discord. I am a content writer by trade. There's NOTHING that can't be described in 150 or more.
I don't know if this is technically possible, but perhaps embeds can be counted in those 150 words toward content volume, in favor of graphic and audio artists.
Keep up the good work!!!

A painting, music or well taken photograph does not mean to be consists of words. They are mean to be complementary of collection of words and wordless expression. Even 1000 words of ramble does not mean it is a GOOD content. For those, who are not native writer of English, that is another case of barrier.

The whole thing is subjective, not objective. The MB can judge a work to be abusive and contact users for explanations. If user can convince the merit of the work does not require certain amount of words (e.g. 150 words), it should be compliant enough.

I just wrote a lengthy rant on the subject of content quality definition. :)

This is awesome! Wow!

Should you consider delegating to MB again, then try out our new sell vote feature.

And should you actually help users write text for their artwork please let me know and support your work :) tip! 10

Sell vote feature? Uhm... This might be a good time to say I returned to steemit last week after a year's absence. And I am not as technical as most here. On a scale of 1 to 10, my understanding of crypto and steem technobabble is around 4.
As for helping fellow steemians: hell yeah! Like I wrote - gimme a holler on Discord. I hang out on The Writers Block and Steemit Talk and am always happy to help.

Despite all, I still have faith in this platform and will gladly apply my skills to making it better. I can't code so delegated 1000SP to utopian.io for those who can. What can I do? I can write, optimize app store pages, edit, proof and give harsh critique. I also know too much about online marketing. Anyone working on making steemit better is welcome to take advantage of my professional skillset.

How about you contact me on discord? I'll be back in two hours and then we can see if and how minnowbooster can support your offer :)

For the sell your vote feature, that is like delegation but we use your account to vote, so you get the curation rewards. I can tell you more about it when you come to discord :)

I am always on Discord, just sometimes AFK. Because work, sleep and sex cannot be done while chatting. Trust me, I've tried.

What is your handle? I can't find it in the minnowboosteer discord :)

Pro-tip: You have to clone yourself, I tried that and while exhausting it worked.

Hang on, let me check what I am doing wrong.

Cloning? Yes please!!! I have 3 significant others (BF, GF and husband), a job and chronic fatigue. I need, like, 7 more of me.

cool!- I thought me and g/f were the only ones..
You might like some posts of mine (not the recent ones, a little older)followed.

A picture is worth a thousand words. ;-)

I think they did it due to the intense pressue and criticism they received recently.

There was almost no pressure. Maybe a few people complained, but not many and none who cared to hep improve the situation.

We wanted to combat abuse a long time ago. We implemented limits when keeping it open and unprofitable would be best for us. And the blacklist and changed TOS was our first step into content moderation. We worked on it for a long time and noticed defining what abuse is, is actually not so trivial. And we think our whitelist will help combat abuse even more and allow us to push good content that deserves the spot in trending.

We listen to suggestions. And many suggestions we heard got implemented one way or another. The best way to put pressure on us is to start a discussion ;)

My posts usually don't consist of 150 words, but are a great contribution to the community. Will they be unvoted or not because of quality content with selfmade pictures?
Is the unvoting done manually, or does the bot unvote every post with less than 150?
I am worried that this change will block out a lot of good content creators...

You are right, man!

Although I'm all for stopping real abuse of the MB, does this mean my content (1 post/day with 10 selected meme's) will violate the new TOS?

I would suggest you credit where you found the memes. Memes are a gray area and as such pretty hard to police. I don't think you will be in violation of the new TOS and we will warn you should that change. No malicious intent means we can talk with the user first and we will try to always talk first.

Smart initiative! Goodluck!

hello @minnowbooster

You are doing a great job to keep the community going.
It is a pity most people misused MB due to their mindset of just making it big in the community without considering how to contribute to the community, thereby the use MB for those contents that are not worthy of rewarding.

I support this measure 100%.

Thank you! That is exactly the way we feel. We hope this measure will work and we will need the community support to find all abuse that is happening :)

How do you "Sell your vote to MinnowBooster"?

Welcome to censorship! — What is abuse? What is hate speech? What is tolerable? What is political correctness? Today this here - and tomorrow? Is any post without 150 words worth to be paid? Will you have a commission proofing all posts under 150 words? Will you really have a discussion about those posts? — There is no doubt about such boosters itself, because they earn a lot of money and the owners know how to protect it . — Who posses the money determines the rules. — The little Steemit user has to be in the hamster´s wheel getting money for good less. — The only abuse for me is to duplicate posts. O.k. That´s easy to handle. No discussion needed. — Thanks for reading.

