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RE: MinnowBooster : Abuse Cases Defined

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Finally! This is great. I might consider re-delegating power to MB again, now that it's more likely to help promote GOOD content, not just game the system. Those who claim that content under 150 words can't be surrounded with 150 words of text are welcome to contact me on Discord. I am a content writer by trade. There's NOTHING that can't be described in 150 or more.
I don't know if this is technically possible, but perhaps embeds can be counted in those 150 words toward content volume, in favor of graphic and audio artists.
Keep up the good work!!!


A painting, music or well taken photograph does not mean to be consists of words. They are mean to be complementary of collection of words and wordless expression. Even 1000 words of ramble does not mean it is a GOOD content. For those, who are not native writer of English, that is another case of barrier.

The whole thing is subjective, not objective. The MB can judge a work to be abusive and contact users for explanations. If user can convince the merit of the work does not require certain amount of words (e.g. 150 words), it should be compliant enough.

I just wrote a lengthy rant on the subject of content quality definition. :)

This is awesome! Wow!

Should you consider delegating to MB again, then try out our new sell vote feature.

And should you actually help users write text for their artwork please let me know and support your work :) tip! 10

Sell vote feature? Uhm... This might be a good time to say I returned to steemit last week after a year's absence. And I am not as technical as most here. On a scale of 1 to 10, my understanding of crypto and steem technobabble is around 4.
As for helping fellow steemians: hell yeah! Like I wrote - gimme a holler on Discord. I hang out on The Writers Block and Steemit Talk and am always happy to help.

Despite all, I still have faith in this platform and will gladly apply my skills to making it better. I can't code so delegated 1000SP to for those who can. What can I do? I can write, optimize app store pages, edit, proof and give harsh critique. I also know too much about online marketing. Anyone working on making steemit better is welcome to take advantage of my professional skillset.

How about you contact me on discord? I'll be back in two hours and then we can see if and how minnowbooster can support your offer :)

For the sell your vote feature, that is like delegation but we use your account to vote, so you get the curation rewards. I can tell you more about it when you come to discord :)

I am always on Discord, just sometimes AFK. Because work, sleep and sex cannot be done while chatting. Trust me, I've tried.

What is your handle? I can't find it in the minnowboosteer discord :)

Pro-tip: You have to clone yourself, I tried that and while exhausting it worked.

Hang on, let me check what I am doing wrong.

Cloning? Yes please!!! I have 3 significant others (BF, GF and husband), a job and chronic fatigue. I need, like, 7 more of me.

cool!- I thought me and g/f were the only ones..
You might like some posts of mine (not the recent ones, a little older)followed.

The only ones trying to get cloned? :P

A picture is worth a thousand words. ;-)

I think they did it due to the intense pressue and criticism they received recently.

There was almost no pressure. Maybe a few people complained, but not many and none who cared to hep improve the situation.

We wanted to combat abuse a long time ago. We implemented limits when keeping it open and unprofitable would be best for us. And the blacklist and changed TOS was our first step into content moderation. We worked on it for a long time and noticed defining what abuse is, is actually not so trivial. And we think our whitelist will help combat abuse even more and allow us to push good content that deserves the spot in trending.

We listen to suggestions. And many suggestions we heard got implemented one way or another. The best way to put pressure on us is to start a discussion ;)