Defining what abuse is is not easy. But we try. We already revised the 150 words rule as it is subjektive.

Just be aware that abusers who will be flagged anyway will be unvoted first to save Steemcleaners their voting power. You are welcome to help us in working out this process.

@quincho you've invoked a slippery slope argument. A slippery slope argument can be defeated two ways: denying the slope and saying where the slipperiness stops.

The slope denial: It's not censorship because the content is still there on the blockchain. Certain platforms will take downvotes and low reputation into consideration when they decide what to users. To claim that's censorship you'd have to make the claim that any kind of filtering is also censorship; a feed that shows only people I follow! Why that's, censoring everybody they don't follow! Yes, the people who follow make a conscious decision to follow, but they also make a conscious decision to use a particular steem interface.
If you want a version of steem that conforms to your own views on filtering then go ahead and download the code and tweak away. When you make that, I'm not convinced you'll like the creation.

The stop: Assuming I accept the slope exists, then here is how I distinguish where I personally "stop" sliding.
Posts that are self-upvote-rings are reward pool abuse in my eyes. I'm extremely reticent to opinion-flag though I have once opinion-flagged an extremely racist cartoon that provided zero context for its opinion.

I tend to agree with you that if we went around opinion flagging for mere disagreement then steem would become a much much worse place. Though, you are correct, largely it's the money that determines the "social rules" that operate here. Seems pretty libertarian live-and-let-live for the most part.

That is great to know! Thank you for the updated policy. It is important to the Steemit community that we as the community itself regulate poor use of Steemit and services like @minnowbooster.

God Speed Brethren.

"Using a MB vote for very short content (under 150 words)."

I think this is bad idea because there is people who took time to make art, music or video and put their work in post and do not need to write much.

For other abuses I agree.

It is not hard to write a few words. If you post a video without any text to it, that is bad. If you write why you did it, what you learned while doing it etc. Then that could be enough. It all depends on the context.

That (art, well taken photography, video) is double the work (editing, thinking of shot, preparation etc., forget about art made of hours of work), in some cases triple/xxx work. A picture/art (quality picture off course) is better than thousand words, a video is better than thousand pictures (i.e. interestingly, videos are made of spoken words and pictures/frames). This is quite absurd to force someone to write 150 words if the content is appropriate and medium is different (e.g. consider Youtube). I would request @minnowbooster to consider these forms of works to be relieved from their TOS.

For blogs that is quite appropriate.

I think this depends on context and if the art is made by you and provably so. We are currently discussing this and will get back to it in a bit.

There will always have to be some discretion involved in the definition of abuse. Votes are subjective proof of work, and the abuse of votes is also subjective. An objective definition will always have some corner cases that allow things that are abusive in spirit and disallow things that are not abusive in spirit.

I very much appreciate that you guys are taking responsibility for your large voting power though. For me it is all about responsibility, even when a vote is sold (I delegate my SP out for a price, but I try to do that responsibly as well).

Definitely. It will always have corner cases and discussion.

We can only say: If your content is really good then you will most likely not have a problem. And if your content is on the edge of being good, then maybe you can improve?

We listen to all feedback and want to include the community in this :)

150 words is more than a 'few'. Better to consider lowering the number required.

Ich finde, ein paar Worte zu Bildern oder Videos zu schreiben ist doch nicht schwer und 150 Wörter nich viel. Vor allem betrachtet man Kunst/Bilder doch mit ganz anderen Augen, wenn dazu etwas geschrieben steht. Wo sind sie aufgenommen, was sollen sie aussagen, welche Idee steckte dahinter, dies und das genauso abzulichten....

Danke schön, genau meine Meinung! Ich habe nochmal nachgerechnet und bei einem Post von mir selber gemerkt, dass der nur 110 Wörter hat und sich schon sehr lang anfühlte, also kann es sein dass 50 odeer 75 Wörter in manchen Fällen ausreichen, wenn die Qualität stimmt.

You disappointed me :P ...and I already thought we are neighbours :D

[Edit] Using a MB vote for very short or repetitive content. Length is subjective, but 150 words is a good safe guideline, however original art, photography, video and animations will be exempt from the 150 word guideline.

Is that better?

thank you, friends!

Now that is a good bot upgrade :) Sometimes I was just seeing some steem members, finding out their own way to fake the system, while other members are posting better content. So I really advocate minnowbooster's move.

I am posting General Knowledge Quiz Contest from quiz books.
Do you think should I post like this? You can check my post and reply me.
If you think this bad I will stop using your service!

Well said and implemented, we should all strive to write a bit behind our original content.

Why did you downvote me when these photos were taken by my phone myself and that too I took it myself, it is cheating with me and your dictatorship

Why did you downvote me when these photos were taken by my phone myself and that too I took it myself, it is cheating with me and your dictatorship

Nice parameter defined, specialy the content limit of words (150) . This will bring more transparency and uniformity in upvoting...Keep up the good work

I support this initiative, we need to make Steemit a better place to blog and share valuable content. Plagiarism should be discouraged.

Sounds great!
What will be the best way to report abuse?

You can report it on our abuse channel in our Discord Server

I'm very glad for this... hopefully this will lessen the number of people who abuse the bot.

Another thing I'm glad about is that these rules aren't absolute so if a person wrote a good post with less than 150 words, they can try using your service.

a movement to get the community better!

Nice... Cool!! Steem On!

Thanks I will help me and other to understand about the policy . Thanks

Thanks for information

This is informative and it will help us to be careful in upvoting just any form of post.

Thanks for the information and keep the good work up...


How can i report about abuse?

Provide us with feedback
We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.


This is a joke post.. no not mine.. the OPs.
Seriously, it must be.. is it April 1. ?

All this is eliminated by eliminating the stupid system of buying your way up.
I swear, I got to be missing something here.. It's not intelligence, I am secure there.. but what the hell is the positive in this buy votes crap?

Remove all the buy in crap and let REAL content do the work.
All the fucken spammers and shit accounts will fuck off.


Thing is, removing one bot will just make room for new bots. As long as steem is encouraging this, there will always be bots. And minnowbooster is being the better bot, not no bot.

Before there were voting bots, good content did not magically get many upvotes. I know you were not here at that time but bots solve a real need that was unmet before. And instead of hating the bots who are a symptom of the problem, we should put in the work to find solutions that make them obsolete.

You see, in my post I did not specifically say NO to BOTS.
I referred to the system of BUYING your way up.
I see your point regarding what purpose BOTS serve and I see how they can generate traffic to the right and deserving candidate. However, the BUY element is easily manipulated (as per the OPs examples) and it is also FEEDING specific few.
I can't see positives there.
Not from the perspective of new humble users and not from the perspective of long term.

Anyway, this does nothing but create a void.
A void where a new system can come along and make steemit obsolete very quickly.

Think is no one will run a bot without getting payed for it. At least not a good one with a lot of SP behind it. It just makes no sense for that person.

And as long as these buy bots exist, people who want more will use them. So we need a solution that renders buy bots obsolete.

Well maybe a bot reward system that rewards useful bots which are generating traffic to good content.
So bots themselves compete for reward rather then reward be guaranteed just because they are convenient to spammers and shit accounts. Most of the bots get abused by spammers and crap accounts because without them they and their content have no hope of longevity here. The bots then feed off that, and the cycle snowballs to an embarrassing mess.

There is a clear divide here.
Those who upload or want to upload good content do not like the bots and avoid using them. Those who don't have good content.. literally beg for votes and utilize the crap out of the bots. Wouldn't be hard to write some code that differentiates and learns what is good content and what is garbage.
Thus slowly weeding out the spammers.
Just down voting them isn't enough.
They should be blacklisted.

In my opinion and with what I learned from AI and ML courses, detecting what good content is is not a problem that can be solved. One persons shit post is another persons gem.

Minnowbooster will work in the direction of stopping all votes on content that just exists to get a vote. It won't be easy but we are willing to put in the work.

Using a MB vote for very short content (under 150 words).

Really??? What if it's a video post. Or yeah, like art. Alright, I'll just stop using minnowbooster fully then. Can't be arsed if I'll have to pay attention to allot of rules.

In my opinion, content such as this video of yours is totally fine: https://steemit.com/animals/@geckothailand/wild-parrots-in-the-netherlands

150 words is a good guideline and as long as your posts have effort we will notice that.

I will try this one :) thanks for this
upvote comment resteemed

@minnowbooster is it allowed to translate to bahasa indonesia? i wait your comment

If you credit us, link to the original post and translate well (no google translate) then sure :) Check out the toher people translating f.e. to Spanish to see how you can credit us.

This is scary, are you saying, if a post does not have 150 words, then you simply eat up the amount ?

I typically would post photographs, sometimes even without any text. So going by this rule, I should not use MB ?

We will only unvote if we get a report or find you abusing the system. We are currently discussing the 150 words limit for artwork and videos and will rewise that rule shortly.

Hi, we are still in the early stages of defining abuse, all feedback is being taken into consideration. Please have a look at the post again, we have made an edit.

Thank you a lot for the update.

Ich finde das gut, richtig und wichtig. Denn es sollen ja gute Inhalte gepusht werden.

Nice post

thank you very much

Great work for Minnows and fresh Steemians...

Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content and purchasing MB upvotes for all of them.

I guess translations (same post Account A in english, Account B in another language) don't count as dublicate?

Definitely not! If both is your content or you have explicit permission to translate it then I see no problem.

Some scammers use google translate or rewording tools to make copy paste detection harder so there is a line where we will consider this abuse. But we don't plan on punishing content creators for it. And if you feel that you are punished, tell us and we refine the rules.

Nice.. A lot of eye opener... Being that am new here, i find this great... Thankfully i just have this account.. And yes.. I'll try to be only original in my post n articles... Thanks

Nice.. A lot of eye opener... Being that am new here, i find this great... Thankfully i just have this account.. And yes.. I'll try to be only original in my post n articles... Thanks

I have youtube channel and I am posting original videos in steemit. My posts are under 150 words but filming and edinting videos is hard work. 3 min video can take hours or few days to be ready for publishing.
Will the bot punish me for such post ?


We already revised the rules to include your content. In my opinion just posting the video does not qualify for a $10 upgoat and writing a small text like you did will actually go a long way. And we have users like @techslut who offered to help artists with writing summaries of what the video entails. We don't want to punish you, we just want to ensure we can unvote users who post a video they do not own with no text.

@nomadics , if you need help writing a video description, just holler. The text you wrote is not very "engaging". Try adding another paragraph that says something along the lines of: "In this video, I will show you how... and this will allow you to..."
Protip: Use this longer description on youtube for SEO purposes. More views from youtube that way. :)

I wil check your blog @techslut and thank you for your comment. I will try to make the text more spicy next time :)

No problem! Mention me if you need help.

Thank you @reggaemuffin. I will try to improve the description of the photography and videos (adding more text and screenshots) I make. English is not my native language and I proffer to spend extra hour editing video than write a text for 15 min. I will check the blog of @techslut.
I always strive to use my own original material in my posts, this is my first animated gif:

If you like it you can use it freely

thank you for the info..
resteem comment upvote

Good post very informative

So um, are videos using copy/paste descriptions allowed?

Depending on if you own the video and your description fits. Can you give me a

Yes on both accounts. Here's the latest one I posted on steemit and used minnowbooster: https://steemit.com/gamemovies/@tamiil/the-elder-scrolls-online-tamriel-unlimited-orsinium-part-17-ending-game-movie

All of my videos are of this type, it's what I do. The description serves to let newcomers know what this particular niche is all about. It's all heavily story focused and that's why I've always avoided writing what exactly happens in the video. I strongly feel people who haven't played a game should experience all the twists and turns fresh. That's why you won't see any spoilers in descriptions or thumbnails.

In my opinion that is definitely inside the rules. You should not be punished and your concept is sound and cool!

Thank God. Hopefully I can gain large enough of a following using your service so I don't have to use it anymore. :)

On one side I hope that too on the other side I do not ;)

Heh, touché :)

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the first half of Oct 23. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $98.08 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Oct 23 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Good initiative guys ! After seeing that guys who post 10 posts per hour without a word and making a good money on it, I was wondering what will be the reaction of the community.
Here it is, well done =)

At first thank you for your great service but you have to correct 2 cases please :
1-the role of minnowbooster is to help minnows , but minnows cannot write 150 words. Also We dont need larges articles; we need original, smart and clair articles. If you affraid from spammer , Cheetah control this so you dont need to think to that.
2-"You will not receive a refund for the original upvote." : It is not good for your transparency. If you dont make an upvote for someone refund him you dont have the right to keep his money for you. Excuse me but if you dont refund i think that you try to scamm us in the tittle of "bad content"!
You must make refund if you dont make upvote! You give a service; If the person dont make good article dont upvote him but re-send him his money. like this all member trust you and try to make better article to get your upvote.
I hope you understand my words and think again to your rules. All my love ❤️

Well, we are making an upvote and then unvote. It costs us the full vote. It just removes the payout from the abuser.

Would we refund it would only hurt us and not the abusers themselves. In a perfect world we spot all abuse before they use our service or review all votes by a human in under a minute, but reality is different.

We don't plan to punish normal users or something. Unvotes are a drastic measure and we will try to educate and warn users before we do that.

Thank you @reggaemuffin I understood your rules after small discussion with you in discord you are perfect and good person.

great news! good decision. minnow booster is very trusted and active service on steemit

That is extraordinary to know! Much obliged to you for the refreshed strategy. It is critical to the Steemit people group that we as the group itself direct poor utilization of Steemit and administrations like @abdullatifphadia

Is there any way to tell how soon you can use MB again once you have hit your weekly quota? OR how much you are up to? thanks :)

Don't worry, I've found it with the help of @furious-one :)

Visit your user page on minnowbooster.net and we show you limits with a counter when it resets thee next time and by how much.

Great post bro.go ahead.best of luck.

Maybe my math is off but the 1-3 week lease of 75 Steem Power for 1 Steem doesn't seem good value.

From my own experience for every 100 Steem power, you get about $.01 added to a 100% upvote.

So paying 1 Steem, you get $.0075 additional per 100% vote, x 70 (10 times a day, 7 days a week) = $.525

You're paying almost double for the value gained by leasing this additional steem power. Are my numbers out?

Would appreciate if anyone reading this would reply to clear things up, thx.

The value gained is not from self upvoting, otherwise no one would sell steem power.

You buy SP to give your vote meaning, to make people notice you.

Also the 1-3 weeks leases are really expensive, like really expensive. Tgey are for urgency, not for long term investment. Use 4 or more weeks

ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up, I was looking at it from the wrong point of view. Yeah, the longer lease is definitely much better value.

Good will always prevail
Hope to see the project grow higher.

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Goood Job

Amen. Be a person and not just a post :D

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You should still give people a refund if you remove the vote IMO. If I buy something from a shop and violate their TOS that doesn't mean they can take it off me without refunding me lol, maybe do that if they repeatedly violate the rules.

We won't give a refund if the cost of voting already happened as unvoting get's us nothing back.

Give me some SBD anyone please

Abuse was one of my biggest concerns so I am glad to read there is action being taken to prevent this. Though I can see how there are some doubts here. Sometimes the line between quality and quantity can be a very thin one.

thanks for the clarity, writing is fun and healthy

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hey! I would love a boost from minnowboost!!! :D @minnowbooster

hey lovely eyes.. learn more about it.. example join at https://www.minnowbooster.net

I support this initiative, we need to make Steemit a better place to blog and share valuable content. Plagiarism should be discouraged.

Good decision to actually put some explanation out about length of posts, it will help @minnowbooster

Sounds good to me!!!

Good job!! Keep up the quality improvements!

Spam on Steemit must die!!

Hi, I´ve been un-voted by you only because I did not have enough words written. I did the artwork by myself, I did the photography by myself. No copy—paste, no duplication. This is unique content accordingly to the whitepaper of Steemit. — I am not amused about MB, of course. This is my un-voted article: https://steemit.com/paracord/@paracord-freak/9-paracord-inspiration.

Given my own collection of Type 7 / 550 and Type 4 / 275 paracord, you've gained a follower! Thats's some beautiful man-macrame right there.

Oh, thanks for commenting. Post a picture of one of yours, if you want. It would be nice seeing more Steemians who love that. Have a nice week!

I haven't made anything that awesome yet. Only ridgelines, guylines, zipper pulls, lashings, boot laces and the like. Oh - i did make and wear MeZilch's Quick Deploy paracord bracelet. It's basically a hangman's knot with a stopper on the standing end. It's a single piece of cord, so not as aesthetic as your work.

Thank you for your compliments🙂. If you have time and want a little fun try out some knots. It´s not as difficult as it seems. Good luck!

Hey @paracord-freak, sorry this happened to you and even more sorry I missed your comment. Please chat me up on discord: https://discord.gg/9aDxzj and I can check why we unvoted your post as this could be a mistake.

Nice post, it's great initiative taken by you, keep going on....

How come you guys made your SBD limit and weekly limit 9999SBD, but won't accept any more of my upvote requests. Is there a limit I don't know about. You guys are my favourite whalebot. If I am breaching any rule, let me know please. It's hard enough trying to stay updated on your constantly daily changes to your rules and limitations to use your services. Great job in any case though, thanks in advance

I think, the restriction of 150 words should not be applied to posts that have visual contents, like art, photograph, videos etc.

In the end that depends on context. I know many artists who write more than 150 words in their posts. But we will apply these rules in a sane way and are open to discussion.

Sounds good. I might start using this to promote my own content

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